Timelines in Cartomancy?

  • Hmmm, I did a lot of timing readings doing it with three cards...so now i'm left really confused and thinking things will never happen. . The readings were supposed to help me have hope..How many times can you repeat the question with a three card reading? As in asking the question. or Do i have wait a month and attempt asking the question again from the time i asked it? What spread would you recoomend on getting a more of an accurate reading?

  • The last post was to Ms Sunny... I meant recommend. sorry.

  • I did a reading or two for myself and was wondering what they meant. They were both three card spreads

    1. 10 of spades, 9 of hearts and Queen of hearts

    2. Ace of clubs, Queen of clubs and 10 of clubs.

    Thanks 🙂

  • GrungyChick,

    timing is tricky, and the timing of what you hope or wish to come to materialize may not have all the elements for things to come together in the time you want it. it may take longer than you wish. and the hope would be that it will happen, just not when you want it or need it. again, it depends on all the elements that are required to bring in the results you wish to see materialized.

    repeating the question is never a good idea, but I understand the anxiety as I 've been there myself. secondly, it's really hard to read for yourself. why? you are lacking objectivity, especially if there is another person involved. when you go to a professional psychic reader, they will just tell you what you need and should hear as opposed what you wish to hear.

    there are good readers, so-so readers, and pollyanna readers who sugarcoat and are in it for the wrong reasons, and usually those types are not spiritually evolved.

    once you learn to let go of timing and get busy with your life and focus on the moment, the outcome will usually manifest quicker.

    when I do a tarot reading I have a particular procedure and spread that works for me and the client. what I do is look at the entire spread and see what stands out. if there are many pentacles, and swords, and cups, wands are absent, that would be a factor to say if the question is about love, but with the cups not in spread, and pentacles, then the answer would be the relationship is about practical needs, and not of love of the heart. absence of wands would indicate that passion is missing from this relationship and focuses entirely on practical needs. pentacles/diamonds are about investments, work, family politics, and physical sexual needs.

    hope that helps some, Sunny

  • angelface

    I do not know what your question is and I am unable to answer on how the cards in combination would give you a story or a picture of what is going on, and what is the hopeful outcome.

    10 of spades = 10 of swords represents anxiety, depression, illness, negative thoughts and drama. there is a possibility of something that has just ended (a job lost) and a new way or new path is about to emerge

    9 of hearts / 9 of cups is about a wish fullfillment. a dream or wish come true. for example it could be that you will get that dream job you have long dreamed about.

    Queen of Heart/Queen of cups is about someone or an energy that would describe physically or emotionally. that person could be you, that is an energy or work related field working for women, sometimes this applies to water signs, cancer, pisces, scorpio, someone who is very intuitive or psychic, and empath, knows how to work with people especially women.. counseling, social work, even becoming a mother and raising a family...

  • Ms sunny, Can i post up my readings for you to interpret them? I only have problems with playing cards. I can do tarot readings and understand them pretty well. I was doing tarot long before the playing cards. I think i'm just going to stick to tarot cards...and leave the playing cards aside. My tarot cards don't match with what the playing cards say anyways. ..I've been told that you should wait a month before repeating the same question again. If you ask same question a few times, the readings will become a disaster. So i do know that it is important to wait.

  • I did a 2 time line readings and this is what I go in order

    the first reading: 10 of spades, 9 of hearts and Queen of hearts

    the second reading: Ace of clubs, Queen of clubs and 10 of clubs.

    They were three card spreads. So what does these cards mean for a timeline?

  • Grungychick, sure you can post your cards and spread, and I will certainly give you my thoughts on it. playing cards are hard to read. I have had several readers who use them, and are quite good. it forces you to work with your intuition or other psychic abilities such as clairvoyant.


    I don't know if I can be much help with the time lines, as your spread strikes me as an odd way of interpreting time or when.

    the hearts usually imply summer time, and based on the 9 of hearts, and queen of hearts I would say sometime in July but could be august.

    clubs imply springtime or very early summer. that may not come to fruition until sometime next year, around the month of May or early June. could be this month of June, lets say by the 20th of June would be a good estimate of time.

    blessed be.. Sunny

    1. Question: When do you see me and this guy getting back together? 10 of spades. 9 of hearts. Queen of hearts.

    My outcome I came up with: 12th week and 9 days or the 12th week.

    2)Question: When do you see me and this guy getting into a relationship by? (Yes I am terribly impatient, so I reworded it and asked it differently, wanted to find a theme as well) Ace of Clubs. Queen of Clubs. 10 of clubs

    My outcome I came up with: Early autumn or 10 weeks into summer

  • i also had a tarot reading done and it said THIS summer 🙂

  • well, I don't want to discourage you, but you could very well meet someone entirely new. The cards do have a funny way of communicating. again, it's not good to read for oneself because of lack of objectivity. you are having a tough time getting your ego and feelings out of the way.

    The only oracle I can use for reading myself is the I Ching because there is no misinterpreting from the reader/querant. much more accurate than the Tarot.

    Blessed be, Sunny

  • Ms sunny, i have one question. If cards fall out from a timing reading, does it mean anything? I hope it doesn't.

  • --I have done tarot readings for myself and cards would fall out but it didn't seem to affect the reading though. i've had a negative reading and a positive card fell out but nothing became of it though. So i don't think outside cards really mean anything honestly. ...Although I still read the messages. What it says, doesn't always mean it is going to happen too.

  • I agree with you that outside cards or cards that flip out while shuffling or holding the deck in my opinion is meaningless. I just pick them up and put them back in the middle of deck and continue on with shuffling.

    there are readers who decide they are worth looking at. one reader told me that when the client was having trouble concentrating during the shuffle, then the spirit guides will step in and throw in a monkey wrench to help make the cards flip out known as outside cards. those cards would be the correct cards to read.

    honestly, go with what is comfortable for you and disregard anything you feel does not resonate with your gut.

    often times, my clairaudient ability or my gut is far more accurate than the tarot or some other oracle cards.

    When we have a wish or strong desire for a particular outcome, it's best to let it go to the universe, and wish for the best. for example, when one is focused on a particular person for happiness or marriage, the querant has to be willing to let go on WHO, and be open for someone who is ready.

    we can never interfere on the free will of another..

    Blessed be , Sunny

  • Thanks Ms Sunny. I'm glad you agree with me. Knowing the Universe, anything can change too. I like to focus on the positive and not so much on the negative if i can avoid it you know. I do accept my negative readings though, just not the outside cards..

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