Love or infatuation? to the captain

  • This question is for the captain. I would like to know if my current love interest and I, are meant to be, or is it just a case of blinded infatuation? Sometimes I feel such a deep connection between us, and other times, I feel like hes closed off. I've been told my numerous psychics that he is my soulmate but I don't know if they're simply telling me what I want to hear, instead of the truth. Could you help? Thanks. My dob is feb 9th and his is october 8th.

  • also my year of birth 1989 and the person in question is 1986

  • This looks to be more of an infatuation than real love. A friendship would work better than a love relationship between you. You two can be somewhat adoring of each other. You both enjoy a good gossip and your relationship is very chatty. There is more mental compatibility than deep feeling here however. You are both searching for happiness - not an easy contentment, but an active and dynamic striving that is in itself fulfilling. The danger here is that a kind of nervous exhaustion may set in - for you two determined people, the means can become an end in itself. Your friend is an inspirational force in your life, helping to bring your unconscious desires more fully into the open and helping you to mature. You are grateful for such a relationship which acknowledges your worth as an individual and recognises the significance of your efforts at growth. With all this striving however, you two would do well to learn how to relax more, turn off all that mental chatter, and simply be in the moment.

    Blinded by your adoration of each other, you two may fail to recognise problems when they arise. You may experience a rude shock when one day the relationship proves dysfunctional. Profound disillusionment could hit one or both of you as reality strikes home and there is the realisation that your partner was not who you hoped they were. Neither of you has the will to sustain this relationship over the long haul. You two both bore easily and change direction regularly. A lack of intuition too often results in the relationship wasting its energies in an effort to reach a goal it never aspired to in the first place. Practicality, perseverance, and resolve is sorely missing from the matchup.

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