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  • hey addctd!!!

    thank you soooooo much for your kind words

    of course by no means am i perfect

    but i try to do what's best in any given situation

    let go and let God is what i try to do

    too funny

    i am going to send you a mail and you'll see why 😉

    also i want to get your take on something

    i got a reading from shuabby

    recently and she saw the same thing regarding school

    i mentally gave up on the idea

    but now i'm thinking maybe i shouldn't

    anywho (i really hate that word and have no idea why i am using it--age i guess-lol)

    will send an email shortly

    hope all is well with you

    peace and blessings 😉

  • hey u

    just wanted to wish u happy holidayz

    hope allis well

    and take care 😉

  • 1chellee,

    Thank You So much, Wishing you the best too! are things good ?

    2010 is almost over, and im ready for new beginnings definetely ! lol

    we've waited and waited our turn is coming ❤ Blessings .

  • addictd

    i sent an email back on the 12th of oct.-- did you get it?

    if not i will resend it after this

    will also put my # in there

    so if u ever feel the need u can call/text me

    thingz r wonderful

    school is looking like a huge possibility

    and i am excited 😉

    what about you how is the modeling going?

    still thinking about moving this way?


    i have good feelingz about 2011 as well

    although 2010 wasn't all that bad--considering aallll that happened 😉

    i learned and gained much insight -- so i can't complain

    hugz and blessingz to you too sweetie

    and if you don't get this b4 christmas --have a very merry one 😉

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