Best sign for cancer women?

  • I've done a little research about wat signs would be my best match. But I cant find any site that tells me what the #1 sign match would be. Would it be Taurus? Scorpio? Virgo? Any cancer females have any input on this?

  • Pisces Man. Every Pisces guy I know.... when he falls head over heels.... it always a Cancer girl!

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  • Cancer women are complicated. Trust me , I have been with them and I never want to go back there again. I'm a Cancer too. They need someone who will give up everything in their life to cater to them. My best bet would be a Taurus, or another earth sign. A Cappy maybe, all Cancers fall in love with Capricorns, and vice versa. Good luck ,remember , that water and water just drowns. It's no good.

  • I am Cancer with Taurus rising, and Virgo in Venus.

    Deep mutual attraction with a Scorpio man, sex and soul. His terrifying possessiveness and dominance left me weary.

    Deep mutual attraction with a Pisces man, sex and soul. A Pisces man's depth of love but inability to act left me weary.

    Deep mutual attraction and respect with a Virgo man (Sagittarius rising), sex, soul and mind. His depth of love, respect, understanding, openness, honesty, freedom-and-fun-lovingness, trustworthiness and reliability keeps me attached, deeply in love, happy and content. I too give him limitless love, respect, understanding, openness, honesty, freedom, fun, trust and reliability.

    It takes two to tango. Be the person you want him to be. In other words: I am the ideal partner for my ideal partner.

  • Hmmm. Very interesting message. That is your experience. I am a Cancer, Scorpio moon and Pisces rise. If you find that, good to go. In a Virgo? I contemplate that, but that's just me. It does take two to tango! Good luck with that! 🙂

  • Dear Christmasinjuly,

    I am a cancerian woman and married a scorpio for 20 years. Just like all relationships and marriages ...they have their ups and downs.

    Unfortunately my husband passed away due from surgical complications. I always had a phrase to describe us..."tighter than twine and stickier than tape".

    It has been told to me by several astrologers that a cancer and scorpio is a match made in heaven.The reason is that they are emotional connected to the water element.

    Eventhough my husband is not here with me physically our emotional spirits are connected across the different demension of the Universe.

    So I respectfully disagree with Waterman79 that both person born under the water signs is not a good mix.



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  • I respect your opinion Rooster.Though I beg to differ in my opinions with other water signs. I'm different from them. I'm more dominant, and right for that matter. It's not just signs, but experience holds a key also.

  • I was going to say Pisces also.

  • I've had three significant realtionships with Scorpio's and all ended badly. Their personalities are so intense and it took a lot out of me dealing with them. One of those men actually came back into my life recently and I gave it a second chance. Two months later it seemed over, now he's back again acting as if nothing happened. I find Scorp men to be inconsistent, prone to selfishness and very, very vindictive. There is nothing in me that wants to give this one a third chance as any kind of romantic relationship.

    My one experience with a Pisces was intense, he felt like the ONE, but then he couldn't follow through on anything. Very frustrating in the end, and heart-breaking. Too much flowery fantasy, not enough reality, in Pisces for me.

    My best realtionship was with a Taurus. I should have married him, but I was sooo young. My only concern about him was that he could have a bit of a temper when things didn't go right for him (that bull-headed thing). Never, ever lashed out towards me though. Was always supportive, warm and loving. I messed up that relationship, but it was only because he wanted to get married, I wasn't ready.

    I'm involved with a Virgo right now. I find that Earth signs suit me best. Personally I don't fit the water-water sign compatibility. I need someone who isn't so emotional and more grounded to help keep me from getting extreme. Other emotional water signs just pull me too many directions. Maybe I pull them too many directions as well and we end up like a cyclone. So draining.

    Waterman79, I guess I'm with you on this one. One can drown in all that water.

  • Jen, it's true. Thanks for excepting my knowledge. I was with a Cancer woman for almost 7 years. It could be us men though. I contemplate that, but then again I'm a thinker. I'm a very loyal person to everything and anyone. That's personal. I have studied my own sign so much as to understand how others will perceive me. This is what I know: I am a Cancer, Scorpio moon and Pisces rising. My personality is a Leo in Mercury. I feel more like a Leo then I do a Cancer. Then again both my Venus and Mars are in Gemini. I am definately a communicator. I think we have to learn more about ourselves to understand others. At this point in my life, I can say I'm all over the place lol! The more and more I understand about myself, it will all come to frution. It will all come into place. Study yourself, and see what you come with. 🙂

  • I should do that WaterMan, I don't know much about astrology other than my basic sign, and the Captain told me my rising signs - Aries and Virgo. It would be interesting to get a comprehensive picture of all my signs. Might be some real, "ah hah - that explains a few things" moments in that.

