Life path 11 question

  • Hey Aquarium,

    Proposal/engagement energy doesn't really have weight.

    I find that if you are in a relationship and not married, the day that you both made it official is what matters.

    When did you both make it official?

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  • Aquarium,

    If it were to happen on March 8, 2011 it would generally give it a mostly favorable energy.

    Which would keep the marriage generally happy. It would be filled with love and family, but there would be an extreme amount of domestic responsibilities.

    The issues that may arise will be amount "money". Too much issues of money, lack of, or the pursuit of may interfere. On the flip side, it could bring material comforts.

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  • Hi,

    I'm also an 11 LP.

    And yeah I also get frustrated alot. I'm only 26 now and I don't know how to explain it but I have always felt that I will get to a point were I get it... and wish that day came alot sooner.

    Well since this a forum, and you guys also have 11LP I was wondering... do any of you get dreams which seem very real and tell you about future stuff that will happen in your life?

    I ask that because that has been happening to me alot and in the last 2-3 years I always dream up a part of the 'script' in advance to it happening.... that may sound silly 🙂

    And since I asked that... did anybody here have a 'vision' and see themselves and the end of this life? Just curios... like really curios about this one cause I did and it was unreal... it felt more real that this moment I am standing here and typing this message.

    But enough about that... alot of the things on the Internet about the 11LP feel right, coz I always felt 'alien' here and I really can't explain why; I also had an unusual life with lots of twists and turns and in the end I survived but just that... I never seem to end up on the right side of the fence if you know what I mean...

    You guys are alot older and still are having problems with that part as I read from your posts... just wondering... how do you get passed that part and when does the 'reward' part come in?

    Is there like a 'trigger' for that? Did you find anything that works except the all-known hard way which I am so familar with?:))

    Sorry for rambling ... and have a nice day and congrats if you were able to read all that mumbo jumbo and did not loose your patience 😄

  • I knowing my life path as 11 just about 5 years ago. When I was in my early 30's. Now I am in the mid 30's. Back then I read Numerology just for fun. Without any further thought to divulge. And it is correct, I find a more evolve mature live view in 35, just last year. Furthermore, my life is quiet hard. i know there is another people life that harder than me. But my life is not as an easy as the other people have. Since childhood, I have faced hard life, until now. And just last month, my father passaway. I was never closed to my parents but knowing he is passaway. It is also hard for me. A lot of lost I have had facing, I was in deep depression before my father die. After my father die, I gain little nudge for positivity. I find hard to find a good partner also. I never chooses to being 11 lifepath. But what I can do, I have follow my destiny. I have build a NGO, I have build startup company. But all those venture are in stall not moving forward. I am applying scholarship for MBA and PhD, none I get the scholarship. I have the school that already accepted me. But without scholarship , I dont have any money. Because the universe has been took my financial strength back then in 2016, when I was mocked by swindler that have gone my money. I lost 90% of my saving. Here we go, life is harder with me than everybody else I know personnally.

  • 11 is one of the most romantic numbers in all of numerology. They idealize the relationship, only see the good side of their partner and are extremely attentive. They look to their partners for a life partner and try to make them happy in every way. They are usually very tolerant of their differences and accept ideas and opinions, even if they are divergent.

  • @Zagamiss well I'm not sure what life path Im on. Im still trying to recreate myself after a divorce. I meditate three times a week. I use YouTube and I listen to John Moyer, clearing negative energy and it puts you in a deep sleep. I find this to be very relaxing and it helps you fall asleep. When I get up the next day I always feel more relaxed and feel like I have a weight lifted off my shoulders. I would suggest trying this to see if it will help you clear your mind. It may help you focus your attention. I hope this helps with your search. 🙂

  • @MMansur You have as 11 Life Path Number which is also known as Master Number. Very few people have this number and Master Number 11 is people having traumatic psychic experiences in childhood that may haunt them in their adult age. Master Number 11 is only compatible best with Life Path Number 2.

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