• Hi there,

    Is anyone out there any good at interpretting dreams. I had one the other night which kinda puzzled me.... I dreamt that I got back with my estranged husband....not that puzzling you may ask but here is the problem.

    The man treated me terrible, he abused me emotionally up to the point where I actually was starting to believe I was the one with the problem and everything was my fault. Since he left last October (he had an affair) I have been slowly finding myself again and am now more confident, happier and closer to my children than ever before.

    Why knowing how much better my life is without him would I suddenly dream of taking him back?

    Any insights would be most welcome


  • groovyger,

    I feel, That you have subconsciously missed your husband,

    and have thoght about the his affair with this women he's

    moved on with. Now thast your finding yourself your dream

    is giving you insight that you have moved on for a reason.

    I feel in the dream you were this girl that he's with and

    this is insight of how thier relationship now is...

    you understand ? maybe he may be emotionally abusing her,

    and treating her terrible.

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