The Importance of Emptiness

  • Going on vacation or going into nature is not really the same thing as finding true emptiness. You know you can always return to your old life from vacation or retreat. I don't think real emptiness is something you can choose but a gift that the Universe gives you by not allowing any distractions to come into your life for a while. It is when you have nothing that you experience either a great despair or a great joy because you understand that you have been granted the time and space to reconnect with God in a deeper way than if you chose a few days or moments off from your normal routine.

    As always, life is how you look at it.

  • This is very interesting!

    Lately, I have been thinking ''What leads someone to pick a certain life with good and bad(by this I really mean happy and unhappy) moments, instead of just good moments?''

    While I didn't reach a final conclusion, what I have come to think is that the soul's main goal is to evolve(learn)... and the achievement of that includes going through moments which by our standards wouldn't be ''good moments''.

    So I figured that, knowing ''how it works'', the soul would balance good and bad moments, in order to avoid us losing motivation to live completely while we learn whatever lessons we have to.

    After reading this thread, I think that, if I was wrong, then I wasn't too far from truth 😉

    And this is indeed a happy thing to think of!

    Thanks for sharing with us, Cap'n!

  • All of my adult life (and I suspect much of childhood too) I feared "loss". Nothing I could put a name to, just the knowing of that general feeling of no longer having what was valued. I was raised to shun the idea of "emptiness", raised to push until what was desired was accomplished or possessed, raised to stay busy and fill every waking minute with thought or "useful" activity. What was missing was the understanding of appreciation, of gratitude for whatever was achieved or possessed.

    All of my adult life I now can look back and see was a time of extreme unbalance in regards to the spirit, to any real relationship with the Creator.

    Next week marks an anniversary - a year where I lost the only man I have ever loved, a job I created from nothing and enjoyed to the max, the house I was building, 'life' as I understood it to be. All of these areas defined (I thought) who i was, my value, my worth, myself. All of these areas kept me spiritually out of balance as they were all-consuming yet unhealthy for that very reason.

    Since January of this year, I found that I was living through 22 hour a day periods where I could not sleep, could not eat, could not think rationally. I collapsed in exhaustion for no more than two hours a day, and could not seem to shake this routine. All I wanted was to have answers as to where I was to live next....what I was to do for a living next...who I was to become next. I fretted, I stressed, I wallowed in confusion.

    I'm not sure what happened this month. I can't pay the rent, have no money to pay utility bills, have no inclination of employment, have just enough money each day to see that my dog and I have a little to eat. Yet I can say that this month has found me the most peaceful I've been in well over a year. I sleep, I read, I sleep some more. I sit and look around me, at my world. I listen to the sound of birds, of music drifting up from others houses or voices. I've caught myself smiling, and even feeling at times that laughter might bubble to the surface again someday as long as I haven't forgotten how. I see the greenery all around me in beautiful new shades no artist could re-create. The birds sound sweeter, the butterflies that are everywhere this month make my heart dance as they flit in clouds of color everywhere I look. I catch myself sitting at sunset grateful to be able to see shades and patterns most would assume were digitally created if I could send them a photo at that very minute in time. The love of my life no longer resides next to me physically, but he is still in my heart no less strongly - though now is gone the hurt and the anger and what remains is gentle and brings a smile to my face and warmth so unlike when we were lived under the same roof.

    I was so out of balance God seemed to have found the only way to reach me was to strip me of everything I thought was important - everything that kept me from hearing Him, from listening for His messages. I wonder if this is what is referred to here as "empty" .

    Leaving me with nothing I recognized has given me nothing but time - time to see, to hear, to feel, to experience, to perhaps begin to understand. I have no idea where I will wind living, what I will do to support myself, who may one day share my life. I know only that for the first time in more time than I can remember, I feel at peace. I don't know if this is the start of becoming spiritually balanced or just a wonderful place most everyone else knows about and I am only just discovering. I don't know if I will continue to be "empty" or if slowly I will become filled, though this time with what is important and more importantly, an awareness of what is happening and an appreciation for what I'm given.

    "Empty" really isn't so bad once you're there. I wonder if it's possible to be completely "empty" at all - or is it just that one is empty of all that was comfortable, the "known", the predictable?

    And if where I've been and where I am is not the "empty" that is referred to, then perhaps when I do reach that stage, I will no longer fear it but know that it serves a purpose, to ride through it, to appreciate the gift that it is and those that it will bring.

    Today already feels like the start of a glorious new day though I have no idea what is to come. I wish you all your own glorious Sunday where ever you each live.

  • Dearest Captain. Your counsel is wise and pure. Spirit always knows what we need reminding of most, and when. We are blessed to have your wonderful presence and insight. Thanks for sharing! Blessings xoxo

  • Dear Captain,

    Once again you've moved me with you powerful message. I will be thinking about what you wrote as I start my Sunday and more than likely share it with those I encounter not only today, but in the days to come.

    Thank you.

  • Ms Indie,

    Im at A pause as I hear your story, At most Im proud of

    you To be able to endure EMPTINESS and still understand

    that its a purpose for this, PAUSE in your life; I feel the same way

    Although were just making it, Your still appreciative that your making

    it..& I figure thats the thing when you barely make it, We feel as though

    its a miracle that you made it or luck but No its was planned, Now we

    just have more gratitude so we thank god more, & we live more compassionately.

