• Hey captain... can you help me ? do you see a blessed soulmate ..and blessed union .. on my horizon ...sooner or later ....around when ? Any appearances or meetings details ? to be able to happen despite astro and karma debil cycles ? please ask the guides for messages and help for this. Thanks and thanks . i,m gemini .

  • I feel there is an emotional blockage in you that is keeping your heart from really warming to the idea of a soulmate. Somewhere you got the idea that love means pain and abandonment. You also have particular requirements that may be too high for anyone real to match. Curb your tendency to idealise people and cultivate more practicality in romance.

    Do this and you will then attract a soulmate.

  • Hey Captain,

    Thats fairly tru , in that the mind ideas are not so rigid , but the luck is mired in dismality , and good value requirements appear high , to disagreeable malevolent undermining swamping karma ... blighting ...saturnine ! you have to be more tolerant and benevolent to find me some personal empathy... solutions ....please .

  • The solutions lie in change.

  • Thanks .

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