Can Any One tell me if my twin flame is on this earth at this time?

  • Why would you doubt that I am purple? She said it out of the blue ( no pun intended ). You don't know me, you only know what I ask and want you to know. You may think between the lines and read more into what I am asking, and maybe you are right, but I think you are I know you are. Gee Hans, I want to be straight with you, and I may have misunderstood your post....but my gut tells me that you think my intelligence is somewhat lacking. Maybe it is in some areas, At least I am aware of it and seeking answers to questions, searching for those that may know answers. Until a year ago I never a horroscope other than for humur, did not know any of this, thought it all foolishness. Then something happened an " Apple cart turning adventure " or a huge disruption of my life, and I started serching. I guess I just began at the beginning, which seems the most logical place.

    You said not to marry this man, but you never said WHY?

    Hans my gut tells me something else about the story at the end of your post. I'll leave it at that.

    Thank You Hans my friend


  • Why would you doubt that I am purple? Because I doubted out of the blue (no pun intended).

    You ask me questions, knowing that I don't know you, why then?

    I do not doubt because of the meaning of purple, maybe that offended you, but there you are wrong. I read the cards and not between your lines, that´s why I can write as I write. If I would read between your lines, I would only speculate with if and maybe, because I would know that it is just my mind trying to interpret your lines. And certainly you have too much read between my lines, because I never thought your intelligence would be somewhat lacking.

    You said not to marry this man, but you never said WHY? You see, because you never asked why! I do not think more than you ask, that is my rule. You should just wait. A strong, addictive temptation is much more dangerous than it seems. You are ignoring a clear and present danger to your well-being. If this threat emanated from a heavy-handed oppressor, you would see it coming. But this danger comes to you in the form of a seduction, an amusement, a diversion, an indulgence that is eating away at the fiber of your secure little world. You are too cocksure.

    You underestimate the tribute this dalliance will demand.

    You have reminded me of another beautiful story: A man was a

    nuisance to all his neighbors because he was

    continually arguing against God, against heaven,

    against hell. He was an atheist, out-and-out. Even the

    king of the territory heard about him. He was invited

    to the court of the king, and even the wise people of

    the court could not manage to convince that man.

    In fact, to convince an atheist is an almost

    impossible job. The

    atheist is going to destroy all your arguments --

    because you are arguing for a hypothetical God. You

    cannot produce any evidence, you cannot produce any

    eyewitnesses, and you cannot produce any argument which

    is authentic. All arguments about God have been broken

    and been thrown away by atheists for centuries.

    But the king said, "Just give me one more chance: I

    know about a man... only he can do something in this

    matter." And he gave him the address of the man and

    told him to go to the next village, where he lived. "By

    the side of a river, in a temple, you will find him.

    His name is Eknath. That is the only man.... If he can

    change you... otherwise, you are an impossible job."

    But the man was very happy: it was a great challenge.

    So he went to the other village. It was somewhere

    around nine o'clock in the morning. He said, "By this

    time he must have finished his worship, bath; this is

    the right time to reach there." And when he reached the

    temple he could not believe his eyes: Eknath was fast

    asleep -- not only fast asleep, but he was putting his

    feet on the statue of God. He was using the statue as a

    good resting place for his feet.

    The atheist, for the first time in his life, said,

    "My God! Even I cannot put my feet on the statue of

    God, although I am an atheist and I don't believe in

    God. But who knows -- in the end it may turn out that

    God is, so I cannot do such a thing. This man is a

    sannyasin -- supposed to be awake early in the morning,

    five o'clock, before the sun rises. It is nine o'clock

    and he is fast asleep -- and he is going to convince me

    about God? He has not taken his bath, he has not

    worshiped, and I don't think he is going to worship --

    he is putting his feet on the statue of God."

    Afraid -- this man seems to be dangerous -- he sat

    still in the temple, waiting for whenever he wakes up.

    About half an hour afterwards, Eknath woke up. He did

    not even ask God, "Forgive me, in my sleep I have

    touched you with my feet"; he did not even look back.

    The man said, "You are a sannyasin? Is it not written

    in the scriptures that a sannyasin should wake up in

    the morning before the sunrise?"

    Eknath said, "Yes, it is written. And my

    interpretation of it is: whenever a sannyasin wakes up,

    the sun should rise. Who is this sun? If he does not

    care about me, why should I care about him?"

    The man said, "Strange... but you were putting your

    feet on God's feet, God's head...?"

    He said, "Where else can I put my feet? -- because

    the scriptures say, `God is everywhere.' Do you mean to

    say that I cannot put my feet anywhere?"

