TheCaptain struggling with some feelings ,please help

  • Hi TheCaptain,you were so right about me in the "what vibes do you give out thread ?" I am not so shy and would rather be outgoing and say what's on my mind ..It's just that everyone thinks I'm this quiet girl.I am taking baby steps to fight my fears and hope to succeed. I feel so helpless when it comes to love. I simply feel scared to let a man into my life ...I have feelings of unworthiness. If I could be at peace with myself and accept it's not possible for me to be in a relationship, it would have been great . However I struggle with my feelings .I feel my soulmate is out there and as crazy as it sounds , I feel the connection sometimes.It's hard to ignore. Please help me .. Thanks .

  • Littlespark, you will feel more confidence with people when you develop greater awareness of what they are like. So far you have focused on yourself and your own personality and life. But by looking outward at others and practising reading their personalities, you will gain the means to protect yoursefl from hurt by being able to understand anyone who comes your way.

    Start by just seeing how different people make you feel and what you pick up about them. Do they feel like friends or enemies? What do they give off? When you can read their vibes, you will feel much more relaxed about being around people and potential lovemates. I know it's hard to stop yourself sometimes from just falling in love without knowing a lot about the person you like. But if everyone could step back and be content to be friends until they know that person well enough to make a mindful decision about whether or not to get more deeply involved, there would be a lot less disastrous relationships in the world. As they say "Fools rush in..."

  • Thanks TheCaptain ,I have noticed that not all people are their usual self with me . It's all pretense sometimes.They are so nice to my face and so mean behind my back. Have noticed that especially with my co-workers. I hope to understand people's personalities more in the near future . I have so many issues and working so hard to solve them that it seems a waste of time to focus on people etc..I know I need to relax though and enjoy myself . I will try what you suggested and try reading vibes people give. I agree that people should be very good friends first before getting more involved. It would avoid a lot of hurt . Hope to solve my issues and at the same time become better at reading people's personalities.

  • "I have so many issues and working so hard to solve them that it seems a waste of time to focus on people etc."

    But maybe many of your issues are about other people? From the time we are born, we are impacted by others - our parents first, then siblings, friends, schoolmates, co-workers etc.

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