Best sign for cancer women?

  • Hi Denni32,

    Ok if its a Taurus for me then why did he hurt and lie to me...I had another Taurus who did that to me too and we was together for 7 yrs...I just dont know wat to do any more Im very much inlove with this guy and its been 4 days since we had our fight cuz of her..and now he blocked me from one of the sites we met on and the other site FB he deleted.....But he kept his myspace cuz if he deleted that one he cudnt talk to her...Now I see another girls name on his yahoo...Im tired of Liars and Player...all I want to do is find the man of my dreams fall inlove and be happy with him but some how when i do find him he comes into my life and 2 or a week later their gone..Im just wondering if he l;eft me cuz I caught him in a lie.. You dont tell someone that ur inlove with them and your their world and then a day later your not...Guys really confuse me and its not making me trust & believe any more...I need help..

  • Hey, Cancer male here, 26 & g*ay. Capricorn moon and capricorn rising

    My experiences:

    Aries #1 - lasted 2 years, so emotionally unstable, tried to control me, was very jealous. The more she tried to control me, the more I retreated and pulled away. We were also very young

    Aqua #1 - lasted 3 years, emotionally detached, couldn't understand what i was feeling or relate to me. Very unmotivated, felt he never really understood me. I eventually became like his parent...

    Aqua #2 - lasted 2-ish months, reminded me so much of Aqua #1 that is scared me away lol very chatty, would tell things that i told him in private to all his friends. Big no-no for us crabs

    Scorp - not really a relationship more like a fling that lasted about 6 months. Great connection, mutual understanding right away, a lot of understood non-verbal communication. There was a lot of silence between us but it was never awkward, like I said a lot of mutual understanding. Very tight-lipped, took a lot to crack his shell open, but in the end played away too many head games and power struggles, and he was lazy, unmotivated. He crushed me and made me jaded towards the world to the point where I had to get away from him before i lost my mind

    Aries #2 - still dating this one, the past 3 months or so. Sweetest guy ever, really broke down all the walls that dealing with Scorp caused. Makes me feel special. Very caring and understanding. Sensitive and emotional like us crabs BUT he doesn't hold onto pain like we do. He tends to move too fast, often letting things go too easily and letting people walk on him; I'm teaching him to slow down, enjoy the small things and don't put energy into people who aren't worth it, he teaches me to come out of my shell more and he's my little battery that keeps me going when i have a mood swing. It's a great exchange, as long as there's open communication

    My advice? Stay away from Aquas and Scorpios (met a few Capps and Taurus too, no sparks, too boring)...try an Aries out 🙂 especially one that's on the Pisces cusp (like mine) you get the best of both worlds. So romantic and dreamy but with the drive of an Aries so he actually FOLLOWS through lol

  • Well Im tryn a scorpio man and at the beganing it was great, then it got shakey and now hes easing me in to his life...He got hurt real bad and now hes relizing im not her and letn his wall down alittle bit at a we are just taking one day at a time and see where it may lead too...I hope where I want it to lead too....He very loving passiant caring but can clam up real fast if he gets hurt...we both are the same nationality ( German, Irish, Cherokee ) but I have English in me too...)also thats a big hard thing to complish with us both cuz where So I think hes a keeper I My heart tells me he is..cuz we are to much like ea other....

  • Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman

    The love match of a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman seems to be one of those 'perfect matches' that were just meant to be. The couple will share a great chemistry, which will grow stronger with time. He will provide her with all the security and comfort she always desired for. With him, she will feel loved and cared for. Emotions will run deep and she will understand his feeling even before he utters even a single word. Since both of them are prone to mood swings, they will just have to ensure that their clashes do not go out of hand.