    The man said, "Just don't get angry!... but your

    argument makes sense: if God is everywhere, then

    whenever, wherever you put your feet, it is always on

    God's head."

    "So what is the problem? And this is such a good rest

    for my feet. Some idiots think that this is God. God is

    everywhere -- so how can he be just in this stone,

    manufactured by the hands of man? You cannot befool


    The man said, "Forgive me for interfering in your

    life so early in the morning, but I have come from the

    other village, sent by the king himself. And I am

    puzzled -- what to say to you, because I used to be an

    atheist"... used to be, because this man seems to be a

    greater atheist than he had ever seen before.

    Eknath said, "It is perfectly good; you can be an

    atheist, nothing is wrong in it. God does not mind it

    at all -- just believe me. And now get lost!"

    The man said, "But that king has put me in a strange

    situation. I came to be convinced about God."

    Eknath said, "Convinced about God? What business do

    you have with God?"

    He said, "No, I don't have any business."

    "Then," he said, "why bother about useless things?

    Find something useful. Now I am going, because it is

    time for my food."

    The atheist said, "Are you not going to take a bath

    in the river?"

    He said, "Who cares about the river! It is always

    there. I can take a bath at any time -- in the middle

    of the night, in the afternoon -- what is the hurry? It

    is always flowing there. But if I don't reach in time

    to a house where they have promised to give me food

    today, that will be difficult -- so I will take a bath

    after my food."

    The man said, "But we have never heard of sannyasins

    taking food without a bath, without worship."

    He said, "You must be talking about old-fashioned

    sannyasins. I am a contemporary man... and just don't

    waste my time: you can take the bath and worship God --

    meanwhile I am coming with my food."

    And somebody had promised him... so he brought the

    food. He was sitting just in front of the temple, and a

    dog came and took one of his chapatis and ran away. And

    the man was watching; Eknath ran behind the dog: "You

    idiot, wait!"

    He said, "My God, is he going to take that chapati


    So he also followed, and Eknath managed to get hold

    of the dog, and he told the dog, "I have told you many

    times that if you want a chapati, just wait there --

    but I will not allow you to eat a chapati without

    butter." So he took the chapati back, put the butter on

    it, gave the chapati back, and said to the dog, "Ram!"

    -- which is the name of God in India -- "now you can

    eat it, but always behave."

    The man watched this whole scene: to the dog he is

    saying "God" and he will not allow the dog to eat the

    chapati without butter... a very strange and unique

    man. Perhaps the king is right: that if this man cannot

    convince you of God, then nobody else can.

    He touched the feet of Eknath. He said, "Just forgive

    me.... I was going under a great misunderstanding about

    you. It was not just a rationalization to put your feet

    on the statue of God. In the dog also you see God, and

    you won't allow the dog... half a mile you have run --

    and I have run -- just to put butter on the chapati!"

    Eknath said, "It doesn't look right that I should eat

    with butter and God should eat without butter. And I

    have told him -- but he is a very idiot God. This

    happens almost every day: as I open my food, he is

    hiding somewhere. You must have read in your scriptures

    that God is everywhere; this is the God who is

    everywhere, omnipresent.

    "But I am also a stubborn man. This was only a half

    mile; one day it took ten miles. But unless I buttered

    the chapati, I would not let him eat it. It doesn't

    look right. One has to be courteous."

    The man said, "Of course. I have seen your courtesy

    from the very morning. But I don't have any argument

    with you; I am going home as a theist, because I have

    seen the first theist in my life -- all other theists

    were simply just using words, not knowing anything

    about God. You certainly know something -- every

    gesture is indicative of it. It can be misunderstood; I

    myself have misunderstood it before -- but now I can


    Eknath said, "Forget all this. Come on, join me; I

    have got enough food for both me and you, because I

    knew you must be waiting there."

    The man said, "But I have to take a bath."

    Eknath said, "Forget all about the bath. I have told

    you, the river is flowing the whole day. You can take a

    bath anytime; there is no prohibition."

    He said, "But... although I am -- I used to be -- an

    atheist, just let me go in the temple to touch the


    Eknath said, "If you go into the temple... you will

    not find a worse man than me. First, eat; and then do

    whatsoever nonsense you want to do. I am feeling

    hungry, I cannot wait. But you are my guest -- this

    temple is my house. Since I started living here,

    everybody has stopped coming in. This has been my whole

    life's experience: wherever I want, I enter in any

    temple -- and soon worshipers disappear; because I do

    all kinds of things in the temple... you have not seen

    much. You just come, take your food."

  • OK, I'll let that stand. Then I will ask pointed questions.

    Question: Why is this man a " clear and present danger" to me ?

