Love triangle?

  • I cannot let go of my ex. We have been off-and-on for two years now. We have both hurt each other a lot, but he has hurt me in so many ways that I marvel at the fact that I still possess such deep feelings for him. He has cheated on me and lied to me, blows hot and cold, we have taken quite a few breaks, and yet always seem to come back to each other.

    I have graduated college now and he still has a year left. This upcoming year he will be living in my old house with the Capricorn he has recently taken up with -- this girl befriended me and betrayed me by offering phony support, telling me that she thought he and I were meant to be together and she wanted us to be together, that she wasn't attracted to him and only loved him like a brother, but then seduced him!! while the three of us were stuck in Italy together! And he remained by her side the entire semester, shutting me out of his life, although without being "in a relationship" with her. He emphatically told me that he is not in love with her. Naturally, he came back to me the very last couple of weeks of the semester, but now he has disappeared for the summer and seems to refuse to talk to me?

    I have recently spoken with a psychic who told me that I have made it very clear to my ex that I have his best interests and heart and love him unconditionally; the ball is in his court. I am so burnt out from being hurt by him and this Capricorn that I want to know if it is worthwhile for me to stick things out with him, or if he is intent on remaining in some lustful roommate-incest situation while I pine for him from afar.

    I have no idea what the current situation of their relationship is, or truly what he wants/thinks/feels for me. I want to get over being hung up on his relationship with her so that I may interact with him without that influence. I seek truth and objectivity. I care for him so deeply; it is in the core of me! Please give me guidance.

    My birthdate is 07/16/88. His is 09/16/87. Hers is 01/15/89. I will appreciate anything that anyone can give to me. Thank you!

  • Okay first of all, you just graduated college; you have so much going for you right now, & I know that you have strong feelings for this guy (We're both cance & our birthdays are only acouple days apart so I have no doubt we have at least afew similar charicteristics! LoL) But the main thing you have to remember is HE hurt YOU. You seem like your devoted to him & all though he may say he's devoted to you too, he needs to SHOW it not SAY it. Actions speak louder than words in my opinion, so dont ever let his words fool you. Give him some time to see if he can own up to being a good guy for you, & if he cant, then kick him to the curb. Theres a ton of other guys you will be glad to have you, who will actually treat you the way you should be treated.

    And I know age doesnt really matter, but your a cancer, you need a guy that is mature, this guy is younger than you. Maybe try finding a guy thats a year or two older than you. They say guys dont mature as fast as girls anyway.

    As for the cap friend: .....SHAIME ON HER!!!!! Any friend that gets with someones boyfriend isnt a friend at all. Thats a home wrecker right there.

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