    Many blessings to you hun, on your trip.

  • Captain,

    Thankyou very Much 😉 I was thinking the same thing lol,

    I tried to change it but im not sure how, Do You ?

    And I cant lie, Ive become a little attached to this name lol...

    we've done a few adjustments though & came up with [ADDIE]

  • I just signed up because I had to say thank you for your post. It could not have come at a better time in my life; you truly helped me. Your words were a great comfort.

  • Thanks for sharing Captain,I am at my best when I empty my head and be in line with God, If I'm struggling its because I do this to myself....When I allow life to just happen, I am so much happier...Truly inspiring words.

    Hugs Sheila

  • MsIndie Welcome to your new life you have progressed very fast you have listened very good and now you will begin to be filled with the new energy and be in the collective where allot will be, those who chose not to go threw what you have will stay in that time and space you have been threw ,the giving up of self and our self being and become a new being Karen called it heart energy to me its a collective being of one , one mind of many bodies no masters no presidents no world leaders all working as one for the whole as mother earth becomes one mind one soul with all who chose to be we all will be teachers and guides for those who chose to be in the light of truth and love we become and have to become like baby's just out of the wound but not with just one mother but many when your cup is full it cannot take anything so we have to empty our cups so we can receive what the light is bringing see mother earth as she really is enjoy her spindler listen to your angels and guides and she will provide all our needs its a new day the time is moving quickly and its time to start putting you armor on its almost time for all the old to go and the new to begin remember that its always darkest before the dawn the door is wide open but not many will walk threw you are a guiding light for those who chose to walk threw and you are not alone i to lost everything i thought mattered to make me who i thought i should be is it easy ask yourself was it i do not think so and it was not for me either, would i do it again? for what i know is coming yes i would, i do not choose to be stuck in nothingness and if you want you can contact me threw the captain Delbert C

  • ""Empty" really isn't so bad once you're there. I wonder if it's possible to be completely "empty" at all - or is it just that one is empty of all that was comfortable, the "known", the predictable?"

    MsIndie, you have indeed struck upon the true meaning of emptiness. You now recognise what is truly of value in your life - peace and non-attachment and unconditional love. You have so much more than many people on this earth. None of us can move into the new age that's coming if we are burdened by any anchors to the material world. As Del says, you have entered the Heart Centre. Good for you!

    And those bills will get paid...

  • Captain. I can not tell you how many times in the past few weeks I have logged on here looking for some inspiration or words to ponder and every single time I've visited, I see something from you that gets at exactly what I am needing. Thank you a million times. You help SO many. x

  • MsIndie,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I went through a similar experience last year and I found that the more I rebelled and struggled against what was, the worse it got. Finally, when I couldn't take anymore and I just let go of all attachments did I find true peace. It's amazing but sometimes we need to lose in order to become whole again. I wish you profound peace, joy and love.


  • Nice one, Torgirl. Ain't life funny? 🙂

    I think sometimes, if we were given a choice, we wouldn't let go of half the things we need to, so spirit steps in to remove them for us.

  • If we put in the same amount of time and effort into our growth as we do trying to protect that which we believe means something to us we would be much further in our growth. However, everything happens for a reason and it is all part of our journey.

  • Sometimes we don't even know how dependent we have become on something until it is gone.

    There's something about an involuntary loss, as opposed to volunteering to put things away for a while, that is a real test of faith. We are left feeling empty, not knowing whether we will ever get back what we lost, and we have to make the choice to make between despair and hope. It is a make-or-break moment.

  • Oh yeah I really love the word 'make'. 🙂

  • MsIndie,

    What a remarkable story you have shared. Bless you. I can't tell you how much I found myself sharing your feelings. Struggles of my own have put me in a similar place, a place I felt only I was experiencing at times. You helped me realize today, in seeing how you were stripped of everything as I was that somehow that odd feeling of peace was not just my own. I struggle with fears of unemployment and issues at home and the loss of the past but like you I see the beauty in the sunset, love listening to the ducks and geese at our pond. The quiet times seemingly have a purpose I didn't see or understand before. Maybe all this time I faced the emptiness and never saw it just as that. As an opportunity to focus on things outside my daily view, the beauty of nature, the simple satisfaction of laughing or sometimes shedding a tear without worrying about how others see that as some sign of weakness or distress. Sometimes tears can just feel like a cleansing, a washing away if you will. I am sorry for all that you had to endure but I am with you in spirit in all you are now aware of and learning to appreciate in spite of all that is lacking in other respects. Be blessed you so deserve it and thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I for one am truly grateful.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Captain,

    I couldn't agree with you more...your thoughts about not even knowing how dependant we are on something/someone until its gone. I know for me, I kept getting messages, intuitions that something just wasn't right and I knew deep down that I had to make a decision but I was afraid, afraid of all that I perceived would be lost, afraid of being alone. But, it got to the point that refusing to make the decision was making me physically ill and even moreso depressed. One day I just decided to give in, let go and the path I needed to choose was crystal clear. Even though it was the one that I was afraid of the most, I knew it was the one I needed to take in order to grow. It was the hardest thing I've ever done but also the most profound,

    My favourite quote tells it all:

    "In the end what matters most is...How well did you live? How well did you love? How well did you learn to let go!"

    I have that on a banner over my bed and I look at it to remind myself of living life the to fullest with no attachments.

    Blessings All.

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