    What color do you think I am?

    What will this " dalliance" cost me?

    Why should I buy this house?

    Do you see me married?

    With what sign will I marry?

    What will this man look like?

    Will he have money?

    Will it last?

    Will it be my twin flame?

    Do I have angels around me?

    What is my angels names?

    Who are my spirit quides?

    How many?

    Do I have spirit guides?

    Will I be happy more times than not?

    Will I marry a man with the first,middle, and last letters of his name OWT

    What will the first, middle and last letters be of the man I marry?

    Will I be financialy secure with my own money?

    When should I sell my business's?

    Should I sell my bussines"s?

    Will my relationship with my children improve?

    Will my son finish dental school?

    Will my daighter ever marry??

    Will she be happy?

    Hans I could go on and on on all the questions I want to know. Just like everbody else, we all want to know What is in the future for us. We want to know if it is all preordained and if we have some control and if so HOW do we control it, be the master and director of our lives. If we can see into the future we would not make any mistakes.

    And yes I do beleive you found me and my questions somewhat silly or uninformed, and they are. But I don't know that until I ask and receive a response. Yes I think you a a very intelligent man, there are those of us that are just as intelligent but in different areas and fields of life. I have told you before in different conversations ( or I said it to someone ) that I am not very good with personal relationships. I am considered cool and distant. I am not though. I use instinct and most business decissions based on my gut and try in my personal life. I am consider fair and I am always very thankful for any help ( so thank you ) because I don't expect any. I am always seeking trying to know the furture. I have more questions and want to know the what how when where and after that, I want to know more and if I could put God on the spot It would take quite a while before I was done and then I would reserve the right to come back and ask more! I want to know how things work. I don't believe that things are black and white. Again I could go on and on. I like plain English and I like to get to the point. I am considered abrupt and dismissive. I may appear to be..But I am not, that is my cummunication style, I am alpha personality. I think on everything that is said and consider but usualy go with my gut instinct, and I am most shocked when I have offended someone. I mean no disrespect.

    But that is me good or bad.

    You said " Why do I ask you when I know that you dont know me "

    Because: It is my impression and have come to believe, that there may be something to these cards. But I believe that to give answer about a persons aura you would have to see them, thus logicaly, you cannot determine my aura based on contact through the internet. A picture maybe thats possible..?? But just based on the limited contact I just don't believe it is possible for an aurua reading.

    I am a handful . But I like you and appreciate the time you have taken to answer my silly questions. I believe I have tried your patience with me and I am sorry. Please forgive. I like a good debate. I ask a lot to poke holes, and to determine where the truth is. I know I do this, and it sometimes irriates people because they don't understand what I am doing. Sorry once again. I would like to continue to talk with you, but that is your call.

    Thanks Hans,


    again sorry about the mispelled words, wish this had a spell check!!

  • Why is this man a " clear and present danger" to me ? Just wait and see.

    What color do you think I am? Sapphire (blue)

    What will this " dalliance" cost me? Your strength.

    Why should I buy this house? Because hecticness is your drug.

    Do you see me married? No.

    With what sign will I marry? Capricorn.

    What will this man look like? Like someone who is withdrawing in a dark loneliness.

    Will he have money? Yes.

    Will it last? No.

    Will it be my twin flame? No.

    Do I have angels around me? No.

    What is my angels names? See above.

    Who are my spirit quides? See below.

    How many? More below.

    Do I have spirit guides? No.

    Will I be happy more times than not? No.

    Will I marry a man with the first,middle, and last letters of his name OWT: No.

    What will the first, middle and last letters be of the man I marry? VXR

    Will I be financialy secure with my own money? No.

    When should I sell my business's? When you are seeking for love.

    Should I sell my bussines"s? Yes.

    Will my relationship with my children improve? No.

    Will my son finish dental school? Yes.

    Will my daighter ever marry?? No.

    Will she be happy? No.

    I like you too, and as long as I answer a question, the question is not silly, at least not for me.

    I show my love in answering questions, even if I have to say No, because even then I say still YES to you.

    Mulla Nasruddin died. He knocked at the doors of

    heaven. Saint Peter opened the door, looked at

    Nasruddin and said, "But I am not expecting anybody

    today, because in my reservation list there is no name;

    nobody is to come today. So how...? You surprise me,

    how did you get here? Say your name loudly. Spell it,

    so I can check."

    So Nasruddin spelled his name loudly: "M-U-L-L-A


    Saint Peter went in and looked at his list, but there

    was nobody to come on that day. He came back and he

    said, "Say! You are not expected to come here today,

    you are not due for ten years yet. So tell me, who is

    your doctor?"

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