The Captain, can you give me a little insight?

  • Dear Captain,

    you gave me some insight a couple of times before based on the vibes a give out. I found them really very strong and I am tempted to ask you how do you see me now and in the near future, if you can.

    greatly appreciate your insights and wisdom.

    have a wonderful day, b

  • There is more softness about you now Brick and a willingness to listen and receive information from others. All that you have grown through has opened your eyes and you will just keep growing as long as you remain open. Before you were very stubborn and hard-headed about going your own way. Now you understand that everyone needs to ask for help and can use a little guidance and advice from time to time. And that advice comes in all shapes and forms.

    Good work! Now you are open to a flood of new experiences that will further shape the mature person you are growing to be. Go with the flow and maintain and improve on that relaxation of your rigid rules about life.

  • Thank You Captain,

    all you say is healing and true.

    in fact, I felt back into routine again, after 2 months of excitement and kind of neeed someone to tell me something optimistic.

    I read the emptiness topic of yours and I felt like it.

    love and blessings to you, b

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