Cheating Scoprio Man...What To Do!?

  • I am a cancer female and I have had a scorpio man in my life for two years now.

    He is NEVER faithful.

    He is NEVER honest.

    He NEVER tells me how HE feels.

    I have left him time and time again, and everytime its over the same things, and I practically recite the same speech. He shuns me afterward and is mean to be if I try to talk to him but, if I leave him be for awhile he ALWAYS comes back.

    Then he is sweet, and he is cuddly and affectionate and he will do things he'd never do before. But...I catch him being bad as little as a day later!

    WHY if he wants to be promiscuous and fuck other girls, and not have an exclusive realtionship or the "drama" of emotions and whatnot...WHY won't he let me go?

    If I'm not what he wants...what is his deal? Whats goin on? I don't understand.

    If I'm not enought for him...and he wants more, then why do I have to be part of the group...if hes sleeping around then I can easily be replaced then, right? WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear Lilfrankenstein,

    I am also a cancer female and had been married to a male scorpio for twenty years. I have been told this union is suppose to be a match made in heaven. Unfortunately my husband passed away fromsurgical complications.

    Each relationships have their ups and downs. All I can tell you what I have experienced in the twenty years. Our famous saying is that we were tighter than twine and stickier than tape. Maybe that is the key...being together and sharing good and bad times. I would always listen to what my husband wanted to tell me. Even if that meant for me to hear the story a zillion times.

    I think you need not to bend his ear as much but you both need to discuss the issues. That means you both must listen and talk about the issues which include your deepest feelings on the subject.

    The scorpio man is a proud and private being. You must give alot of nuturing to this being. I realize you may not get as much as you put into the relationship.

    The question is there enough love from you to tolerate his behavior?



  • Hi lilfrankenstein,

    He cheats because that is the type of person he is. He cheats on you... because you let him. Ask yourself why you are involved with someone that is promiscuous and unfaithful when you obviously want an exclusive relationship. Cut your losses and find a more suitable companion.

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