    These two understand one another before they have their first date. When Cancer and Scorpio make a love match, the resulting relationship draws together the energies of two emotionally intense Signs. Signs such as these often combine well, each partner's strengths balancing the other's weaknesses. These Signs feel a strong sexual attraction, and when they are together the temperature in the room tends to rise! Cancer and Scorpio have a great deal in common, and much potential to keep their relationship passionate and going strong. The attraction is utterly magnetic! This connection is so profound you'll barely be able to keep your hands off each other. With the sublime Scorpion, the extended sexual bliss is so fulfilling as to be truly transcendent. The two of you should be, could be and would be soul-mates, so long as the time is right. Cancer and Scorpio are one of the ideal combinations of the zodiac. Because both are Water Signs, the emotional connection is deep and wide. There is an instant rapport between you; this attraction can grow into a deep and abiding love that is based in passion, but reinforced by mutual understanding and soul-friendship. Cancer rules the moon and Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. They will both bring out the beauty of the other and there is a tendency to look physically more attractive together than when apart. Scorpio will make Cancer feel loved like never before and Cancer will give Scorpio all that attention that they need. But there is a wee worry that they might have a hankering for pastures new, especially if the crab has Venus in flighty, flirty Gemini or the Scorpio has the planet of love in restless Sagittarius. They aren't likely to stray seriously, but the damage will have been done. So they should try to introduce elements of originality into their existing arrangement, to keep boredom at bay. Crabs, both male and female, believe that home is where the heart is and will fight claw and pincer to keep it that way. Scorpios belong to the fixed triplicity, so need loyalty-and they can get crates of it from their cancerian counterparts. These caring crabs will pander to every possible plutonian whim. Scorpios are the masters of their fate. They know only one way to live: on their own terms. They do not live life but attack it. When life hands them a loss, they do not waste time sulking, but rather continue on their path, sure they will eventually succeed. Scorpios are driven by their intense passions and desires. Often they are seen as imperious. Scorpio has everything necessary to open the Cancer's shell. The excessive energy (s)he emanates, especially sexually and financially, is a good invigorator for your reserve. You are both sentimental, emotional, you let yourselves be carried away and it is often said that you can't stay together for long. But, with your sympathizing capacity, with the characteristic generosity and the gentleness that any Cancer possesses, you'll succeed in discovering a fascinating universe: a Water that not only understands you, but is also willing to go your way

  • Hmmm, well said Koky. I agree with the venus in Gemini. Mine is.Mars and Venus are. I do think that a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman are a match, for sure! Can't beat it.

  • Koky

    Well what about Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman..are they suppose to be a match also..Cus right now my scorpio is giving me mixed signals..When we are together its like we have known each other for along time...we feel real comfortable around each other and like you say we both cant keep our hands off of each But right now hes being real distance with me he only txts me when hes ready too and only on his terms...its getn frustrating too..Im giving him his space and to see if he really wants to be with me or not...The first 5 days was a blast with each other now I kind of feel lost..But I do know that he has his son for the weekend too...I just want to know you cantell if hes really in to you or is really interested and signs if hes falln for you too. cuz I already fell for him and its been over a week...I know its too soon but he some how just had it in him to make you fall for him...I dont want to get hurt AGAIN!!! but I dont want to leave or loose him too...He just got over a hurt just like I did 3 mose ago...So I hear if the get deeply hurt that they wont give their heart out that true...? Is there anyone who is a scorpio man that can actually tell me anyrhing about and how a scorpio feels and acts...I just dont want to get hurt again...

  • Oh an Im a cancer libra and Aries I really dont know wat he is and i dont think he does too..His Bday is Oct 26,1963...

  • Well Im done with my scorpio, he was using and playn me the whole time we was together..I found that out last nite when I confront him...So he dumped me lets say on Thursday nite but didnt have the balls to tell me its over untell last nite when i confront him whats was going on...So im done with all scorpio men...taurus,gemini and Libra men they all are cheater, player and liars to me...sry that is just how I feel right now and im not ever gona put my wall down again for any man.ever again .or even trust..again..its just hard to believe any more

  • So sorry to hear that Tularegrl. Now the healing process starts. Scorpio is very secretive, but so are we Cancers. Try dating your same sign. My ex was a Cancer and we lasted 7 years. It was complete bliss, especially in the bedroom. In fact, me and her would probably still be together if for a few bad choices on my part.

