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  • Hi, everyone! I have just gotten a reading, and it's not making much sense to me. I selected the "Peace & Harmony Celtic Cross, hand's on". My question was: "Why do people frequently react to me with criticism and/or negative energy, if I'm an honest, kind person?"

    If anyone can help me out, please reply to this post, and I will tell you what cards I got. Thanks!

  • Can you tell me what cards you got? and if possible what they're positions are in the spread, i'm not familiar with it you see

  • Hi, Kushi! Well, I decided to use the 11-card, hands-on, Peace & Harmony Celtic Cross spread. This is my question: Why do people frequently react to me with negativity and criticism, even though I am an honest, kind person?

    The deck I used was the Aquarian, which is my favorite one. Here's the spread:

    Card 1: Self - Page of Rods

    Card 2: Situation - Ten of Pentacles

    Card 3: Challenges/Opportunities - Six of Rods

    Card 4: Foundation - The Empress

    Card 5: Recent Past - The High Priestess

    Card 6: Higher Power - Nine of Pentacles

    Card 7: Near Future - Ace of Swords

    Card 8: Lesson - The Sun

    Card 9: Allies - Page of Pentacles

    Card 10: Advice - Knight of Cups

    Card 11: Long-Term Potential - The Tower

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • I'm not so familiar with the celtic cross but i'll give it my best

    It looks to me that the page of rods describes yourself in the moment, enthusiastic and willing to help but the thing is no one seems to appreciate your efforts and so you get knocked down all the time.

    The situation describes the situation in general, it is a card of legacy and of joy which is not in your reach.

    The challenges before you show a need for a strong will and also emotion when acting upon a situation, You will face more difficulties but you are called to stay strong under the pressure Laying a foundation for yourself with these 6 rods.

    From what i can see you're honest and kind personality could be attributed to the past, your mother raised you well? Was she something like you? in that case then i recommend you have a chat with her about this.

    Recent past could be telling you how this started. Were you always like this before? I feel that the way you act towards people now if different from how you did in the past.

    The Higher power I believe shows who is the main help in this situation. Someone who is himself/herself. Successful in this endeavor, someone who is going or went through what you are going through and is doing good with it.

    This isn't permanent though, I can see here you'll be able to find your way and the ace of swords cuts through the bonds of this situation you have yourself in.

    Lesson is the sun yes it seems ironic to have this when people respond negatively but i would say that you should still stay positive about this, Not all people will respond negatively to you so it would be best if you keep trying, although try changes in your approach.

    Allies show another page like yourself. This person could be someone in a stage of learning, possibly a student at some college or a trainee somewhere, either way i feel that you have a not so good yet not so bad relationship with each other because you are page of rods and she is pentacles... fire and earth which is neutral. Possibly you've taken guidance from people you are close to and they aren't helping. You overlooked the possibility of other people's help who can provide a more objective assessment to your situation

    Advice. If you really feel passionate about what youre doing for these people then i suggest you go for it with all your heart.

    Long term potential tells me this wont last long though, it could mean the negative energy you've been receiving. Problem is i also think it shows the end of your efforts to bother to help

    One small thing i could point out, in my opinion a question like yours cannot be clearly answered by the celtic cross. If you dont mind, can i do a reading for you?

  • Kushi can u plz do a readng for my personal life too? many thanks.

  • you want just a general reading or anything specific?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, Kushi! Hey, by the way, if you prefer me to call you Kiba, just let me know.

    Well, you sound like a very empathic, nice person. It's great to know that there are people out there like you, who will listen and try to understand! Thank you so very, very much!

    Your last comment matches what I've been thinking about this problem. I've done several readings regarding this issue, using the Celtic Cross, on this site, and have not been satisfied with the answers I've gotten. The reading I posted here is just one of them. I have also done a reading on my own, again using the Celtic Cross, although following the interpretations given by Carl Japikse in his book, "Exploring the Tarot". I also used the Aquarian deck, which I'm very drawn to because of its artwork. Again, the results have not been entirely satisfactory...

    I've been thinking of doing yet another reading on this site, using the Karmic Lesson spread. However, I will be more than happy to have you read for me as well! I'm honored that you would do this! Again, I thank you

    I could give you more details about this situation, but I'd like you to do the reading first, and see what happens. I can tell you, though, that this is a long-standing problem, and it makes me wonder whether I am subconsciously attracting it.

