Timelines in Cartomancy?

  • How would you determined the answer in a three card reading when it comes to a timeline? I usually go by the last card as my answer but i do look at all of meanings. Sometimes an Ace will come up as the first or second card or a jack king or queen will be in it too. Here is another question, what if you get three or two seasons in a reading? How would you determined an answer then. Any help is appreciated here. I'm very new this. Thank you.

  • I meant i'm very new to this"

  • I am assuming you are using 52 playing card deck? The Tarot and playing card suits are similar.'

    Cups/Hearts: days to 3 weeks

    Pentacles/Diamonds: 3 months to several months

    Swords/Spades: several months to several years

    Wands/Clubs: 3 weeks to 3 months

    the seasons should not matter in the outcome. although if you wish to apply the season, than do so. you will find what will work for you and what will not work. best of luck in your spiritual journey. Ms Sunny





  • Ms Sunny, what if a king jack or queen comes up in the 3 card reading? The aces are the begining of the week, right? How do you determined the answer, thats the question here? Let's say you have the five of hearts as your last card, wouldn't that tell me it would be in the first five days of Autumn then?

  • If i'm doing 3 card readings, wouldn't my answer be on the third card which would be the outcome? For example, if you have Jack of spades...then you would have several months right? or how about a queen of hearts, then that would 3 months, right?

  • Aces is about begining, and for timing I would say "days" less than a week.

    3 card readings are simply this.

    card one: you or situation is now past is now fading, could be as recently as yesterday or as far back as five years.

    card two: the person or situation as is now/present.

    card three: future/outcome of your question/inquery and begins as soon as tomorrow or several months. if it's going to happen.

    as for court cards can represent many symbols. It could describe the person you are about to become, masculine or feminine. or another physical energy known or unknown coming to you in the future. Kings are definitely more mature and stable than the Jack. Queens have matured from being a princess. on the emotional level, the princess/jack is a young adolescent to early twenties.

    hope that helps some.. Ms Sunny

  • as for timing on the court cards is iffy. depends on the question, it may mean you have to become that court card or wait for that court card to come into your life before it can materialized as in manifest by your timing on the earth plane. it would help if you told me what the cards are, I can give you some pointers.


  • If you pulled the Jack of spades on timing, chances are it won't materialized. the level of maturity and timing is a long ways off. Jack of spades can be someone is is wasting your time or you are wasting your time in some way.

  • This is really interesting. I got 8 of Clubs in the House of Death in the Reversed Compass Spread. The computer told me that I would hear of the death of a close business associate.

    Could you tell me what in the world that means??

  • Pilot007

    I don't know what spread you are using, but it sounds like a Gong He Fot Choy?

    what I can tell you about reverses, is that it's usually implies blockages, stagnant, ill will, opposition.

    This to me sounds like the workplace, and it's position is indicating lack of cooperation, and lacking support from other. you need a team to get a project done? I don't predict death, and not a good idea to even go there. could be a death of a situation, or a person leaving.


    I am thinking the Jack of spades would imply time for study. either formal or informal study. spades and swords are of mental activity. lots of thinking, planning, and ideas needs to be thought out first.

  • Yes, I took it as someone leaving.

  • I will be clear about reverses. with the 8 of clubs/wands reversed would imply a delay with that person leaving. perhaps you and co-workers do not like this person or wanting that job position, with it's reversal, it would imply delay, and possible not happen at all.

    I don't mean to discourage you, but don't get your hopes up too high is all.. lol


  • I just remembered something else. with a spread that you are using, you have to account for how many cards on the layout will come to pass. I have used and still using this spread with 32 houses, only 70-80 percent come to pass, so it looks that roughly 20-30 percent do not.

    Ms Sunny

  • I use to see the "DEATH " card as literal death. Now I see it as a card which may indicate the death of someTHING.

    This could be a relationship, friendship, relationships, why of thinking, job which no longer suits, the end on a cycle before the beginning of a new cycle.

    The same is for the"TOWER" card.

    The tower card indicates something needs to be torn down before something new can begin.

    Actually I not longer fear having these cards appearing in a reading for they indicate "OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW"

    To me when these cards appear, it means it is time to "LET GO" of old thought processes - thinking, whatever is holding you back. Especially relationships with people who no longer benefit with your growth.



    loving silver wings

  • Good to know Lovingsilverwings, Good to know 🙂

  • Also Ms. Sunny and anyone of you wise people on this Tarot Forum.

    I got this in my Timeline Spread. I used this websites Tarot Cards.

    When I asked "Give me a reflection on what will happen, to make (J) leave (G) business?"

    (she is one of the MAIN morons who has been causing trouble in the company).

    History: The Chariot

    Recent Events: Temperance

    The Present: The Hermit

    Near Future: Death

    Far Future: 6 of Coins

    COULD you Please tell me what this means?

  • BUMP.

  • Ms Sunny.. So when i do a Past, Present and Future spread. Are you saying the third card is the possible outcome? That;s what I have been doing. Some people like to think of it as a general three card spread and add up all the cards or whatever suits come up the most. What are your thoughts on that?

  • Every reader has a different way of reading their cards. you will probably do your cards a few different times until you decide which way is the most comfortable for you.

    there are lots of spreads or layouts as I am sure you know. playing cards are very tricky and not as easy to read as some would think.

    you can take the third card as possible outcome, and if it's not clear and you would like more info, than pull one more card. you can get a full reading with just a few cards opposed to many cards.

    some will look at it and total up the suits and means a particular outcome. but with only three cards I doubt if that will tell you much.

    since you are new at this, it's best to just practice until you find which way is the most comfy for you.

    Ms Sunny

    good luck and have fun. Sunny

  • Pilot, you sure are itching to get rid of this person LOL AND it's driving YOU crazy!

    in the spread you used, I am going to say this person is not leaving the company, and as badly as you want it, the universe has other plans for you and this person you work with.

    You will have to find a way to work with this person in peace.

    the death card is about you changing your outlook and attitude, and the transformation will be good for you, and will help you learn and to accept the differences.

    can you be sure that you are safe in this workplace? Good idea to focus on your own job and work and stay out of others business in the workplace, and hopefully you won't run into problems.

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