No planets in the 5th ,6th, 7th, 8th houses?

  • No planets in the 5th ,6th, 7th, 8th houses? What does that mean? Can someone help me out here?

    1st house~ Pluto in Libra, Virgo Ascendant

    2nd House~ Libra, Uranus and Retrograde in Scorpio

    3rd House~ Scorpio, Neptune Retrograde

    4th House~ Sagittarius, Moon

    5th~ Capricorn

    6th~ Aquarius, Fortune

    7th~ Pisces

    8th~ Aries, Chiron in Taurus

    9th~ Taurus, Jupiter and True Lilith

    10th ~ Gemini, Mid heaven in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer

    11th~ Cancer, Sun Venus and Saturn

    12th~ Leo, Mars in Virgo

  • It just means those houses with no planets are areas or houses that will not be important for you.

    LeoScorpio is quite good with astrology stuff.. maybe she will answer this one.

  • The 7th house of relationships has no planets which indicates that relationships will not be an important lesson for you in this lifetime.

  • Thank you Ms. Sunny! My chart doesn't have any planets in these houses either ( except the 8th) and relationships have been my hardest lesson! lol This is my hubby chart.

  • a house is a 'place', an area where a certain cosmic influence takes place

    a house is only empty if it has none of this : planet, asteroid, fixed star, mathematical point

    so if you want to know whether a house is really empty or not, you have to find a chart that can show you all the above positions. so far what you have up there doesn't include everything so you can google a complete chart to be sure.

    an empty house, might mean you have learned the lessons in the past, then you will need to turn inward and recognize these lessons. OR you simply won't be affected by cosmic influence -- be it helpful or disturbing -- unless the planets or asteroids transit these houses. this means you have to pay attention to these 'areas' or you don't, depending on the overall chart and transits.

    just because you have relationship problems doesn't always mean because your 7th house is empty. you don't receive any cosmic influence there, helpful or not, aside from transits - that's all. the whole chart has to be looked at, because an interaction of two people, is an interaction of 2 natal charts. so whatever problems he has, and whatever problems you have, will meet because of the interaction.

  • Thank you! I didn't really think it caused any problems, I just wondered how one would interpret it.

    I have the degrees and all I just didn't put them up there because I was mainly wondering what it meant to have an empty house. I would be afraid to do a relationship chart! lol

  • Piscesparadox

    whether the degrees are there or not, doesn't matter in terms of your question

    I can see from the list that the chart is not complete

    so unless you have all mathematical points (not degrees) and all asteroids position on top of all 10 planets

    then we can't be sure which house is empty, that's what I mean

    "I would be afraid to do a relationship chart! lol "

    LOL not always necessary. sometimes natal chart can show enough

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