    I am not very experienced with the Tarot. In the past, I have only read for myself, and always used a book to help me interpret the cards. Maybe I need to trust my intuition more. I don't know.

    I really like the insights you have presented to me in your post. I do find the mention of my mother rather ironic, though, but I'd like your reading to tell me more about this.

    As for my ally in this situation, I don't have any close fridnds. My work schedule doesn't exactly allow the cultivation of any friendships. I am married, but my husband isn't very spiritual or inclined to introspective analysis. Could it be that YOU are my ally? You certainly sound like a kind person yourself!

    I'm looking forward to your further insights, and would like to thank you agan for taking the time to consider my problem.

    Many divine blessings to you! : )

  • Oh, shoot! I posted twice! I mistakenly clicked on the "submit post" button twice! And I don't see any "delete" button, either. Is there any way to take out a post? Admin, hope you can help...

  • I stick by what i said when i told you that you didn't treat people this way in the past. Although kind and honest i feel than you've only decided to provide advice and assistance of this scale recently.

    Why people seem to react negatively towards you

    At work: It could be that they feel you are sticking your nose into their problems a little too much for comfort or that they dont need your advice or your help. Advice would be to just stand down and keep your distance from them, if they ask for your help, give it but control how you choose to help them.

    At home: How's your relationship with your husband? Tarot and all things spiritual put aside? The way i see it its as if your home is where you are most grounded and focused, but you can never really avoid conflict even in your sanctuary.

    With Friends and people: its a 50:50 thing here some lack the trust that you can help them and those who do believe are very easily swayed otherwise. Possibly one thing you can do is to reevaluate your social life and try developing closer bonds with them despite your work schedule. Why not befriend co workers?

    All this aside i can tell you to not fret about this so much. There will be a time when this burden will just get off your shoulders and you'll be free of all this negative energy.

    Hope it helps.

    With regards to spreads, if i may suggest. If you cant find a spread that suits you try customizing your own by determining what aspects of the situation you'd like to know about since you can't possibly know every single spread invented. I personally use this method and I can say it works better than most of the spreads i already know. Am I your ally? I can be your friend and thus ally. It's a possibility

  • Hi Mariangeles,

    Not a problem. I removed the duplicate post for you.



  • Kushi:

    Let me tell you that I have alwyas been much too trusting with people, much too nice. As for giving advice, I don't do that unless asked. I'm wondering where you got that idea...I don't like to stick my nose in other people's business. What I mean by being kind and nice is being pleasant to them, always saying "good morning", always thanking them if they have done something for me, asking how their weekend went, asking how their son/daughter/mother or other relatives are doing, etc.

    The reason I started doing readings with this question is that, over and over again, I have run into nastiness from people. At the same time, I've noticed that people who are not that nice, and are even arrogant, seem to have no problems at all!

    I'll give you a very recent example, the one that triggered these readings. It has to do with a security guard at my job. Now, I've known this guy, as a co-worker, for six years. During that time, he has always been very pleasant and nice toward me, and I have been the same way toward him. There was always courtesy between us. Once, I remember I lost the security card to get into the building, and he immediately got me a new one. No problem. Another time, I accidentally locked my keys in my car, and I called him. He went down to the parking garage with one of the maintenance guys, and got the car unlocked. I was very grateful when these two things took place (they were two years apart), and I thanked him. This is nothing special. He'll do these things for anyone in the office who needs such services. But I appreciated his help, since I know these things take time away from whatever else he migh need to get done.

    The other day, he was making some copies at the copier that sits right in front of my desk at work. I heard the phone in the company president's office ring, and the president's secretary was away from her desk. The president wasn't in his office, either. I got flustered. I HAD to pick up that call! The president's calls ALWAYS have to be picked up, and, a lot ot the time, I'm the one who does that.

    The problem was that this guy was in the way. I couldn't reach my phone quickly to pick up the call there. So I said, a bit loudly, "Billy, move, move!" (This is not his real name.) I was able to get the call, but Bill got mad at me. He said I wasn't going to talk to him that way. Well, I was really surprised! I didn't insult him or anything. I just panicked, and wanted him to move fast so I could get the call.

