I need help with my reading

  • I have tried to get some help on this forum but pretty much no one responded so I took matters in my own hands and did this spread for myself even though I hate doing readings for myself

    My questions were about a guy that I met last saturday when I worked as a makeup artist, I walked in and gave him my number before leaving, not that we had talked or anything, but the feeling in my stomache told me: You have to give him your number or you´ll regret not doing it.

    Will he contact me?

    9 sword uspide down

    To overcome a challenge

    10 cups upside down

    gluttony, exaggerations, malicious ambitions

    When will he contact me?

    9 pentacles

    after ending something very well, to have succeded with something

    the star

    A person who has become whole again after a crisis, and now has a different way of looking at his enviroment, new possibilites and joy of life, the card is often very fortune and brings good news

    How long will it be before he contacts me?

    seven wands upside down

    a almost impossible task

    3 wands upside down

    plans that won´t happen because of the interuption of fate

    the world upside down

    eternal recurrence, a total failure

    What will the result be of him calling/texting me?


    the tird card of the destiny cards, death brings changes that also makes your personality grow and change, big changes

    5 cups

    to stobburnly grieve what´s lost without seeing what is left, bad conscience

    Is he interested in me?

    ace cups upside down

    an immersive faith or passion, lost contact with reality


    control, balance, planning, someone who is in control of their own destiny, there are balance in everthing, even when it is caos there is order

    ace sword upside down

    bad and shocking news

    Is he already involved in a relationship?

    ace wands upside down

    dangerous power

    3 pentacles upside down

    to much work that tears on relationships

    What did he do after that I gave him my number?(I´m afraid he threw it away directly)

    7 sword

    to refuse, to be independent, to go against the konvention, sometimes also breakups and conflicts

    the chairot

    a card of destiny, something inevitable is about to happen, it can be painful but not evil because it has to happen, the event it self is nessecary but the result doesn´t have to be made by destiny

    Wheel of fortune

    Everything changes, there will always be light after dark and vice versa, this card is a warning of clinging on to the past

    Can someone please help me with this? I don´t understand this at all, I know it is to much for a beginner but I needed to know, so please forgive and be patient with me as you help

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