Can you Read for Me Please?

  • I am a female born 2/5/1962. I have been out of work for a year. I have separated from my special friend (3/23/53). What does the future look like for me? Will I return to work soon? Will my special friend and I get back together? What do you see for me please.

  • Anything old is not good for you now. You have grown beyond the things that used to be right for you. Time for a change - in everything! Try to move in a career direction that comes from the heart, not what you think you SHOULD do. Live your dreams now because it is all possible for you if you are brave enough to take action. Whay you want (no hassles) is different to what you need (to confront your dark side of immaturity and eschewing responsibility). You must learn to take up challenges and not back away from them. It is time you stopped taking the easy way out in life. Go for the challenging jobs with responsibilities, not the easiest or safest ones.

    Your special friend is not quite the ideal mate you perceived them to be. You didn't have a lot in common. Your relationship was more platonic than passionate. Your friend didn't trust you enough to continue the relationship. When reality sets in, you can acknowledge your friend was not a good choice in partner. In the future, choose reality over fantasy if you want an enduring relationship. You yourself have had trouble being committed to one person or thing.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Do I go back to work soon, or do I stay out much longer? I have a little side business that I have been doing but it isn't doing real good. i have tried everything, things I wouldn't normally do, or try I have been trying. I give my all in everything I do, so what more can I do now? I

  • Your side business is about to take off thanks to advice from someone in business.

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