Best sign for cancer women?

  • jenever7, I have to dsiagree with you. I am THE WOMAN my cancer man should be with and he is pushing me away because of all those others that he thought was right for him, but were not good for him (did not know how to show him true love and affection) and then they scorned him, leaving his heart not wanting to open for ME!

  • Hmm, Kmuse, that is strange, especially after dating for 5 months. Has he been faithful to you in those 5 months or was he still seeing his past "loser girlfriends" during that time? If he was, then my best guess is that his heart wasn't really where you thought it was...completely in you. I don't doubt that you are probably one of the best people he's ever had in his life, but if he's not seeing it that way for whatever reason, this wishy-washiness could continue (him not calling when he said he would isn't a good sign). Something is blocking him. I wonder if he feels too much pressure to commit? I mean, maybe he's not ready for a life-long commitment and he's feeling that's what you want. Five months isn't very long, I know I wouldn't want to be pushed too hard in such a short amount of time. I'd start pulling away for sure. I don't trust that that's enough time to make a major commitment to someone.

    Just speculating here. I have no good answer for you other than he's got some reason he's not coming to you. We Cancers love our emotional security, and it sounds like you offer that. Be honest with yourself and ask if maybe you are being demanding maybe and it's making him feel insecure? He is a man and wants to have some say in things you know. You may be sure that you're the best thing ever for him (as a Virgo you are probably right, having already analyzed the entire situation to perfection), but he needs some space to decide that for himself as well. This is a tough one Kmuse, I agree. I'm sorry, I wish I had better answers for you. 😞

  • Please let me stress, that when a Cancer man hasn't called and talked to you for a few, he is thinking. He is thinking hard especially if it was two weeks! Tough to say, but I was like this and still am in a way. He knows you like him . He will wonder what your next move is. Ignore him, Cancers like a challenge. don't call and he'll wonder why. Then he'll take action. I'm completely giving away all the Cancer mans secrets. I remain anonymous lol!

  • waterman,

    So whos my next victum that will hurt just playn ..Can u tell me who the best sign for me cuz all im getn are Scorpio men and Sag Libra all the ones who hurt me...But mainly that a sign to go 4 a Scorp or stay way from It just seems like all the cwbys that contact me are Scorps or Sag...wat is with it...geez...

  • I get alot of Scorpio women too. One of my longest relationships was with a Sag at 3 and a half years. I can only voice my opinion from a mans point of view, really. My longest relationship was with another Cancer. Almost 7 years and it was her decision to end it. I've dated alot of Aries women, Leo's and that never worked, believe me. Aries are intrigued by Cancers. Taurus, I went out with , and they are great. There is alot of ground there and Cancers need that respect of space, not to mention they are secretly good in bed, Taurus , that is. Alot of Libra women and Aquarius women like me. I know why though. My Venus and Mars are in Gemini and that matches with their air sign compatibility. I thought I suggested to you to get a chart done. That way , you will have a better understanding of yourself. Depending on the planets and your time and date of birth will map this all out for you. We all hold characteristics of other signs depending on where these movements were when you were born. For instance, I am a Cancer sun , Scorpio moon, and Pisces rising.These are the 3 Major ones. Each one of these signs can affect you. My Scorpio moon affects me everyday because I am ruled by it and the moon changes phases 4 times a month and basically everyday. And boy , watch out for the full moon , cause' this guy is OUT!! These are my overall appearances to people, now my mind is very seperate from my emotions. Mercury rules communications. My Mercury is in Leo. Leo is my personality, speaking and Venus and Mars are both in Gemini and it goes on and on. I hold traits of all of these signs. U have to study yourself if you're interested in it. To end, I also wanted to say that Capricorn was the love of my life. Best thing that ever happened to me and, in a way, I know I will always love her. She is my opposite as Cappy's are to Cancers. She is married to someone else though, but me and her still keep in touch and we made a pact that we always will, there is a special bond there. I met her when we were 15 and for me, the first time I laid eyes on her? I was a goner lol! Your next victim? A Capricorn, I feel alot of these Cappy's like me, but you may not find the same in a Capricorn guy, as I find in a Cappy girl.

