Cancer and leo, a good match?

  • Hi I have been dating this guy since early march of this year and hes a leo (aug 1) and im a cancer (june 27). I have never dated a leo before and im just wondering how many cancer/leo couples they are. He treats me well and i feel calm when im with him, i dont feel like i have to watch everything i do. He is a christain man. Next year in may, his parents is thinking about a trip in hawaii and he wants me to go with them. I would love to go but alot of things can happen in our relationship along the way. Is leo a good match for cancer or not? What would be the pros and cons? Any help is appreciated

  • luckystarr

    I feel this could be a GREAT match, Leos are very rare

    because they can be so loyal a trait that every woman

    should want in a man. Cancers want emotional satisfaction

    and you will find he will able to give you that and more I feel in

    the past or a past relationship with you, your emotions were scattered

    and you got used to that feeling and sometimes crave that emotional drama ?

    Loose that thought, You dont want that This guy can do you right, If its vise-versa

    He wants you to go on a tripp with

    his family NEXT YEAR, which means hes already confirmed

    you being in his future, he would'nt have asked you if he didnt

    think you'd not be around next year I think you guys could have alot of fun

    together. Enjoy.


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  • to say you are a match with someone

    will require more than sun sign

    if you provide yours and his DOBs (mm/dd/yy) I will look into it

    see if I can find anything

  • leoscorpion,

    Hi my dob is june 27,1966 and his is august 1, 1969

  • addictdtoriches--You can say my emotions are scattered in the past. I get used something nice and then it becomes negative, and i feel like im not good enough. I believe you made my day when you said we maybe a great match. Hes not like the guys in the past, he has not put me down, i dont feel any type of fear if im on the phone or on computer, like i did in the past. Hes also more willing to get back into church and hopefully we can grow with the lord in our lives. Awhile back, we went to an spirit fayre expo and we had an aura photo done. I dont recall all the colors but i do know that mine is mostly green and his is all of them!!! Even the purple and white the highest ones.

    I have a long ways to go if i want to get where hes at. When i do talk to him about certain things, i can feel the holy spirit. He was brought up in a religion home and from teenage yrs until now hes kinda been out of church.

    I just want to make sure if leo is a match for this cancer. From the other horoscopes sites they mostly say that cancer is more compatible with scorpio. I just dont want to "get the wrong man" . For 16yrs i was married to a taurus and never again. I want to be really happy, really happy at this point in my life.

  • lukcystarr

    will look into it next week.

    too busy with deadline at work this week. thanks

  • luckystarr

    here is a quick look into your DOBs

    if it rings true then it will be your decision to continue with the relationship or not.

    I hope it helps.

    He will feel threatened when values and material concerns are unpredictable. He will most likely fall in love with communicative person, someone he can exchange ideas and information with. A quiet or self absorbed person is most likely not his type. But if he happens to meet many intelligent and chatty women, he has to learn to differentiate between like and love, or he will end up having more than one relationships at the same time. He enjoys harmony and peaceful home life. He may even invite friends and colleagues to spend time at his home such as coming over for dinner or watch games on TV. But when it comes to family matter, his judgement may be clouded since he enjoys peaceful home life, he may just say yes (or no) to every disputes, just to make everyone happy and return peace to home.

    You both have Mercury in Leo, you know how to inspire people, lift their spirits up, get them going although what you are saying isn’t always true and doesn’t always make sense. His South node is in Virgo, with Pluto conjunct it, there is too much time and energy spent on tiny details and work. You have similar tendency. Try loosen up a little bit and allow time to develop your playful and imaginative side rather than keeping busy all the time. You both will feel rejuvenated afterwards.

    He takes his time in relationships, be it starting or taking it further. He is somewhat sensitive, easily hurt but affectionate. With Mars in Sag, he likes to ‘move’ , to do something interesting. If you want to keep him in the relationship, you will need to be creative and keep it interesting because he gets bored fast. Especially with Uranus in Aqua, I’d imagine your life together will be full of surprises and changes because he dislikes the routine and regular.

    Neptune conjunct your South node in Scorpio. Your judgement may have been clouded many times due to Neptune’s illusion. Neptune’s compassion is wonderful, but it can go too far and makes you a victim of manipulation and deceits. Your Mars in Gemini, your energy tends to be scattered to different directions at once. Try focus it to your North node in Taurus, by examining your values system, your principles and gain stability. What are the things you can tolerate and can not tolerate. Love is give and take. Don’t accept less and don’t give more, than you should.

  • Leoscorpion... thanks for the info. Hes a quiet person and so am i. As of right now, things are put on hold a bit. He is dealing with his daughter who is almost 16yrs. She doesnt want nothing to do with him. The ex wife, her mother lets her do whatever and the daughter has poor grades, smoking pot, and sex. The mother doesnt make her do anything and my boyfriend has gone every other weekend to try to get her for a weekend visit and she wont go. He has transfered to indiana from michigan due to relocation of work. It wasnt his choice to transfer, they are closing plants. So he has alot on his mind and im gonna try my best to be positive.

    Thanks for the info again

  • hi luckystarr

    "Hes a quiet person and so am i"

    you both may be quiet but not quiet TO each other, are you?

    I hope you maintain communication even when things are on hold. because this will be good for both you and him to understand each other deeper.

    hope for the best

  • We are quiet but not to each other. I have met his daughter and she seems very nice. She has ADD or ADHD im not sure which. She has a hard time retaining memory so its hard to tell if she will be able to drive a car. I have a nephew who has that and hes 18yrs and his mom is afraid to let him drive. His daugher will be 16yrs in july. Maybe this leo is different than the other leos, I dont know. I asked him what sign was his ex wife and he really didnt know.

  • hi luckystarr

    Sun sign is generality. it is true that Sun sign (the sign where the Sun is sitting at) on our natal chart, shows our essence, who we are inside. the Sun rules the heart chakra, it is what our heart beats for. This is why you can see similarities among some people of the same sun sign. But there are also differences, because the Sun's influence is not the only cosmic influence that we receive. There are at least 9 other planets, over 10 asteroids and 4 mathematical points. and these are the ones studied by astrologers. there are more yet to be discovered and then studied. So to know someone's personality in general, at least we have to have a DOB, can't go with just sun sign.

    His north node is in Pisces. it is his purpose in this life time to be compassionate, to be more giving. this is why all these people who are care free and couldn't care less about much, are put on his path. It must feel quite a burden, since he himself is not free of life challenges. But all we have to do in life is just do our best.

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