May I get a reading please - anyone?

  • I have a rental property for sale that is a triplex consisting of 3 units, that are 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom and living room and kitchen each. I am depsparate to sell it. Please when will it sell. It is listed on the MLS and anywhere it can be listed.

  • I feel like the something about the way it is decribed is not attractive to prospective buyers. Can you look over the advertisements or whatever you have posted? There may be errors or something not clearly explained. I feel like something is missing or not set out well enough to attract buyers. Have you checked that the price is equitable to other places in the area?

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for your reading. The property is priced well below other comparable properties in the area and is also in better condition than other properties in the area. I am going to rework the ads and try to make them more appealing. Although being a licensed realtor, I can get in bad trouble for "puffing" a property, so there is a fine not to be crossed in advertising.

  • Maybe the property is undervalued and price is so low that potential buyers think it could be no good? You could try raising the price to see what happens. if you value your property as to its real worth, then others will too.

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