Best sign for cancer women?

  • Dear Waterman79,

    It is me... Rooster5. It has been a long time since I dropped you a line. Since then I have married my beloved, Taurus. We have moved to the South. I had to get acquainted with the social habits of the South. It is hard because I am from the North and accustomjed to doing everything for myself.

    Another surprise is that this relationship has been so good that I am going to give birth to a little one in the Spring.

    This has been a very dynamic and fruitful relationship which continues to grow in leaps and bounds.



  • Hey Waterman,

    Well the Gem man didnt work out we split up 8 mos ago and tell u the truth Im glad we did because he became a stocker and very possive too...No thank u...Well the Scorpio one is back But Im suppose to be seeing a Aquarias going on 3 mos but he lives in Washington and we havent met yet and hes suppse to be coming down on the 15th yeah rite!!! We started out great but now hes totally ignoring me I dont get it.. I took ur advice and didnt date anyone after the stocker and then I met the Aqu and look wat happens what shud I do?

  • Dear Waterman79,

    Remember a year a go you told me a good match was with a Taurus? Well ( months later I am getting an annulment becasue my Taurus husband had an affair, fathered a baby, and I caught him with his hand in the cookie jar. To make this more ugly...he did not even come to be with me...his wife during my cancer surgery.

    This was a VERY bad choice for any woman.


  • I'd say it depends on the other planets in a Cancer women's chart. I am a Cancer sun sign with a rising sign in Taurus, Moon sign and Venus sign in Gemini. Personally I am always drawn to scorpios and air signs; Aquarius, and gemini. Taurus men havent worked for me personally neither have Virgos or Capricorns as friends sure but as romantic partners no way.

  • @Rooster5 It depends on that guys rising sign and moon sign and also yours. I'm a Cancer Sun with a Libra Rising and a Pisces Moon and I'm very attracted to mostly air signs. I also have a Venus in Gemini. I've had a bad experience with a Cancer man in my past, Capricorn men bore me (though they say Capricorns + Cancers are the best match) but I've always had both GREAT AND HORRIBLE (at the same time) experiences with Libras, Aquarians, and Geminis though really the Gem was my brother so that's on a family relationship. We HATED each other when we were younger, but pretty cool now. For a water sign, I'm simply attached to Scorpios most definitely.

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