The Importance of Emptiness

  • Everyone at some point in their lives falls into doubt and despair. Why, we ask, is there no love or money in my life? Why are my plans or goals not coming to fruition? Why am I at a standstill? I myself have asked these questions.

    And spirit/God has answered me - "Because when you are empty, when you have nothing, that is when you can hear Me the best. When you are without motion, without goals or the means to advance your situation, when your mind is not filled with what you will spend your money on or how wonderful your lover is - that is when I am whispering in your ear the most, telling you the Universe's secrets and instructing you how to grow, in the quiet solitude of your life. At this point you can do nothing but listen and learn, and go nowhere but towards Me. If you know this, your heart will be lightened and you will realise you are not being punished or cheated by not having what you want. You are being given the gift of time to reflect and understand, which will be so important to you when things get moving again. Ironically, you can become more evolved and make more progress than at any other time of your life in these moments of non-action.

    So be grateful for the empty times - they won't last forever but they are probably the most valuable breakthrough moments you can ever have. Use them wisely instead of wringing your hands and complaining about what you don't have. These moments are gifts that I give you so that we can draw closer. So be empty for a while, be still - and LISTEN!"

  • Captain,

    That is without doubt the most beatiful thing I have ever heard. I am actually crying reading it....


  • The truth is simple and beautiful. I felt so moved to share this with everyone that I got up early to post it. I feel it is so very very important to know and may help relieve people's suffering over the 'lack' they might seem to have in their lives.

  • Groovyger's right, Captain, that's a wise and beautiful teaching, and just what I needed to be reminded of today. Thank you for sharing it! light and love : ) gd

  • Groovyger's right, Captain, that's a wise and beautiful teaching, and just what I needed to be reminded of today. Thank you for sharing it! light and love : ) gd

  • Hi Captain~~~~~~~~ These words are indeed truths i have heard many a sermon in church reminding me of this tooit is in the lean times where we grow and gain insight, understanding and empathy . These gifts and many more are the result of these times in our lives and should be used to comfort others going the lean times in life.For who better can understand then a person who has had the same experiences? God is working in your life you can be sure when these times come! believing this has given me grace and strength to handle it all when the storms come.~~~~~And you Captain are one of the people God is using, to help others as a result of your lean times ,you have become a blessing for us all here........Thanks!

  • TheCaptain,

    Im am So Glad, You decided to share this, Its as if you described the

    message I've been trying to get across to a few people for so long..

    Sometimes our lives must completely stop, for us to recieve messages,

    warnings ect. because as you said ourminds are so filled with other things

    we loose importance of being intune with ourselves & many times when

    we have to pause and reflect its because we then have a new assignment we must prepare

    for, and we must absorb the knowledge to attain that assignment.

    Thank You & Blessings.

  • I think this is where the Law of Attraction has always bothered me. It implies you can have what you want when you want it just by wishing for it. But the truth is that there are times when you need to have nothing in order to gain everything.

  • I agree with you, If we got everything we wished for

    there would be little value for the things we have..

    The Law Of Attraction I feel Is empowering for people

    who feel their in hopeless situations, I like using affirmations

    alot now, Its empowering When waking up in the morning,

    I set the goal to have a wonderful day each morning.

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  • If you can truly empty your mind there, yes. But emptiness is more an attitude than a place.

    Spirit takes away the things that we are not inclined to give up - even for a little while. But they are distractions from our real soulwork and must sometimes be forcibly removed for our further growth if we don't give them up by choice.

  • Captain, you have expressed this so beautifully, thank you for sharing it.

  • It definitely brings me greater peace - I hope it does for everyone who reads it.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I believe we should have a balance within our lives,

    without that balance we are bound to fall off, for instance

    TOO MUCH of anything is'nt good for us, TOO much of anyone

    is'nt good for us We must have a balance. It goes for everything

    We cannot be HAPPY at all times and We cannot be UNHAPPY at all times

    its a balance that we must endure. & For captain to give this powerful message to alot of viewers is very significant, because alot of people are at a STOP SIGN in thier

    lifes and cannot understand why, SPIRIT is trying to communicate to you,

    & I pray That this helps alot of people out.

  • Addictdtoriches, I think you have come a long way in a short time. Maybe you should change your forum name? 🙂

    Yes, there must be a balance in all things. Loss occurs when we hang on to people and things too tightly. Everything must flow through our lives without us becoming so attached that we lose sight of our main purpose - which is to learn and grow. We must even let people go when they need to move on from us. One day we will all be together again so there is no such thing as permanent loss. Our egos tell us we want to be the most important person in someone's life - the truth is we have many important people who come to help us on our journey through life. Just like in school, we pass from teacher to teacher. We cannot remain in the same class forever or we would learn nothing or go nowhere. Bless your family, friends and possessions - then let them go their own way.

    I would change that famous saying to "If you love something, let it go - it may choose to stick around for a while or move on - but it never was yours to hold onto." You can't really own anyone or anything. Loss is just a human concept. In our real immortal identities, we don't lose anything at all.

  • Quenkath, you can be spiritual and be rich at the same time. It's all about how attached you are to material things. If you desire wealth to have power over someone or to improve your status or flaunt yourself, then you are not being spiritual. If you are not attached to the things you have and they merely serve a useful purpose (there is nothing wrong with being comfortable) in your life, then you can still be spiritual. Money is neither good nor bad - it's how we feel about it and use it that matters. It can be used to help a lot of people.

    You are always going to lose people - everyone must pass on at some point. But you don't have to lose the connection. Loss doesn't have to hurt if you believe it's only temporary. I heard someone refer to dying as if the loved one had just moved to another country. You can't see them anymore but you can communicate (they can sense us and we can feel them too when not closed down with grief) and you know you will eventually join them there.

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  • Thank you Captain. It is all about balance in life, and going with the flow. Life is life the ebb and flow of the tide. I know that after hard times, there will be good times. I appreciate them all the more for the bad times. Life has a way of working out somehow, the good and the bad.

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