    My brother is a Cancer, btw. Having grown up with one I actually don't relate to a lot of what everyone complains about with Cancer men. Other than, I guess I would have to admit - if his heart is in a woman he makes sure she knows it. This makes me think that any woman who comes on the forum in angst over a Cancer man, is probably NOT the woman their Cancer man is looking for. My brother never let a good woman get away, and he was so devoted that he was usually the one who got left, not the other way around. Oh and the pain he would feel over those endings was immense. As you say, loyal and dedicated.

    In between finding the "right" woman though, anything was possible with my Cancer brother. That's why I tend to think that if a woman is having problems keeping a Cancer man's attention, well, based on my observation (very narrow to be sure, lol) it's because she's really not the one. I'd probably tell most of them to run away rather than stick it out. That's why I stay off of the Cancer threads involving men for the most part, lol. I don't want to be too negative. Living with a Cancer as a sibling is certainly not the same as dating one and since I have never dated one, I feel my insights are limited. The mix of water and water was okay for us as siblings though. My brother and I were always very sympathetic towards each other and I can always count on him to offer a willing shoulder to cry on when I need it. Always there for me. We also share the same sense of humor - a bit twisted at times, lol, but fun.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts WaterMan!

  • No problem! I have to understand for myself my upbringing also. My father was a Capricorn, Mother is an Aquarius. I have a sister who is a Libra and my other sister was a Gemini. I'm the Cancer and the last born. When I speak in past tense, about my father and one sister, they are deceased. The two best people I had in this life, died way before their time. It's like the song goes by Billy Joel. " Only the good die young.'' Growing up for me, it was a competition between me and my Libra sister. At least you have a good relationship with your Cancer brother. Cancers are the most loyal people in the Zodiac. I feel that I sacrifice so much for other people. I never concentrate on my own well being, which I'm trying to do now. I feel that I try to keep relationships close when in fact, these days? I'm pushing everyone in my life away. There is a reason for it. I need this time to be by myself but I know that noone will understand. Do you ever find yourself in this situation?

  • I think that WaterMan79 makes a good point about examining your chart as a whole. Vedic astrology puts more emphasis on your moon than sun sign. Western astrology says to incorporate your Mars, Venus and sun to get a good picture of your ideal love match. Then there is always Karma. Lol. I have always found myself greatly attracted to the fire signs & Aquarius men. Married an Aries. I think all the Gemini stuff in my chart loathes boredom.

  • Interesting point Mellove. My moon is in Virgo, and I see so much of it in my personality I wonder sometimes why it can't over-ride some of my Cancer weaknesses. I live in a mind vs. heart conflict always it seems. LOL. Maybe it's because the moon rules Cancer? The sign affixed to the moon gains prominence? I am so clueless on these things.

    Waterman, my mom was an Aquarius married to a Capricorn. A very tumultuous mixture if you ask me. It was quite a ride growing up with all of their conflicts and I honetly don't know what kept them together. Finances maybe? But I found them both to be very detached emotionally from each other and even as parents. Not great sources of support other than as providers. My mom is still alive and I live a long ways from her. This seems to suit both of us though, and I talk to her often on the phone or e-mail. I love her very much, but it is not an openly emotional relationship. That seems to be how she is most comfortable so I respect that.

    Which points to that characteristic of always giving, giving, giving. Yes, I do it too. And like you there inevitably comes a point when I crack. I can toss relationships, jobs, you name it when I finally have had enough. I've done it so often that I actually picture in my mind jumping off a cliff and not caring where I land as long as it's not the place I left. A real contradiction to the loyalty thing on the surface, but perhaps you understand that I am completely loyal to those who are...dare I say "worthy" of my loyalty. Those that are not, cause me so much grief that I have to salvage myself from them. I may reflect on those situations or relationships a lot in the time that follows, but not with regret - just in trying to understand myself better. Hoping not to repeat past mistakes. I am so awful about feeling betrayed in any way. I am quick to forgive, but that doesn't mean I'll ever be as close to that person again. I don't think I've ever held a grudge against anyone, no matter how badly they behave, but I never get past a level of emotional indifference with them again.

