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  • Don't know if this site has been mentioned before. It didn't pull up any results when I searched for it.

    Anyway, I notice a lot of people are posting requests and not necessarily receiving any answers. Some time back, I learned the allexperts site has a psychic, tarot, astrology section where you can ask experts for free advice. It's not a forum but it will list different experts and you can see their past answers and pick whichever one suits you. You send an email and the expert has three days to get back to you with your answer. They can refuse to answer if they want - from what I've heard they do that a lot.

    I've used allexperts a few times for computer/tech issues and it seemed okay. I can't attest to whether the psychics there are experts . . . or psychics 😄 None of them have impressed me enough to try one. IMO, there's a lot of common sense advice being thrown around but not much psychic advice. Anyway, it's another alternative. Heck, it's free. Nothing to lose but time.

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  • Sorry - mods are deleting again. Can't even post links to other free sites as if allexperts would take away from anything here when you can't do anything here. What's the point in even trying to help?

    If you don't like it so much, then find a way for people to pm each other like any other half decent forum.

  • Hi Addicted to torches. I think my previous post to you in another thread must have gotten lost. Just a quick question, do you see my son Jeremy in a relationship any time soon? His dob is 2/16/77. Thanks so much.

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  • Cathylee, please start your on thread for a reading.

    Anyway, the website is The whole site is FREE. There is no solicitation. It is a VOLUNTEER site. No one, as far as I know, who posts on volunteers at the other site. - not that it would matter since allexperts is COMPLETELY FREE. Click on spirituality link and you can find where to go to have a psychic, tarot, or astrology question answered for FREE, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

    Posting this website and informing people of its existence is not a violation of forum rules and regulations.

  • tenchi2go

    Thanks Alot!

    I love the site, theres so many, categories and stuff.

    and the physics seems very nice and experienced

    thanks alot for sharing this hunn.


  • Cathy,

    Start a thread, and i'll be sure to help you there mkay ?

    Thanks & blessings hunn.

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