The Importance of Emptiness

  • Well done all!

  • Dear Captain~

    I was just scrolling along when I just came across this amazing post/s

    The truth is...I've recently have had this very epiphany...about this emptiness...

    Thank you for putting it into such elegant words. You said you were so moved to write it that you woke up early to share it with everyone. Thank You. I believe you truly have a gift for healing..


  • You're welcome. I think the message here is indeed very important to spread around.

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  • Yes, very wonderful. 🙂

  • Spirit told me that we need to empty ourselves of all our old 'junk' in order to be filled with new life and energy and opportunities.

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  • Mymissymoo, by searching deep in ourselves for those attitudes, beliefs, people and things that no longer serve any good or useful purpose in our lives. If you are not sure what is old and out-of-date, the Universe will remove it for you.

  • I am so glad to see this thread was moves me just reading it again. Thank you very much for bringing this back to the surface. A very good reminder as I struggled to let go of "junk" last week.

  • I can certainly relate to "If you are not sure what is old and out-of-date, the Universe will remove it for you."....

    2yrs ago when I was really on such a high vibrational state, I was making uplifting videos, meditating daily, doing Reiki daily on myself and members of family who wanted it,....all sorts of spiritual things, I really felt "in the flow" ...and because of what I was vibrating on, I attracted the most beautiful man in to my life! He lives in Denmark, he was on the start of his spiritual path....after about a year of us talking, texting, sharing beliefs etc, we fell in love, we are soul mates, we finally met in person a year ago, it was so wonderful, he came over to UK as often as possible, we made great plans for us to be able to live together, discussing where we wanted to live.....I went into my normal "nurturing" ways of wanting to do the best for him, (he did for me too)....but over a period of months I realised I had "lost" my self!...I was starting to go back to "old ways" of what I was like before being on my path!...all my meditations stopped, no longer doing Reiki, stopped eating all the healthy foods for a short time etc etc,....I nearly had a mental breakdown, I just couldn't understand what was happening!. I had to spend some time alone to work things out, to understand what had gone wrong,....after a couple of months, I realised I just can't do the full blown relation ship and living with anyone no more, I had done that since being a teenager, married for 26yr to my late husband, lived with someone else 3yrs after he died, that didn't work, then met and married someone else, we divorced 5yr ago... I got to see that the time I did have on my own just before I met up my Danish man was the most wonderful time I had experienced in my life, I was able to concentrate on what I should be doing in my life!...and find me again, I just now know "the Universe"/ higher self stepped in and made me face the fact by me nearly having a total mental was heartbreaking having to tell him I could no longer go ahead with all the plans of living together, I knew I still loved him dearly, but, like I said before he is an amazing beautiful man, he understood completely even though it nearly broke his heart, but, he only wants the best for me, he now accepts we are soul "partners" in the unconventional way, That was 6mths ago, we still talk all the time, he still visits, in fact he is coming over this weekend for a few days....but now we plan on what we can do together in the field of working in "Healing"...and joining forces to set up an healing centre somewhere for both humans and animals, I know this may take time, neither of us has resources at moment, but!, I have faith the Universe will provide!........So THANK YOU UNIVERSE for not allowing me to return to my "old ways"

    Sorry if I've gone on a bit, I got carried away.... 🙂

  • HealingWays, you learnt that though you like having someone special in your life who loves you, you don't 'need' it because you love yourself enough to be able to take care of yourself. Now all you desire is companionship rather than support and that is how it should be. No neediness, just someone to talk to and have fun with. Congrats!

  • You are so right captain!!...I truly don't "need" to be with anyone, I really do feel "self sufficient"...I have to say though, there was a time a few months ago I started to think I wasn't normal because I didn't feel the need to be permanently with a silly was I !..LOL.

    and now I don't "need" one, I get the best of both worlds...a loving, deeply caring man in my life, just not all the time! :)......

    I'm so happy with this!!....perfect!! 🙂

  • Yes there are times when we need to be alone to devote our attention to the most important person in our lives - ourselves. Many people think they have to make everyone else around them happy first but it actually works in reverse. When we ourselves are contented and happy, we make everyone else around us feel good. No amount of good will towards others can work if we ourselves are radiating misery.

  • Beautifully said... very Zen. Thank you for sharing that.


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