    My sister is a Leo, btw. That didn't go too well growing up. I love her to death, but man she's a lot to endure.

    My very best female friends are Libras. It's the strangest thing really. I can go all the way back to my teens and through my lifetime, every single woman that I still consider "a best friend" is a Libra. I couldn't even tell you if I know a Libra male, certainly never dated one. Just some real magnetism between me and my Libra girl friends. I think because they never go too deep they keep me stable. They let me be my erratic emotional self, or crawl into my shell at times - actually alienating them in many ways, and they never get worked up about it. Just so accepting. I can go years without talking to a couple of them and when we connect it's just like I talked to them yesterday. They don't criticize me for the distance, just "hey, how are you doing!" I just love them for being so...balanced, lol.

    I think all we Cancers have that need to just get reclusive and gather our thoughts. My brother is still very much that way as well. I'm sure others see it as confusing and moody, but I get overwhelmed if I can't have some space now and then. The more I'm pushed to come out of it, the more I want to retreat. I like socializing and really crave it sometimes, but probably more often I enjoy quiet and the company of those I'm closest to.

    See Waterman, you haven't completely shut yourself off because here you are in the forum! You're in your retreat and just coming around when you need some socializing. The anonymity here is great for exploring thoughts without anyone making demands on you. I've been really inside myself for a couple of years now. I don't mind because I have work to do on myself. I've been through a lot of transitions and uncertainties and it's given me alot to think about. Things that I need to just work through myself. We all come out of it in time, lol. you know you will too.

    Hey, for what it's worth, Hans Wolfgang got me thinking about his Zen philosophies to the point that I started reading the teachings of Osho. If you find yourself wandering in a bookstore, look for the author, simply Osho. Just flip a book open anywhere and read a passage or two. I'm finding a lot of new insight there and it's helping me to let go a bit, not be pulled so strongly by my emotions. Take a look and see if there might be something there for you as well. Osho is very much about focusing on your inner self and releasing external matters. Really good stuff.

  • Jenever, I was laughing at some of your points. I am amazed when someone else has the same deep and crazy feeling and thoughts as me. Totally related to the jumping of the cliff compulsion! Lol. I have quite a bit of fire in my chart but I think that I'm so attracted to the fire sign men because I don't feel that I'll drown in them. Like your Libra girlfriends. I think that balancing our watery natures with fire and air works well. I loved reading your post Jen, thanks for sharing 😉

    WaterMan, Hope I didn't misread but I believe you said your 30? I was 30 when I had my first numerology reading. My life was abruptly turning upside down and when I got my reading I was amazed at the insight it gave. According to the report I was experiencing a major transition in my life path. I thought, that was stating the obvious but the report gave a good heads up on where in my life the changes were taking place, how long the transitions would take and how to work with them instead of fighting an up hill battle. That was 4 years ago and hindsight showed me that quite a bit of the report was right on target. Just a thought.

  • Oh Jennever, Waterman and Mellove... I am so grateful to read your posts. I am SO similar: social and loyal, nurturing and yet very reclusive at times - and currently in the throes over over-thinking, over-feeling the end of a love. I will be so grateful when I have moved through this phase - I'm not even wishing to back into this relationship - it has been SO exhausting for both of us, but I still feel so darn much for him - I wish I could just jump off the cliff of caring about him, and never look back... live in peace and leave him to live in peace.... phew - thanks guys...

  • Well I would have to say Taurus but then again I had a real hot steamy scorpio also. Virgo's are great with Cancer's but I always felt the need to run away when I was with one. The Pisces will fall heaad over heels in love with you and you better be ready to give it all to him! So it is hard to say what would be your best sign. Something you have to go discover my little crab! But all in all for stability and comfort I would have to say TAURUS

  • What about me Im a Cancer/Libra/Aries...I was dating a Taurus untell he dumped me due to he got caught lying to me about another girl..We was in a relationship and he was in one with her why am I always so unlucky with guys it seems like when I give my all to them they run away...I dont like Liars cheateror player and it seems like thats all im getn and Yes Im into cwbys cuz Im a redneck girl...which sign is best for me that will actually stay..Plus I get alittle bit jelous due to my trust issues that I have been burned to many times in the bday is june 30 1963 his is may 2 1972 I need help plz..

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