Premonitions and some help?

  • Hello again. ever since my last visit ive opened up more to the community here, so i feel more comfortable about sharing some stuff in my life that is confusing. I will start simply with a dream i had when i first moved in with my dad, when i was 9. I dreamed of riding on the school bus, and i was on my way home from school, and as i passed a house close to my home, i noticed it was on fire! when i turned around to yell it, nothing came out of my mouth. It was as if someone had taken my voice. Well about 2 years later, there was a fire at that exact spot, and i never could forget it. The next dream(s) i had were fairly short, but still confusing. I was being chased by a brown, vicious dog, and it chaced me to a fence, and when i turned around, it jumped at me, but before i could see what it did, i woke up immediatly. well about a month or 2 afterwards, i had the same dream, but with a different colored dog. And now onto some recent dreams. About 2 years ago, my girlfriend that i loved dearly broke up with me, having moved further away. well a year later, i have a dream about her leading a happy life with a person whos name started with a J, well to this day she is in fact dating someone whos name does start with a J. And finally, last night i had a dream that i dwelled on all day, it doesnt really make sense, but it was enough to make me think. I dreamed of a future time, not to far. And this was all a short dream, but the earth, was about to be struck by something classified as an "organic comet." i havent had much time to research it, but from what i know, millions of years ago, a comet struck, and it brought organic bacteria and particles, which some scientists believe to be all life on earth as we know it. I just thought of expressing some stuff with the community, and i definatly would like to hear what you all have to say about these. Thanks Much


  • Hi Jacob, The one about the dog scares me the most. Has that happened for real. I think you have a gift. My experience is that God communicates w/us thru dreams. You get to see into the future a bit. As w/any gift it is given to you for the greater good of all. The comet would be a devastating event for sure. So you might want to ask yourself, why is God showing me this. I believe, to pray for mankind in general. Did the fire that you saw in the previous dream kill any people. Pray protects us now and in the future. Consider your dreams gifts and all gifts come from God. I hope you don't think I'm a religious fanatic. For example, God communicated w/St. Joseph thru dreams--and he listened and believed. You might want to search prophetic dreams of the Bible. Good hearing from you again.

  • The encounter with the dogs hasnt happened yet, and i still have just been expecting to have a 3rd dream about it hoping to learn more. Nobody was killed in the fire.

  • I too have had prophetic dreams and re-occurring dreams but also a lot of just plain weird dreams. Some times they have to do with something trivial, some times junk and some times just my imagination at work.

    I have found in my own experience and in my research that re-occurring dreams are many times a wake up call to you personally from your psyche to deal with something and may not have anything to do with the dog. You may be treating or ignoring some matter rather than being true to yourself. Because there is an animal present in these dreams, it may very well be your totem animal (spirit guide). Have you heard of the recent news story of the family dog that woke up the teenage boy by trying to bite him. It was so out of character for the dog, that the boy woke up completely to find the house was on fire and he and his friends were able too escape unharmed. So if it is your guide, it is not being mean but just trying to wake you up. Other re-occurring dreams are more about your personal phobias or stresses you put upon yourself.

    I have a couple totem animals that show up in times of great stress for me personally and it is usually because I have backed myself in a corner with regards to an issue. They appear to let me know I am being stubborn and need to back off and let the universe take over ( in other words just go on with my life rather than stay in a corner going nowhere for who knows how long). Since I am typically the type of person that wants (demands) to finish everything it is really hard for me to just step back once I have made a stand. I have learned from past experiences that when my guides show up, it is best for me to take a different look at things usually from someone else’s perspective. This is when they peacefully enter my dreams. If however they were to jump out at me, I would have to say, I am definitely on the wrong track as to how I am handling something and may have to do a 180.

    If there is nothing going on in your life at present that specifically jumps out at you, you will have to put some thought into it. Be on the lookout for other warning signs that will point you in the right direction or speak with a long time trusted friend or family member to see if they have an opinion. I say this because it may be a new friend or thing you are putting trust in that you have to watch out for and are totally in the dark about.

    Hope this helps

  • One thing I know about premonition: This is a possible future; it will come true if you don't change anything. For example - with the dream about the dog: If you avoid dogs that are fenced in, you would change the event and that dream won't happen at all. I suggest you start a "dream journal", and use two dates for each dream: the first, when you dream it ; the second, when it comes true. You also haven't said how old you are; I've noticed that strong psychic Gifts show up during childhood, with any latent Gifts showing up with puberty.

    I also have a slight precogition ability, but I use the Tarot to focus that. I use "The Witch's Tarot" by Ellen Cannon Reed (hard to find nowadays), and have been pretty accurate with it. I've accepted my Gift, even when it forecasts bad times; you may need to face any fears you have towards your dreams as well. (A good friend or a psychologist can help you with this.)

    I wish you luck....

  • oh im 16 years old

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