    Good luck, and follow your gut for once! 🙂

  • Well waterman im a Cancer Libra Aries....and I was married to a Cappy and it didnt work out..( got tired of being his punching bag) .I was Married to a Gemini (kids dad) and he cheated on me.with our 13 yr old babysitter and has a kid with her). I was in a 7 yr relationship with Taurus and he cheated on me two time... and all the other ones I have dated for a short time (SAG>SCORO<libra 4="" they="" loved="" and="" ran="" real="" fast="" when="" i="" was="" getn="" close="" to="" them...="" the="" last="" one="" scorpio...where="" do="" u="" get="" ur="" chart="" done="" at="" any="" way="" so="" that="" can="" understand="" my="" sign="" alot="" better="""" know="" which="" is="" for="" me="" run="" from="" or="" stay="""" it="" seems="" like="" every="" guy="" has="" been="" contacting="" scorps...when="" see="" freaks="" out="" makes="" back="" off...right="" now="" have="" a="" special="" bond="" with="" sag="" (hes="" good="" friend)="" but="" hes="" not="" ready="" relationship="" we="" both="" live="" in="" two="" different="" states="""" date="" other="" guys="" txtn="" im="" only="" txt="" off="" on="" wats="" up="" that...ihe="" knows="" deep="" feeln="" him="" its="" scaring="" cuz="" still="" here="""" just="" confused="" thats="" all="" us="" crabs...i="" accused="" of="" messig="" married="" man="" lives="" another="" state="" never="" met="" even="" spoked="" life="" friend="" stuck="" he="" b="""""" puzzled...:)<br=""></libra>

  • All you guys confuse me so much..One day I hate u and then the next day I dont...Mab I sud turn lezzy and see where that will lead NOT!!!!!!! I love guys to much to b a carpet muncher... sry had to say Well if im ment to have a guy in my life he will show up if not Owell I'll stay single...

  • Hey, Ture, I'm 31 and single. Actually not a bad thing. I'm a Cancer like you. Been there, done that. Stop looking, and concentrate on yourself. You need time alone to yourself to reevaluate your situation. I say this because , it seems as if you keep hopping from one relationship to another and this fullfills what is empty inside of you. Learn to be independent, and the good guys will respect you more.Don't give in so fast and don't ever care what people may think. Be strong. We're crabs and sorta clingy, but this is breakable. Learn yourself. You'll be alright, just wake up and trust your intuition. Your mind and body will tell you, just listen to it!

  • waterman

    Thanks I stopped lookn and gona try to get my life in order b4 it get worse then it is..Like i said if im ment to have the right man in my life he will pop up right infront of me..But I know it sure in the Hell wont be in the town i live in cuz the type of guy that I was prayn and lookn for dont exsist any more they all ran away taken or married or my luck turned and if there is some their not in my area of im gona take ur advice and c where it will lead me..k

    thanks Tularegal

  • TuLa,

    Some of the best things that come along in our lives, come unannounced. They come when we least expect it and we are unprepared for it. That is what makes of the heart and the mind to realize that.

  • Waterman,

    Well im meetn up with a Gemini this weekend and gona spend the weekend with him,we both really like each other too..Im hearing that Gem men are really hard to get along with more then us Cancer ppl..Well i was married to a Gemini man along time ago we got along but I divoriced him do to he cheated on me and had a baby with her...but we where real young when this happened..Im hoping this one wont be that way to me too...Where in our 40's....we have been getn along real well so wat do u think is all Gem guys liars cheater and so on? I hope hes not either but I guess i'll find out in a long run..

  • Ture,

    You will certainly find out in the long run. This one is up to you to decide. Gemini's are known to be flighty, flirty, and very fast with their wit. Communication is their style. The Gemini's I know tend to hop around from person to person but I believe it is a curiousity of what's out there. I have Gemini in my mars and venus in my chart so I can identify. Intellectual stimulation rules over physical attraction here. If I could say anything , it would be that if you really like this guy, you have to keep him on his toes and keep him interested in you. Have alot of knowledge about any subject from A to Z. Never get JEALOUS, because chances are, he will flirt with other women. Good Luck!

  • Dear Waterman79,

    As luck would have it after talking with you...I am now involve with a Taurus. Over the months the relationship has blossomed so quickly that marriage is in the works. I did read up on the horoscope of the male Taurus and Cancer female and it gives me great insight that this match will last a long time.

    At this time I don't know how this compares to Scorpion male and Cancer female...this was a conversation we had several pages back.

    All I know is that he is what I need at this time and I am what he needs in life. He tells me he is intrigued by my vast knowledge and experience. This seems to be the same as my deceased scorpio husband... they are so interested in picking my brain.

    I know I have to let him finish developing his quest for life and not crowd him too much. I feel very protected with him and that is a great feeling for me.



  • Waterman,

    Well the weekend was a blast we both enjoyed ea other company.. and he knows how I feel about wat Gem guys and their action due to I told him about my ex.. he said that hes not that way due to his ex did that to him...well we have been talking and txtn ea other every day since then and hes planning on coming to see me on the weekend of the 13-16 of Aug...we are planning on going to the Mtns cuz hes never been to them here in Cali..where I live at...He came from Tennessee and has been living here in Cali for 4 yrs and never been up my way untell he had met im lookn forward to the visit with him again...I have a feeln this one is gona work out for me...Hes the one who persues me everyday earlie in the morning on his breaks and during his lunchtime also....and he has been doing this for going on a mo when we first met online..:) Well Im happy now so thanks...Oh he is even thinking about finding a job up where I live at so that he doesnt have to drive 3 hrs to see me that shows some thing thats hes interested or likes me huh!!!! :).. well im sure I'll tell ya about next so you have a great one fellow Cancer...

