Brian Tristan can you help me please?!!!

  • I had a brief encounter with a Cancer man in April. It was as if I had been struck by lightning, so to speak!! I just had this unbelievable urge that I had to be with him, etc., that we were meant to meet and to be together, etc. We live about 15 hours apart though. He was calling about every week or two. Then, while we were on the phone, my husband came up to me and asked me a question, and I haven't heard from this guy since. (its been 5 weeks)!! This guy knew I was married, as he met my husband as well, and we had discussed it.

    Anyway, I think this guy is in my future, but I would like to know when I will see him again, and is he my future mate??? I feel with everything that I own that he is to be with me in the future, but I would like to know everything that you can tell me about this!!!!

    My DOB March 18, 1960 5:39 am. , Paducah, KY. His DOB July 7th, 1973, Brazil, I don't know the time.

    Everyone that I have read about on this forum says you are the absolute best!!!!! Thank you for any insight you can give to me!!!!


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