How do you frame questions for psychic reading?

  • Can someone give me examples of the best way to form questions you ask a psychic for a reading? I have read that it is important not to lead the psychic by giving away information up front. This is not the same as trying to test the psychic. This is about getting the best possible reading. This seems to be the hardest part about getting a reading ... how to form the question. Especially if it is about love and/or wanting to know if a particular person you are interested in may ask you out or if there will be a love relationship between you and that particular person. When you give their name in the question I understand that is leading the psychic. How would I frame the question to a psychic about this?

  • hi, not sure anyone answered your question privately, but here's what i think. ask your question as directly as possible without going in the direction of what you want to hear. i think yes/no questions work out best. that way you are sure to get a direct response, and then an explanation for that response.

  • Thank you Tonix3. I am going to keep writing my quesiton down on paper until I get to the "bare bone" of what I want to know and see how it goes.

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