Confused,depressed and impatient lol insight please!!!

  • so my life is so annoying me right now.....I am a very spiritual person I believe in the power of positive thinking and prayer and etc, I take bits and pieces from many religions.......just to give the idea that I believe we have power to have inflluence in what we desire to manifest.....I also believe in astrology so I do continually research this as well to make sure the aspects line up too. I am at a point where I have so much faith in the things I believe in yet im in this very stagnant place and I dont know why things havent even began to get better for me, but I refuse to give up because I know my wishes are very attainable, but everytime I do something to alter my way , it immediately goes flat and i end up getting back into the same circumstance, almost where I feel like I am supposed to stay where I am at and break through barriers that are sign is a taurus I was born on april 23, 1981 anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to make things happen thru your own personal experiences or maybe theres something astrologically going on right now....thanks!


  • niki5150,

    Hello Hunn.

    What Do you want to accomplish at this point ?

    I feel that you feel you need or should do more

    for more results. Sometimes we use so much time

    and energy trying to alter ourselves and trying to change things

    when the only thing we must change HOW we do things, We worry

    and become anxious before things begin to happen.

    Sometimes the answer is to RELAX and be patient.

    Meditate your mind and focus then you will be able to see a much

    higher view.

    Blessings Hunn.

  • Hi!

    the part where you stated that you feel i need or should do more for more results is exactly what im feeling! I feel like ive taken all the required classes and still am not graduating lol....And then Ill read my horoscope and freak myself out because it will say that something will be ending and i automatically think that its gonna happen, thats probably not a good thing to do either, It just scares me that everything I know that is possible to happen and will happen I am very psychic myself in my own life, and I knock down my focus by reading my horoscope. I just get that feeling of dissapointment in my stomach, when you say meditate my mind and focus and ill see a much higher view what does that mean and how do i do that lol!

    thanks for listening


  • hi! this is pangga

    please give me your insight... im scared to start a new relationship....because of my past

    please advise...just incase you need dob (11/07/620)

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