    I immediately apologized, saying that I hadn't meant to be rude, but he didn't seem to hear me. He simply stalked off. I couldn't believe it....this nice guy that I had NEVER had any problems with! Well. I started to feel real bad. So, after a few minutes, I called his cell phone (all employee cell phones are listed in our office directory -- don't think that we have any 'funny business' going on!) from the phone on my desk (a company phone). I don't think he knows that number. His cell rang and rang, and there was no answer. I waited about 15 minutes, and then called him again, this time from another office phone. The same thing happened. By this time, I was feeling terrible. Had I hurt his feelings THAT badly?

    After waitiing about 20 minutes more, I then called the security desk. He HAS to pick up this phone if he's at the desk. He was. When he answered, I started to apologize again, telling him that I had not meant to be rude, that I was just trying to pick up that call for the president. He cut me off, telling me to just 'forget about it'. He repeated this twice, very emphatically. i said, 'okay', and he hung up.

    The incident continued to bother me throughout the rest of the day, because this man is someone, I repeat, that I had never had any problems with -- at all!

    The next day, when I walked into the lobby, I said "good morning" to him as usual. He barely glanced up from something he was doing, and replied "good morning" very curtly.

    A while later, he came into my office to use the copier, and I could tell from his attitude that he was STILL upset.

    Now I'm the one who's upset. I have apologized TWICE to this man, once in person, at the time of the incident, and then again, later that same day, on the phone, after trying to get a hold of him THREE times! This is what I get for being courteous and pleasant to him, as I am to everyone at work, for the past six years?

    So now I've been avoiding him. I get into the building by another route. I no longer go through the lobby.

    This situation really puzzles me. I went out of my way to apologize to this guy, and this is the way he treats me? Why? What have I ever done to him?

    There are many more stories I could tell you, of things that people have done to me throughout the years. Like the time this girl at a job where I was a receptionist made a remark that I'll never forget. I had asked her not to talk to me if she was going to do so with an 'attiitude'. Her reply? Here it is: "If you don't want people to speak to you with an attitude, why do you take a job where you have no authority?"

    I was never rude or anything to this girl, either. She was my supervisor's assistant, and was always on my case about something I had supposedly done wrong. Meantime, my supervisor, who was also her boss, never ever said anything to me. Later on, I found out that this girl hated people from my ethnic group. Still, why did I have to be the one who came into her domain, only to be abused? In other words, why did this girl have to come into my life?

    I could go on and on... People have bullied me my entire life....not every single day, thank God, but often enough that I wonder why....

  • Thanks for your help, Admin! : )

  • Well Thats a tough case you got, i can say its pretty similar to mine and to be honest i just concluded that people can be really awful for the most outrageous reasons. hmmmmm my reading was pretty off the mark huh. strange normally career reading are my forte. my apologies if i wasnt able to help

  • Hi, Kushi! Yeah...it's a tough one. I have had many more experiences in which people have just walked all over me. And these things have simply come out of left field!

    Here are other examples:

    At one job, this girl, who was a temp from an employment agency, just like me, used to speak to me in a very curt, rude manner. Since she had been assigned, for some mysterious reason, as our 'boss' -- there were several of us from the agency -- we would submit our notes on each day's activities to her. One day, when I submitted mine, she told me, in a hard tone of voice, that I didn't need to "write so much". (You may have noticed that I LOVE to write, lol.) Well, I had had enough, so I wrote her another note, and left it on her desk. I basically told her off, but in a very diplomatic way. She wrote back, on the BACK of that note. That was when I noticed how poorly she herself wrote! She had misspellings and incorrect grammar all over the place! So the answer was clear -- she was jealous of me because of my writing skills. Well, hey, I'm terrible at math and sports. Everyone has a talent in something, right? She was probably better than me in other areas. But no, she chose to feel jealous, and therefore decided to reprimand me.

    In another job, in which I was teaching ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), one of my students had a very hostile attititude toward me. She would interrupt me as I was teaching, for instance, to ask why I was teaching a certain topic in a particular way! Finally, I told her (in her native language, Spanish, since I am also a native speaker of that language as well) that she was welcome to transfer to anotherr class. She did that, and I thought I was well ried of her.

    Ah, but there's more! Guess what? She went to see the head of the ESOL Dept. at the school, and told him that I was a TERRIBLE teacher!! I found out from one of the clerks in the office. The department head never discussed this with me, though, because, through the years, he had always gotten positive comments from my students. However, I was upset that she had gone and complained about me.