  • To Rooster,

    I'm happy to hear everything is working out for you. It is funny how Taurus is so intrigued by the Cancer mind. They will never pinpoint it down to a tee and it will always keep them guessing. LOL! That is what will keep you grounded. Think of it this way. An earth sign is like a cliff overhanging the great waters that we live in as Cancers. They are forever married to the ocean, but always resist the erosion from the dark, emotional forces that may thunder at their feet.There will always be an attraction there. The Taurus is a fixed sign where as the Cancer is a cardinal sign. Taurus establishes itself in a given place, time, authority, and mind. Cancer moves like the running waters always looking for change. It could be anything. Lots of ups and downs for us, alot of chaos involved, but alot of accomplishment and great change. We are the movers of the world. We are LEADERS. This maybe the best combo for you. I agree.If he is willing to travel 3 hours to see you? and relocate? There's a match, just don't blow it on your emotions. It's up to you now. My advice? Keep communication as open as possible and tell him , if he asks, your deepest secrets. He will reciprocate. Just remember that timing is everything.

  • Hi Waterman,

    Hi Waterman,

    Sorry to hear that you've run across bad vibes on dealing with Cancer woman...I'm a Cancer (7/17), and had a beautiful realtionship with my deceased fiance, a Cancerian male (7/7). For sure, no two people are alike, not even born under the same sign.. After being married and divorced from a Pisces, I had made up my mind, that would be the last Pisces I would ever get involved with again. However, I recently met a gentleman who is a Pisces, so far, different as night and day, and I hope the relationship with blossom. So, Waterman, don't let one Cancerian turn you away....

  • Dear Waterman79,

    I must tell you that your analogy rings quite true with my new realtionship. In such a short period of time I have made the transformation to marriage. I must say you were on the target because my husband's sign Taraus is everything a girl could ask for in a relationship. He treats me with a lot of respect, very loving, his heart is always open for me, protects and nutures me from the cold world.

    I on the other hand Igives him the delicate attention of home life, a listening heart, and a shoulder to lean on when the tensions of the day become too much for one person.

    We are both well educated and it gives us another facet and depth to the relationship that causes us to discuss different topics and viewpoints.

    I agree with you convinved that he is constantly interested in my mind and my everyday thoughts. Sometimes it is hard for me to describe my thoughts and actually put them into words. I think part of this is because of my cancer sign and my Asian culture.

    I am trying not to crowd him, give him adequate space and let his spirit grow within our relationship.

    All I can say I could not have asked for a better spouse to share the long journey that is laid before me.

    Tip my hat to you,


  • To Nisha:

    I never did give up on my Cancer woman. She eventually gave up on me, but at least I had the cooth to understand why and I accepted that. I just recently tried to date a Scorpio and it faltered. I like her alot although we have many differences in our environment/ status. I can't say I didn't have a good time though. She's a great girl, with alot of knowledge about life. Kind of psychic like me but almost to the point that she could read my mind and that's a space I'd like to keep to myself, so we're friends. I probably would date a Cancer girl again if she was '' emotionally '' stable. Bottom line is, I don't blame anyone for my faults but sure as hell know I gave my all even when I tried to communicate. She told me to grow up when I thought I already was. She ripped my dignity, my pride, and my self confidence from me and it's been hard to try and get that back. That has nothing to do with signs, but 7 years? What a waste with a Cancer girl. I finally realize why I have not a drop of patience these days for anything and anyone. At least not yet and for that , I blame her:)

  • To Rooster:

    I'm really happy for you. You took a chance and it paid off. What are the chances?? I can see it. More or less I can and always did predict my own future . No matter what, always keep an open mind and communication with your future husband and you will live a happy and very fulfilled life. NEVER BLOCK. By that, I mean to never shut off. Never run away from your fears for that could be a downfall. Always face your fears head on and always confide in him. Know when to have your space, though. You'll need it as a Cancer. You must explain to him why. He'll understand. Remember that you accentuate each others qualities. As a team, you should be very successful. This depends on you. 🙂 good Luck!

  • to Turegurl,

    I'm glad everything is good and spry with you and your Gemini! He must really like you especially if he's willing to relocate. Go with the flow , the days , the months to come are really going to have much of an impact on you. Mercury is in retrograde until Sept. 12. There is alot of mixups and communication problems that go on during this period. Also alot of mechanical devices break down like cars and computers and phones and machinery. After that date, it should be smooth sailing for all of us, at least for awhile. Good luck Ture:)

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