  • Im so sorry for you Tularegrl i hope you will healing soon ... and begin to trust men again .....


  • SOOO waterman79 im very happy to make you change your mind and agree that two water sign will not drown ......and because you cancer i want your consulting i love cancer man and he dont know that i love him and im very shy too tell him so i want to know how can i make him know that i love him and how can i make him love me... im sure if he get to know me he will love me .... but how???????????????? please help me

  • Thank u both, oh Im over him..I had a feelng it was gona happen any way .he was acting so sneaky when it happen I wasnt suprised I was Pissed for him lying to me and playn me all that time.. He was using me to get over his ex..geez guys piss me off so So WaterMan so u think that I should go for our sign instead...well no one from our sign ever contact me all I get are Libras, Sag.Pieces well all kinds..I dont know which one to believe that wont lie and play me..Im just getn so drained from all the guys that play & lie to me...its making me not to trust and to give out my heart any more...I show them what they want and i guess they just cant handle all this If you cant handle all the love effection and mushy stuff then dont contacrt

  • Hi water man why you didnt answer my question i need your help please .......................

  • to Koky:

    Sorry I didn't answer soon enough lol! They say the way to a Cancer mans heart is through his stomach. Start there. We always enjoy a good meal and food definately makes us happy 🙂 Bring up good conversation, something interesting that he likes but know what you're talking about. Find out his likes and learn them before you make a move, and don't come on TOO strong because it may drive him away. It's usually friends first for us so we can get a feel of what kind of person you are. This can take time, in some cases , alot of time so I hope you have patience! Find a good place to talk , like near water somewhere. Go for a walk, play sports together. He will respect you alot if he's the one that isn't always coming up with the ''PLANS,'' to do something together. Be sexy around him, especially when you walk away, but don't be touchy feely. Believe me that if you walk sexy , he's watching you and thinking, who is this woman? Smile alot and I mean alot. Always smell nice around him. Cancers have heightened senses with just about every one of them . Seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching. We have a very acute awareness about pretty much everything around us. Be kind. I will always be nice to someone if they are to me. I hope this helps you! 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

  • Thanks so much waterman........... his birthday is 14 july if i bring present for him how will he act about it?im afraid that he will reject me and may be say i dont want present from you !!!!!!! or cancer men can not say no for awoman with present for them please tell me sooner because his birthday is very close

    thanks again

  • He will definately appreciate the gift. Give it to him. He will wonder why you did, but it will change his thoughts about you. We Cancers cherish gifts, and don't be surprised if he keeps it for 20 years!

  • Thank you sooooo much waterman , i will definitely give it to him........ and i will tell you what happen wish to me luck

  • I agree with Bullishallul, I am a virgo and I am all those things to the cancer man I love, we have been dating for 5 months, he has never known such love and attention and sincerity and culture since me, but he has been pulling away, apparently missing the loser types he has only known till I cam e along.

    we are meant to be together and he is being dramatic and ruining it. he said he deosn tplay games, but he does and last I saw him was 12 days ago on his b'day and I showered him with gifts and love till I realized he wasnt loving and said he wants to be friends, and I got hurt without saying so, but I got a little biting in teasing.

    he said he'd call in 2 days and I haven't heard from him. (sometimes he doesnt call fro 2 weeks), but this is different, I am furious and I REFUSE to call or chase him as I have done so in the past.

    What do I do now?

    he is literallly ruining the best thing in his life ever.

  • WaterMan 79, you sound brilliant in your HOW TO CATCH A CRAB!

    he's not biting though. I came on strong when he said he loved me, then he pulled back.

    ????? I am in the friend zone now. yet, soemtimes he refers to me as my girlfriend

  • I gave mine lots of gifts and it didnt make him like me any more or less.

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