Does anyone understand scorpio guys???

  • Okay, I'm a 16 year old cancer female. I've known this scorpio guy since I was 11. Me& him have alot of the same friends, but I never really paid much attention to hin till last year, when I was 15. I had one or two classes with him. At first I sat across the room with afew of my other friends, but by the second semester, he was sitting near me & my friends. I thought it was just because we had some of the same friends & he wanted to sit by them. I'd mainly talk to one of my close guy friends who sat by me, & this scorpio guy would get in on our conversations. He'd even leave me little compliments like saying I looked pretty & other stuff like that. But again, I didnt pay much attention to it since I usually do get compliments from my guy friends.

    Anyway, when this year started, I didnt really have any classes with him till later on in the year. We had a home ec/parenting class together. At first I was terrified to have the class. I'd never really held a baby (And by baby I mean a LITTLE baby. I love being around little 2 or 3 year olds <3) or even cooked in my life (I grew up in a big family, being the youngest, as well as the only girl) & this scorpio guy was in my class with me. He was one of the first people to get up & pick his group team members, he KNEW I couldnt cook or anything, & he got up & asked me to be first person on his team! I was surprised but releaved. His seat was across the room from where I sat with acouple of my friends & he'd come over & sit with us every now & then. I know I've known him since I was about 11, but I dont really KNOW him on a personal level, but I seem to just feel relaxed around him. Usually when I dont know a guy I'll have my guard up some, but I seem to feel safe with this guy. And unlike all the other guys, he didnt ever try to pry information out of me. He even told me about his child hood. I was surprised because I hadnt ever really heard him talk about his child hood before. UNlike me, he's grown up with a tougher life, being the oldest in his family. He really seemed to know how to take care of kids & when we started doing cooking labs, he was the best cook in the class! Since I didnt do much of the cooking or anything, I'd usually try & do most of the cleaning up, but then he'd come over & help me out with it. We'd even play fight during class sometimes. I'm pretty ticklish & he'd always come up behind me & tickle me. Once when we were play fighting, he accidently scratched me & made me bleed. I didnt even know I was bleeding, & wasnt really thinking anything of it, but he go upset & pulled me back to him when I started to walk away & was saying stuff like "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didnt mean to". But I really wasnt upset about it at all. I knew it was an accident.

    He even tried to move over & sit near me in one of my other classes, but I was sitting pretty far from him still, & he tried to get me to sit closer to him, I wouldnt though. He went back to sitting in his old seat after that. He still helped me out in my home ec class. And we were still play fighting. He'd practicley let me get as rough as I wanted with him & he'd always be gentle with me. THe bad thing is that no matter wat he did, I'd always pull away. I always seem to try to avoid getting attatched to guys, or close to them. Plus, he was dating one of my friends who was a leo. When ever she was around he seemed to be more quiet & would put some distance between me & him, which was fine with me since I didnt want my friend to get hurt. But when him & my friend would go out to eat with my & my other friends, I'd usually sit away from him. But I'd always look up & he'd be stareing at me. I usually try to stare people down when they stare, but he didnt look away as quickly as other people usually do. He even tried to get me to come eat over by them, but I wouldnt. I'd just stay with my other friends. Every now & then I would end up hanging out with him & his girlfriend, & he'd still try to make me laugh & everything, but I'd usually be talking to his girlfriend & he'd be a little more quiet. I know this probably sounds bad, but this guy is driving me crazy. It doesnt seem to matter how hard I try to put distance between me & him, theres still a conection, & it doesnt help that he always seems to pop up at the most random moments! But even though he'd do all this noce stuff for me, every now & then he'd be mean. Not really MEAN. But he'd practicley give me a cold remark or something. Like he'd be mad about something & would snap at me. I can be understanding about most things, but I wont let somone be mean to me for no reason. I'd snap back at him & would ignore him some. He seemed to knowI was ignoring him in one of our classes together because he was looking right at me & was talking to one of my friends like he wanted me to hear it. My friend had said something about how she had slapped her boyfriend before, & this scorpio guy was like "Some guys think that if a girl has the guts to slap them, then the guy can slap them back. zit teaches them." He'd said it like he thought I'd make a sarcastic comment about it & play around ( I usually get pretty sarcastic with my guy friends & play around alot, not matter wat the topic was) But I didnt even say anything, just shook my head 'No' & looked away some. He mad a face, I dont know if it was a disappointed one or wat, but he was like "No I'm just kidding" I know he'd never hit a girl. I mean he'd gotten upset over scratching me for crying out loud. But after that, he just quit talking to my friend & turned around. I guess you could say when I get angry with someone, I hold grudges. I wouldnt talk to him for afew days.

