To use intuition or to use astrology, that is the question!!

  • would it be wiser to follow your heart and intuition or follow the advise in your astrological readings? I always like to read my horoscope and will even put monthly horoscopes in the search engine and read from numerous sites.....however I find that doing this only confuses me more because all the horoscopes definetly do not match the advice from astrologer to astrologer.thoughts???

  • niki5150

    Have you tried multiple horoscopes sites ?

    The best way would be to use your intuition

    according to the horoscope and see how you

    can use the information in the horoscope and

    relate it back to areas in your life. To read horoscopes

    can be complex Its almost like a riddle lol ya know ?

    It all according to the planetary movement and the stars which

    have effect on our emotions, minds, feelings ect.

    I would love for you to practice your intuition though, i feel

    it is useful just needs to be practiced more.


  • well thats the thing, my intuition feels right on about something and I read one horoscope that validates it or maybe even a few.....then I read one that totally makes me feel im wrong and it ruins the whole thing for me Im guessing I should go with my feelings on whats right other than believeing something that makes me feel uneasy and frusturated...Do you think thats right?

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