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  • May I get a reading? I would like some insight in regards to a budding romance between myself and a close friend. I'm unsure if it's the real thing or if he's playing games. My bday is 11/14/1977 and his is 05/06/1979. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  • Hello Style

    I'll be using a 6 card custom spread using Druidcraft Tarot.

    Your current situation is focused on the world reversed, If you look at it in a way this card when reversed resembles the hanged man and so it shows stoppage. The relationship isnt really going anywhere because probably this budding love feeling is holding you guys back and asking you to look and act more carefully. This is emphasized by the wheel reversed representing you. This is totally unexpected and not like what you first envisioned your friendship would turn to and so you seem hesitant about it. Your friend i assume is very assertive and shows something of a leadership personality, otherwise he could be easily confused and lost, now with regards to this relationship he feels confused and also somewhat hesitant to move on like you are. He might also be entertaining the same thoughts as you.

    You see it in the near future as a way to develop your relationship, there's something to be gained from this relationship in terms of you in the physical realm of this world. He however feels nervous about this. Sorry to ask but how's your reputation in your environment, I feel as though being with him will make people look more highly of you yet they could have seen him in a better position. It shows a time of difficulty for him if this relationship goes on.

    The outcome card is one of imprisonment, of being unable to break free. This relationship may be long term but it might be hard on both parties. I advise you not to bring this relationship any further, unless you're both willing to take the risk. You both seem mature enough to handle this situation and to answer your question, i dont think he's playing you, he's just a bit indecisive. Be careful about this

  • Oh wow...thank you Kush! 🙂 I really appreciate your insight. I'll just continue to focus on our friendship and will not encourage anytime type of romantic advances. To answer your question, I have a great reputation in my industry. We're actually working on a project together, and as a result we have to go out together socially.

  • Good to know, hope things turn out well

  • Hello Kushikamikiba

    I would appriciate a reading with some insight to my love relationsip my birthday is 03/20/1962 and his is 03/31/1953. Anthing you can provide would be greatly appreicated feeling a bit confessed.

    Thank you,


  • Hello Kat

    It looks to me that this relationship has been going on for quite sometime and in a way its starting to get somewhat routine and very static and i feel that both parties want to restore that sense of excitement in the relationship. Could be one or both parties are planning something totally new to the relationship in general but both seem to be in a stage of planning, could be you're both too busy to set things into motion. In a way i would advise you to take that planning a bit further as i feel it will not only bring you closer but also add more fuel to the fire between the two of you. If these plans were to come true, this opens up a new door in your life. The once static relationship will begin to show more fluctuation and shifts both up and down.

    My point is that if you're making plans for anything, better settle it quick if not you'll be stuck in one place. Hope it helps

  • Hello KushikamiKiba,

    Would you please do a reading for me and my ex? My DOB 9/25/65. His 12/20/60.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hello Robin I might be a bit off so please feedback would be appreciated very much

    I take it there was some conflict prior to the break up possibly one party felt somewhat pushed to a corner? there's no balance in your relationship and so one decided to just end it. The said party who i assume is you now faces the world in a new perspective, ready to move on and whatnot whereas the other seems to be in a state of unease.

    Because of this i take it that you are in deep thought and are considering the other fish out there while he i believe is finding diffuculty getting his foundations back.

    Overall i believe what happened was for the better, seperated you both i feel can attain a sense of contentment as opposed to being together

    hope it helps

  • Hello KushikamiKiba,

    I hope you can do reading for me..if you have time, a would appreciate it...

    It is very important for me, becouse, after 4,5 years, the things have changed between my love and me. Is there a hope for us, or maybe new relationship is waiting for me..?

    My birthday is 12/12/81 and his is 11/07/80.

    Thank you in advance, wish you well...

  • And, I forgot, we are not together now.. He has new friend.

  • I assume that there wasnt anything wrong with the relationship, that it just ended between you and him. After this I feel some confusion coming from you like you said, you dont know if you should move on or not. He however has different feelings, He is now in pursuit of something or rather someone but the thing is it will be difficult for him. Even so he feels that he will get what he wants no matter what. Either way there will be some difficulty on both sides as time moves on, he might not get what he wanted and your attempts at getting back on your feet might have a few trips and mishaps along the way however i feel that both of you will come out of this situation fresh with new insight and new ideas. I'd say it's best to just forget about the relationship especially if you've already gone through the difficulties i have mentioned. A card that represents his future is paige or swords, yours is paige of coins. Air and Earth respectively have a neutral relationship. If ever you both still keep in touch, it'd be as friends at most.

    Hope this helps. Feedback would be much appreciated thank you

  • Oh the reading above is for Misleelica

  • I suppose that's the best way for all, and that is correct for both of us.

    I hope that it will hurt less as time passes...

    Thank you for everything.

  • Hi im just wondering if i can get a reading for me and my kids...about our future ,love life & finances...I just wonder if i am ever going to find my soul mate, dream cwby or love if my finances ever going to get Bday is june 30,1963 born at Yakima, Wa time 1:30 am...My oldest: June 15, 1982 Exeter, CA Middle Sept. 3,1987 Visalia, CA Youngest July 7, 1989 Exeter ,Ca.. I dont remember their time of birth... Brain freeze...I sure would appreciate it very much..Thanks Ronia

  • Already posted dont worry

  • Hi Kush,

    Thanks again for the insight regarding my situation with a friend....can i get a love reading on myself, my bday is 11-14-1977.

  • hey Style

    Well from what i can see you're breaking free from past emotional conflict and its as if you're a new person. Word of caution however as i sense imbalance in your love life, for some reason you cant seem to be able to get that emotional care and support you feel you deserve possibly because by moving to where you are now, you bring yourself out of your comfort zone, out of a situation you know so well and into one you are party alien to. Word of advice is to stay on track, set a goal for yourself and go for it with a drive that isnt overpowering and yet isnt too weak.

  • Thank you so much Kush, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Hello KushikamiKiba,

    I really appreciate your insight. You are correct, there was definitely conflict in the relationship and things ended quite badly. We have not spoken since I moved out seven months ago. I have had a difficult time with the breakup as we were best friends and did everything together. What is most shocking is that he seems to hate me and has threatened legal action against me (he has sent a couple of emails and left one phone message).

    I believe he is the one that has moved on while I am still struggling.

    Thank You!

  • Dear KushikamiKiba: I would appreciate a reading of my very complicated relationship. My DOB is 12/12/1953 and his is 12/5/1969.

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