Birthdate Insight please

  • Would anybody like to give insight to these 2 birth dates?

    08/28/1958 (5:28 am,est portland me

    11/01/1974 brimfield mass

    is this a good match?

    Thanks in advance and I hope to hear from someone soon.

  • blueyedervish,

    I feel this is a 50/50 match its up to the two.

    Things can start off very slow in areas of opening

    up too eachother because you both have so much

    inside bottled up, which is what has attracted you two to eachother

    mystery is within both of you. It can either work if you two open

    up and find out that you have much is common than you even

    planned or it can seem wasteful if you guys just find yourselves

    in routine same subjects, same talks, and no one confident

    to make the first move because of that cautioness of

    your secrets.


  • addictedtoriches

    dear you hit the nail right on.he's had a hard life like me and has a very hard time expressing himself so he uses sarcasm instead of opening up.he's also controlling ,wanting everything right away.i want time to get to know this person and though we share much in common ,he's got the wall up,and i'm not certain how to get through to him .thank you for the insight.if you have anything else,ill be most happy to listen.

    Blessings and hugs

  • Show him that you can relate to him on different levels

    Show that your trustworthy and loyal. he may feel

    that once he opens up you may loose interest instead

    become more compassionate.

    blessings hugs

  • he has alot of obstacles to do i.i really like this person and want to take my time getting to know him.he's rather a hard personality to know but he's a good listener. and seems to have a quiet feel about him.i'm chatty and inquisitive whereas he doesnt say much as of yet.i'd like to know him but yes,trust is a big issue.he has a certain confidence or capability about him.yet hes not refined or very well educated.nor very social.with the abuse he had as a child,he had siezures and that may have inhibited him into adulthood.he's very sweet hearted though even if hes biult a wall around captain said,,,fantasy or reality....we havent met as of yet since it was online.i'm open to knowing him and uderstand the drawbacks of this is all new.

    blessings and hugs

  • Addictedtoriches

    my scamometer is abuzzing...i would have liked to think this guy was for real but the red flags are up as of yesterday...something isnt jiving with this guy....much as i feel a liking for him,i'm sceptical.Thanks for your insight,and i do wish otherwise but my intuition is never wrong and thats what i will have to go with.i suppose i could be wrong and if he wants to talk with me ,he'll have to be the one to start the conversation if he is for real.i am pretty certain that i already know this ones true colors.Perhaps you could give some insight on this...Thanks

    Blessings and hugs

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