Lost in Love

  • I'm looking for free advise. Work is creating feelings of self doubt and stress. What is going on behind the scenes? Should I worry? Do I need to change jobs? What to do next? This is making me sad and unsettled in my homelife with the one I love the most.

  • InspiredbyNancy

    Hello Hun

    This Problem, Starts With You..

    You are creating Your thoughts to manifest into reality,

    I feel, You are worrying and cannot recieve new information & the answers

    that you are already entitled to & have, Where you are supposed to be is

    planned... Relax , Chill, No worries and I feel Soon You will find the answers

    you need;sooner than you expect Usually I can sometimes give insight on helping people find answers but I feel that you already know, In fact you finding the answers

    is'nt the problem ITS YOU begin to think positive more, thats your challenge

    & work on your patience.

    Blessings, Best Luck

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