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  • Drgagannagi (thats a hard name)

    From what i can see, things seem to be very powerful between you, your relationship is very active at the moment. Is he someone who can influence others with his passion and his drive? I feel an inner conflict within yourself, possibly debating on whether or not to be friends or lovers. The way you see it either way it will result in something you will take joy in whereas he might want to keep that friendship as it is. I dont see marriage in your future or anything more than what you have now

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  • thanks kushi, my name is Gagan( first) Nagi ( last) you exactly told how i feel, can you enlighten me why he wants to keep it as it is? has it something to do with him? with me? circumstances or situation? is there any time down the road ( in some yrs) or anything you see him changing his mind or he can be influenced in to taking that step with me. i ask because the mental bond i share with this friend is rare for me. i can breathe freely, be my own self with him, i dont feel stiffled.

    also what do you see dor my future if not him? with whom? how long n far is being a couple for me?

  • Hi, again, Kushi! I've been away from this site a few days, mulling this whole thing over, trying to make sense of the situation.

    You say the following in your latest post to me:

    "I wouldnt try to forget these experiences, they make people stronger if you choose to. Their your memories and you can use them to your advantage or let them hurt you emotionally and subtly control the way you think and act "

    Yes, the points you are making here are so true! Other people have told me something similar to what you're saying here. I HAVE been letting these memories hurt me emotionally, instead of using them to my advantage, as you say in this post. Also, they do seem to be influencing the way I think and act. That's why I have phrased my question for this situation to include the concept that I might be attracting this negative stuff. I guess my pessimistic thinking is what atrracts it! I guess that somehow, this pessimistic thinking is reflected in my facial expressions and body language, and people pick up on it.

    I have recently purchased several books on psychic self-defense. am investigating those, as well. One of them is by Dion Fortune. Another is by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips. I have also read part of another, by someone with the last name of Goldberg. I put it somewhere in my book-cluttered apartment, so I don't remember the exact title or the author's full name. Gotta look for it!

    As you can see, I usually have one or two books (or more!) going at the same time. This can be confusing, but the thing is, I'm looking for answers. That's why The Fool is my favorite Tarot card. I am an eternal seeker... I want to know WHY certain things happen, or don't happen. Ultimately, of course, there are things that don't really have an answer, like why earthquakes and tsunamis take place, and good people die in these disasters. Why did Hitler live long enough to cause such horrible tragedy? Why didn't he die before all those millions of Jews were killed by his insane evil? I guess the answer is unknowable, at least on this side of reality...

    To go back to the psychi self-defense books...they all deal with strengtheniing one's aura. They contain beautiful visualizations that aim to do just that. So I suppose what I need to do is to buckle down and do these exercises! I think they will help if I really perform them seriously. They should change the way people perceive me. Instead of seeing someone who is vulnerable, an easy target, people will see someone who respects and loves herself, and is not to be messed with. However, I do want to project an image of compassion and kindness, at the same time. I don't want to now turn into a bully. I want to be respected and appreciated, just as I respect and appreciate others.

    Wow....I can get carried away when I start writing....lol!

  • Hi, Mikyo! Thanks for posting your thoughts about my dilemma!

    You say the following in your post:

    "Anything that happens there is always a reason.. It is just like solving a puzzle.. Same for tarot.. At times u can grab that info and understand it.. Kiba ever ask me if I ever stop finding an answer.. I did but I am searching into the unknown.. Still someday the mystery will unfold.. Same for u too.. Should give yourself a time and a break.. If there is no bad experiences I would say life is so boring.. At times be positive at times u need to be negative.. Not say negative is no good but if the situation really wants u to be then be it.. Being a negative person isn't a bad person and staying positive isn't a good person too.. It depends u are playing which role.. Give u an example.. If someone like u and u don accept by saying we are still friends and u feel comfortable with him.. Everytime u ask him out and he willing to go out.. Somehow he is a nice guy and feel like someone who u can chat with.. that guy might have thinking of chances to be with u.. If u stay positive in here u will let that person suffer.. If u are negative and hurt him that might release his suffering.. Sometime just a matter of how u see things.. 😃 "

    Yes, I agree that sometimes one doesn't grasp what the Tarot is saying right away. I also agree that both the Tarot and life are puzzles, and that we must simply go on sometimes, waiting for the mystery to unfold on its own.

    I have to tell you that I disagree when you say that, if nothing negative happened, life would be boring! I would be SO happy if nothing negative happened to me!! Lol. But perhaps you're right, in the sense that we wouldn't learn anything if we only had positive experiences. It's interesting that, when one is reading a novel, it's the conflicts, the tragedies, the missed opportunities, that make that novel interesting. If nothing bad ever happens to the characters, the reader will quickly get bored. Ah, but here's the thing -- I prefer to read novels with happy endigns! Yes, the hero and heroine can suffer and go through terrible things, but they better get to a "happily ever after" in the end! On the other hand, there are some great literary classics that have tragic endings, and that's what makes them classic. "Romeo and Juliet" is a perfect example. And yet....this work DOES have a happy ending, in a way. The lovers are joined in death. But then, this is not the sort of happy ending one really wants, is it?

    I think what you mean by saying that sometimes we must be positive, and at others times, negative, is that there are situations in which we simply have to be firm and say "no". Right? In other words, sometimes we have to be firm and let people know that we can't go along with their wishes, because we simply don't share those same wishes, and it would be cruel to let them think that we do. You mention a relationship that could potentially be a romantic one. If a woman doesn't share a guy's romantic feelings, but just wants his friendship, she has to be honest with him about this. Otherwise she will end up hurting him.

    In other situations, we might have to firmly stand up for our values and beliefs, like when someone expects us to go along with something that we know is totally unethical. When something is wrong, we can't allow the possibility of losing someone's approval allow us to sacrifice our own conscience.

    You also say, in another part of your post (which I have not quoted here) , that this situation I'm in is a common one for a lot of people, not just me. True. Also, I have noticed that there are people, and yes, not just me, that seem to get more criticism than others. These people, like me, are probably those who think of themselves as victims in life. Such people, along with me, need to stop thinking of themselves in this way. Then they will no longer attract so much criticism.

    This is my challenge. So I need to get to work on changing my thinking!

    Thanks for your comments!! : )

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