• can i get a reading 09/19/1973

  • This year will be a financially rewarding year for you... recognition, hard work & diligence finally will be rewarded. Expenses will be considerable, but with sound budgeting you will come out ahead Due to added responsibilities, you'll be in demand & constantly on the move. Please rest. You will be rushing about mentally, so be sure to watch financial contracts. Read carefully. Trust only those you really know. Don't share info with everyone. You could be deceived. Professionally you are advised to market yourself and your skills. Luck is yours (2010-11). A deeply intense and long-lasting relationship will be born of romantic attraction this year if you are looking for it.

    This is a time in your life when you can, and probably should, be laying foundations for something of lasting value and on a grand scale. This project should be something that will benefit humanity as a whole, and not just your immediate circle. Think in terms of "the sky is the limit", and know that your fondest dreams can be brought into form. If your motives are for the good of others, almost anything can be accomplished. This year it is likely that your thoughts and energy are also directed to career opportunities, business, work, and long-term security. Build or strengthen your foundation, and make important connections with others. Remain organized and practical, gather information before making decisions, and avoid overindulgence. Self-discipline and willingness to work will result in prosperity this year.

    2010 is going to be your "year of accomplishment"... by that I mean you are being offered an opportunity to transform and uplift your life and its efforts to a new level of accomplishment. You will be expected to formulate structure and demonstrate a rational step by step approach to guarantee success. You are standing before an open doorway of events that will ask you to awaken and step up to a new level of being. Whether it pertains to a personal habit, relationship or a job opportunity, this year is asking you to be reborn on the ashes of your recent past. This is never an easy conversion or one that will bring immediate relief or joy. In reality, it will likely be a tough year somewhat, but if you approach it with the attitude that you must move on and simply cannot return to the past, you will succeed. During 2010, you should be prepared to undergo a psychological and physical process that will likely require a struggle (on your part) to overcome seemingly impossible obstructions and obstacles. These challenges are simply tests placed in your path to see if you can prove you have the strength to overcome adversity and stay committed.

    If you're successful and remain dedicated to your quest, you will be transformed in the process. This year is about renewal and transformation through struggle. What you will realize and gain is a knowledge, wisdom and understanding at the deepest level of your subconscious and conscious minds. Nothing really and truly worthwhile in life is ever born without struggle.

    Congratulations, you have entered a very powerful time in your life!

  • Roxy, you are especially suited to the arts and creative endeavours of all kinds. Cultivation of stamina and personal strength as well as the ability to eschew excess and depression will be crticial for your success in life. Don't misuse your energies in a selfish or self-destructive fashion or ignore your higher spiritual calling. You can become so preoccupied with ivory-tower asthetics or a fantasy of how things 'should' be that you become blocked or stale, ignoring the dynamics that fuel your creativity. A willingness to give up your tendency to please others or to keep up appearances - relying on mere glitziness instead of seeking real depth - will help you express a more profound sense of beauty than you ever believed possible. You have the spiritual capacity to look into the hearts and minds of others, being highly empathic and intuitive, even psychic and prophetic. Be willing to face the dark sides of life as well as the light and you will become a creative channel of expression for the benefit of society as a whole.

    In your love life, be careful that you don't develop sex and love dependencies. Fidelity is not necessarily your forte and you can disappear on your loved ones frequently. You love the magic of being in love and are convinced every new partner is 'the one', so marriage may not work for you. Keep a strict separation between your public and private lives. A few close, discerning, and empathetic friends will be crucial to your development.

  • thanks captain i hope i will meet someone

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