    Well, are you ready for the kicker? Here goes....an entire year later, I ran into another student who had been in the same class as this obnoxious chick. You know what THAT student told me? She said that the REAL reason that girl had been so hostile toward me was that I was the exact image of her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend!!!!! Is that crazy or what? And for THAT reason she put my job at risk, going to the head of the ESOL Dept. to lie about my teaching?

    You see what I mean? A lot of weird things like this have happened to me! It's like I ATTRACT criticism for the most ridiculous reasons! Now, I can't possibly have karma with so many people, can I?

    Well, I could go on and on....but don't feel bad if you weren't able to help me. I do appreciate all your insights, as well as the time you took to analyze my situation. Thanks again!

    I'd be interested to find out what happened in your case, if you want to tell me. If not, though, that's okay. I understand if you don't want to talk about it.

    Have a great day full of blessings!! : )

  • well i got a few of my own stories to relate.

    Take for instance I'm working in a restaurant and a guest apparently waves at me from across the restaurant, so obviously i wouldn't be able to see him, not to mention I was a cook in the open kitchen, not wait staff who were walking around not even bothering to look. The guy went and complained to the manager who then complained to the head chef and i was in a lot of trouble from there. See the unfairness here? I got reprimanded for something I didnt have to do and also the people who WERE supposed to do this didnt get even a single mean look. I asked my friend in the wait staff, turns out they keep giving me hell because i'm not local.

  • Oh, wow, I really sympathize with you! That was very unfair!! And you say "they" keep doing this because you're not local? Who's "they"? Is it the customers, or the staff at the restaurant, or both? Whoever it is, what these people are doing is just not right!!

    I guess when this type of thing has happened to me, I have felt like I'm being singled out. Intellectually, I know I'm not the only one such things happen to. At the time of an inicident, though, it sure feels that way...but, on the other hand, I think it's too frequent, with me. I mean, I've had bad experiences in the last SEVEN jobs I've had! I kid you not. One of these experiences was the one with my boss's assistant, and another one was the one with that girl from the agency who didn't write well.

    Okay, I guess I'll stop here. I shouldn't be rehashing these things. But they're right here, in my mind. I don't and can't forget them. They're permanently etched memories...

  • Both my friend, both.

    I wouldnt try to forget these experiences, they make people stronger if you choose to. Their your memories and you can use them to your advantage or let them hurt you emotionally and subtly control the way you think and act

  • kushi, i have been with a guy since 4 years, friendship stong with bits of affection, i want to know our future as you see it.....? do you see us as a couple? in marriage? what are the ways to face any challenges and be a winner of this mans heart? i have discussed the m word many times but he says he can't but still our bond continues from both ends.

  • Hi Mariangeles.. No one is perfect.. When u do something good to other ppl.. And others treat u very bad the chain will starts.. Looking too hard into it good is u learn bad is unable to shake off that feeling.. Just like wat kiba says.. I agree with him.. Even I myself have unfairness too..

    For examples.. When I was young I use to being get scolding from my mom just because my bro did something wrong... They can always shake it off.. If u ask me do I hate them wat would I do I would say I would rather take the blames and everything till today.. At times at work ppl do give me trouble by just plainly scolded me because I work late and being hardworking.. This is nothing wrong yet I am being blame.. It is unfair too but yet I see it as part of life.. It is simply fun to put it in a way how the world train me and shape me to understand the world and how ppl react and why they did that..

    Anything that happens there is always a reason.. It is just like solving a puzzle.. Same for tarot.. At times u can grab that info and understand it.. Kiba ever ask me if I ever stop finding an answer.. I did but I am searching into the unknown.. Still someday the mystery will unfold.. Same for u too.. Should give yourself a time and a break.. If there is no bad experiences I would say life is so boring.. At times be positive at times u need to be negative.. Not say negative is no good but if the situation really wants u to be then be it.. Being a negative person isn't a bad person and staying positive isn't a good person too.. It depends u are playing which role.. Give u an example.. If someone like u and u don accept by saying we are still friends and u feel comfortable with him.. Everytime u ask him out and he willing to go out.. Somehow he is a nice guy and feel like someone who u can chat with.. that guy might have thinking of chances to be with u.. If u stay positive in here u will let that person suffer.. If u are negative and hurt him that might release his suffering.. Sometime just a matter of how u see things.. 😃

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