I just want to know if he's ok

  • I don't know how many pet psychics are on this site but I really need to try. I had to make the decision to euthanize a friend just two nights ago, his name was James and he was an albino rat. He had a nasty lung infection that I didn't know about until an hour before he died. I know he was in pain, and probably very hungry (he had been rejecting food for a few days before and I didn't clue in even then) so I know I made the best decision I could have for that moment but I still blame myself for what happened. I just want to know where he is, spiritually speaking, if he's OK or stuck here or what, if he's moved on fully already, if there's anything he needs to say, just anything about how he's doing now.

    I'll be eternally grateful,

    Peace and Love.

  • Animals don't have as many issues as we humans do and are not so attached to this earth as we are. So it is easier for them to move on. They are also much more open to spirits and the angels - your friend would have been surrounded by those in spirit who would have given him comfort in his final hours. He most probably was not even aware of his death. The minute he passed he was so grateful to you that he was out of pain. He still comes to sit on your shoulder and nudge your ear at times. Death is much more traumatic for humans because we fear it. Death is more natural to animals and they accept it more than we do and don't fight it when it's their time.

    We can learn so much from our animal friends. James is free and happy now.

  • Thank you very much, Captain. I feel him there sometimes, but I'm never sure if it's real

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