    During our morning class together I was sitting between two of my friends & there was an empty desk near me, the scorpio guy sat across the room like he usually goes & I had me book sitting on the empty desk near me. This football player came up & was about to sit in the desk by me & the scorpio guy just flat out said "You cant sit there" clear across the room! The football player still sat by me, & almost knocked me book off the desk, but helped me fix everything. He even kept turning around to talk to me, & was even making me laugh some. When I glanced over at the scorpio guy he was practicley glaring at us. I didnt know if he was mad or wat, but I thought it was almost funny the way he had his eyes narrowed at us! LoL. He didnt like that at all.

    But he still seemed to look out for me. When I was angrey about something one day, he was right there trying to make things better, even though I kept pushing him away. And he was even late to school because of me once. We only had 4 or 5 minutes to get to class, & I'd gotten there later than him. He was walking up the stairs to the school, almost to the door & glanced back. I was still towards the bottom of the stairs, & he still stood there just to hold the door open for me. Even though it ment he'd have to get detention.

    During one of our last cooking labs, I was helping set the table with three of my other friends, we didnt have enough chairs, so I walked to the very back of the room to get some chairs. Most the people in the kitchen probably couldnt even see me from back there, which is by I was surprised when this scorpio guy popped up behind me & grabbed the chair I had just pulled out. He'd been cooking & it seems like he'd be the last person to see me go back there. But I let him have the chair. I thought he just wanted a chair for himself, so I pulled out another chair, & he grabbed that one too. I was confused at first. I didnt know if he was being mean by taking the chairs for himself or wat. But he just picked up both the chairs by himself & took afew steps back towards the kitchen & I just stood there like "......?....." & he turned around & was like "Arent you coming?" & took afew more steps like he was waiting to see if I was going to come or not. So I just followed him back to the kitchen. He set his chair down where he wanted to sit, I'd plannign to sit between two of my other friends across the table, so I was standing there & I think I hurt his feelings some :/. He'd put my chair down beside his & when he saw that I was across the table he was like "Oh....are you not going to sit over here?" I was about to go around the table to go get my chair, but he picked it up & moved it for me. I felt bad, but I didnt want to be close to him. Me & his still seemed to make alot of eye contact across the table though. After that we seemed to get alot better though. I mean it was only a few days, but still, he didnt seem to like it any more than I did. Later on that day I was walking to class & he was walking down the hallway. I thought he was about to try & block my path because he'd turned & was talking right towards me, but insted of blocking me, he gave me a hug. I wasnt expecting it, but I liked the hug. I needed it. I know he has a girlfriend, & I'd never do anything to break them up. I just wish I could figure this guy out. Is this how a scorpio acts when they like someone? I've been wondering that, but then theres the girlfriend. I know him & her argue alot & she downs him alot, but he's still with her. do scorpio guys cheat alot or something? Ugh, this guy is really growing on me. It's probably dumb to feel this way. I always have guys around that ask me out & try & buy me stupid gifts like their trying to show off their money & their nice stuff, but non of that really matters to me. It''s the little things that matter to me. It's the guy opening the door for me, it's the guy that will give me a hug without a word being said just because he can tell tha I need one, & the guy that will go out of his way just to make me smile. I already have everything I want that money can buy. It's the little things that mean the most to me & this guy is doing them all. I'm trying so hard to not get attatched to him, but I know deep down I am. I just wish I knew how this guy felt or wat he was thinking. I figured maybe figuring out his astrology sign will help...? Do most scorpio guys act this way with girls their interested in? Or just girls in general? How can you tell if a scorpio guy is into you? And wat about the girlfriend? Help please.?

  • I think I wrote abit too much on this one......LoL....

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