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  • Good Morning Blmoon

    My name is Illona Jameson and dob is 07/12/1961 I was wondering if you could do a general reading for me for the next couple of months. Just was wondering what the summer has in store for me.

    Thank You


  • I see you sitting there fretting sam ole same ole. For you a strong feeling of restlessness. Wanting to make something happen. You go on cycles of high goals and failures. Beat yourself up a lot over this. I see running shoes--they sit in the corner and taunt you. You feel your best after a good sweat but lack consistancy--sometimes push too hard--there, take that!. You can be too hard on yourself. I keep seeing the workout clothes so if you committ to that on a happy level you will be successful. Don't do so much you crash then feel beat up--no energy and then you call yourself a weak failure. You just have a hard time with the mind body connection--body image issues as well. You don't feel your body messages and this makes you wonder sometimes what's wrong with you as your energy is so up and down and you don't feel well more than average. You need to get out of that all or nothing habit. Feel good about small goals and lighten up on yourself. You need to be your own good mother who knows what you need. Develope that now as the summer is a good leaping point if you choose. I don't see major connections with your love life at this time--but follow the work out committment and the body mind spirit connection and I see passion popping up in Nov. Money will remain hohum for awhile--you'll get by. I see an increase next summer--starting in July with another increase in the fall. Blessings

  • Blmoon

    Wow I have been wanting to get to start working out. And yes I am so hard on myself and I don't take care of me like I should. And I have been feeling it alot. And I see that I have to do the same things that I do for my babies that I have to do for me. And I am going to start the workout .

    I know I need to do it because of some health issues. Thanks


  • Hello BLmoon

    I have a question. ON Aug 28 2010 I want to go and see my friend Stevie he plays in a group. His dob is April 13 1954 and I have not seen him in a while. Like about 10 yrs. But I really want to surprise him and go too the show. Do you think he would be happy to see me and what kind of relationship do you see for us. And has his friends the other ones in the band have they told him what I ask them to tell him. Because I do not have his cell number and I do have his home address. But I just don't want to pop up there, He can be a stubborn sometimes but inside he is a very big teddy bear.

    Thank You Illona

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