Advice on releasing negative energy please!!!

  • Hi, Its been a while since Ive been on here but I felt maybe it was the best place to ask this question...

    My bf seems to be holding on to alot of negative energy and this is making him feel down and depressed... apparently it has been going on for quite a while but he has hidden it well, always putting on a brave face

    He is a very sociable person and people are drawn to him, friends, work colleagues and complete strangers alike offload on him all the time.. all their problems, their worries etc He doesnt want to change this... as he said last night maybe thats why hes here, to listen to an comfort people as best he can, but I think its effecting him too much, too negatively now and he really needs to learn to protect himself and release the negative energy he collects, as the strain is starting to show. If anyone has any advice on what techniques he could use to clear/release the negative energy i would really appreciate it!



  • Hi Daisy

    it sounds like your BF may be an empath ..... google it and read the discription,,,, he needs to find an avenue to release stuff and deal with his heavy emotion.... suggest Reiki ,, to have some sessions or for him to start practicing if he is interested in learning more on the subject I am a Reiki master, he can reach me here

  • Hey virgogirl,

    thanks for your response... seems like he may be an empath alright! Ive passed on the suggestion about reiki and am encouraging him to find out more about it!

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