• Can i get a helpful reading please . There are these unbreaking negative cycles like tortuous blocking penances ...restricting and regressive . how can i break these to find spritual and/or this worldly success and fulfillment also good health . with guides help maybe ? please help .

  • do you know how to cleanse and protect yourself?

    neg energy can linger for years if the person never cleanse her./himself off it

    there is no such a thing as negative cycle

    you just have to cleanse it off you, be it by professional or do it yourself

    then you have to start a new life, and start living in positivity or else the past will come back

  • Hello Chooselee,

    From what i can see, it seems you are unable to move forward at the moment but its not only these cycles you are experiencing, but rather there is something keeping you back. I sense you were pretty alright with your life before all this happened. Your main problems seem to point more on Finances, Love and something in your life that seems to have outgrown its purpose. All these however you seem to be unable to let go of especially the third.

    My advice is to seek guidance from someone you may hold dear. You yourself cannot make progress on your own and i would suggest help from someone possibly in his or her late teens or early twenties. He/She may provide that push you need to achieve your desired fulfillment.

    Word of caution though, act carefully, if you make the wrong move, you wont postpone your happiness but you might end up removing it from your future

  • Hi Kushi ,

    You've kindof warmed up to the tru situation , it is a hugely dicey fearsome negativity that comes from both the benevolent and malevolent sides ... leaving just a path of passivity

    inaction , and either ..lack of guidance and help or the shackles of misguidances and perpetuating negativity . please try to get some paths out of these dead end paths and demonic strangleholds .. even guide connects get waylaid in negativity ....could you delve deeper .. for some time to come to shore me to safety .. i can't place the teen-20's person

    could you probably describe more ? the double edged sword of inner guide tells me to keep patience and faith and the inner wisdom tells me this patience shall make me miss the bus

    maybe ... money , mate , help ? BUT the dilemma is real .. on astro and karma...cant make any moves for actual troubles and malevolences .... see if your experience and wisdom can bring in highest help and harmony . in full faith , i thank you ...leoscorpio .... and kushikamikiba.. .!

  • i'll see if i can gain more knowledge on how to help you. In the meantime i agree with leoscorpio

  • Thanks angels . I'II look forward to your guidances .

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