STALKER insight - can anyone assist?

  • I do not know if anyone on this site can help give me some clues as to what is going on but thought I would at least ask.

    Friday night, (actually the wee hours of the morning) - my dog was going crazy...she woke me up, barking and rushing room to room (I live in a teeny tiny house so there were only two rooms to rush between)...growling and barking at the windows. I know her barks...this was not one that was directed at another dog, but at a human. I got her to calm down, I went back to sleep. She woke me again a few hours later...this time acting afraid, yet storming the front door, furious with the barking.

    I sleep in the front room at the moment, and as I laid there and looked at the door, I realized the

    window next to it was open. The window has no glass, only wooden louvers. I KNEW I had shut the window louvers before going to bed, though they do not latch tight.

    As I laid there, I saw a hand come up to the window. I freaked...jumped up and yelled for the person to get off the verandah and leave. I heard no footsteps, called the dog into the kitchen with me, called the neighbor, finally went back to sleep. This was just before daylight, at 5am, though the dog had been barking earlier between 2:30 and 3:00am.

    In the morning, I went outside, hoping to see footprints or something. Nothing...other than a half eaten piece of fruit at the bottom of the porch steps that I knew had not been there the night before..and when I came back in the house, I realized fruit skins littered the floor right under the window where I had seen the hand.

    Tonight. before going to bed, I made sure the windows in the front room were all shut and bolted and drove a nail into the window that could be opened from outside, plus rigged it with an umbrella and broom, feeling quite clever...if someone tried it again, the sound of these things falling on the floor would alert me to someone there.

    Woke up tonight around was barking again, this time standing in the living room doorway facing into the kitchen. She did not carry on as badly as the previous night, but again, I knew someone human was out there. She calmed down when I called her, we both went to sleep.

    About an hour later I got up to get a drink of water. This time I saw food splattered all over the kitchen sink and on a side table...a styrofoam box lid with food remains had been pushed through the kitchen louvers and had splattered. I heard the dog crunching something, and chased her out of the kitchen...she later threw up and I am hoping the food was not poisoned.

    Called the neighbor, he brought a floodlight and checked around the perimeter of the house but found nothing other than the top of the food box. I called the police (took an hour for them to come, they took a report, said to call them again if I need to should this continue).

    This is making no sense...I am p*ssed off, I don't need this stupidity in my life. I can think of no one I have crossed who would be trying to get revenge or whatever it is they want. I cannot afford to move, I am only renting and the landlord is not about to install grills or gates around the little house.

    I was hoping that perhaps someone with insight or the power to see into this issue could give me a clue as to who this might be...a description...the initials of the person's name...some visualization or anything to pass on to me so that I can make sense of this.

    If anyone out there can shed some insight...other than telling me this is a sick individual I'm dealing with, which I already perhaps grasping at straws trying to figure out who this is and why.

    The only thing I thought I'd try tomorrow is staying awake all night but camping out on the neighbor's verandah, hoping to see someone come skulking down the lane at some ungodly hour and making their way to my house. Then what? Jump in front of them with a camera? Not sure what I would achieve other than to see with my own two eyes who this might be and of course, if I recognized them that's one thing...but if I didn't, then what?'s adventures...this one I DON'T want!

  • Hi Mslndie,

    Ask the landlord if he can install motion detector lights around the house. If he refuses then ask it you can do it on your own. They're not that expensive. There are also motion detector cameras that you could use to capture the persons image, but the lights usually work well as a deterrent to would be intruders.

    Call the police every time there's an incident.

  • I have no insight but I sincerly hope this resolves soon without any harm done to you.

    Isn't it possible for you to stay somewhere else for a couple of days?

    And have that police number on your redial late in the evening so you don't need to be looking for that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Bump!!

  • Thank you all for your suggestions....I do not live in a first world country. What is something many take for granted just doesn't work the same way here. The police are known to be a corrupt force in general, of no use for the most part. I did have them come out to the house last night to take a report. It took two hours for them to get here...they're station is 10 minutes away. They said if I had a photograph of the intruder they might be able to do something.

    They were of no help when the van theft ring was happening in our town in January...our bus was one of 14 stolen that month...the whole issue was kept hushed until it happened to me and I found out the hard way it had been going on.

    They were of no help, as a matter of fact, watched while I was attacked by 8 dogs in February.

    The only reason I called them last night was to have something official on file as this little drama continues.

    Tonight I have camera batteries, will be camped out on the neighbor's verandah to see what develops. I do know that who ever this is will continue.

    The landlord lives abroad and will let me deal with this on my own...with my business collapsed due to the van theft, I have no money resources to purchase the lights and have an electrician install them.

    The little house has been my refuge, is the only place I can afford that will accept the dog. She saved my life in February and I will not abandon her.

    I will find a way to deal with this....but in the meantime, I was hoping that some of the members on the site that do readings and such might see the post and be able to tap into this to get some image or 'feeling' for the individual who obviously has an agenda...or is just "not right in the head" as we say here.

    Wish me luck...and if any of you are familiar with site members who are "seers" in regards to something like this (would not be something where tarot cards etc would be of use to my knowledge for instance...but I could be wrong, I am not familiar enough with their useage)...perhaps you could ask them to drop in on this forum...or pass on their name and I could try to post something in the forums they frequent)....

    Again, I thank you all for your positive messages and solidarity...I helps.

  • MsIndi,

    Ask The Captain. Be safe. You sound too brave for your own good. Women living alone in "first world" countries aren't necessarily safe, so I can only imagine a woman living alone in a third world country is in far worse danger. It scares me that they are trying to poison your dog. Take of yourself and I will pray for you.

  • Msindi,

    I will keep a look out if I see any of the "seers" online.

    I agree with Leonessa and unfortunately I know about that mentality of the police your talking about.

    Knowing what now what you wrote has unsettled me because it could be someone from that robbery spree in January.

    Be safe.

  • MsIndie, I feel this person is know to the landlord - they either stayed in your house at some time or wanted to. Now they want to stay there again so they need to drive you out. This person is very young-minded but not that young in age. He is very cowardly. Sprinkle some tacks or broken glass around the outside of your house before you go to bed - that should give them a shock.

  • Ms.Indie: I feel they are trying to poison your dog, and also trying to harm you. It may stem from the past problems you had with the people that stole your van. The Police is probably in cohoots with them. You should leave that country if you're American. They probably think you have money. The person knows the Police will take a long time to respond, that's why they are being so bold. If you trust your neighbors, have them help you set a trap for the intruders. Make sure it's NOT your neighbors though. Lock your doors real good, and nail shut your windows. Get in touch with some family members, if you have any and let them know what's going on. Write a diary of everything that's going on and place it somewhere safe. Get a weapon and keep it near you. Do not allow the dog to wander off by itself. I will keep you in my prayers!

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