Stolen Wedding Bands-A Mystery 4 Anyone

  • About 5 yrs ago,my wedding bands were stolen.As the marriage was over,these rings were all I had left as a reminder,at that time.There were 3 possible people who could have committed this crime,each having a different motive to do so.I never found out who it was since each denied doing the deed . I am almost certain it was one of 2 people who were "closest" to me.

    Would anybody like to give their psychic impression on " Who done it?"

  • your ex was my very first impression, and their feels to be a brother on his side, or a male friend who is very close to him. no one will ever admit it unless you either catch them in the act, or find the ring(s) in their/his possession or property.

    did you ever report the rings stolen>?

  • Thanks MsSunny

    No I didn't contact the police.We are sill married persay .At the time we were seperated and I would have nothing to do with him.They were only symbolic because of my views on marriage.

  • I understand, but what are you going to do about it now? I do feel it's gone. perhaps he pawned them off for cash.

    have you thought of renewing your vows and with new rings to symbolized a new beginning?

  • MsSunny

    Do you see my profile pix?lol.I love that photo.It's so me!He is peruvian.When we married,he lied to me.I knew he was holding back and still got hitched.He's married in Peru also.I was stupid with lust(thinking it was love) and very gullible.I did try to make the marriage work but more because I didn't want to face the truth of the matter. So the answer to your question is no.If there is someone out there for me,it will happen because he truly can love me and has earned my trust .Only then will I welcome him into my heart.

  • Blueyedervish,

    I see your profile, but it's really tiny, and hard to make out the details of your pix.

    so, the story is, you married a man from another country who was already married in this country of USA? If he was already married at the time of your wedding, then your marriage is not legal, and most likely has been or should be annulled. I was a bit confused by your earlier statement, you mentioned you are still married but at the time of rings stolen you were separated. is that correct? I think I have that right, but just wanted to be sure. so as of now you are still married but not legally married? lol I see how confused you must be I know I would be furious and would have ended it.

    ask yourself if you trust him at all? listen to your heart, and if the answer is no, then you should move on, and leave him in your past. if it's yes, then give him another chance, and this time make sure he is divorced first. get it in writing lol. then plan your wedding and new rings of course!

    good luck, xo Sunny

  • best wishes on finding your next love. sorry it still hurts you, but yuo are still holding onto the past in regards to the rings. just curious is fine, and you may never get to the hard truth of who took the rings. you already stated no, he is not in your future. don't hold onto the past issues of your past relationship onto the next one. that will be your challenge my dear, and if you are aware, you will know when to bail and not get too deeply involved or you get hurt.

  • You don't really want the rings back - it's the man you wore them for (or the fantasy you had about him) that you want back. Forget him and the rings - they are just anchors to your past and you should be glad they are gone. MsSunny is quite right.

  • LOL.I know .This has been a most complicated situation.I apologise.More for the tiny pix ,than the situation because I dearly love that photo.I'll try to add it at the end Captain.

    When I married Hugo,he was 28 and I grin)We got alonng great,had so much fun and he was very handsome with a boyishness(Wonder why?)i knew him a short time.(6 mo) and had refused his proposals before.I won't get too involved in the detail.He was everything I wanted in a partner,So we got married.2 mo later I overheard him yelling on the phone.That's when I found out he was talking to his wife(common law?)I knew he had a daughter and that he had to deal with the mother.He told me the relationship had been over a long time ago and he only wanted to take care of his daughter.Yes,I was hurt and angry.More at myself than at him,for having been taken in (Captain,did you just say "I told you so?).I'd put him out several times until 2005 when my youngest son(17) commited a horrible crime and ended up in prison.I went into a deep depression and got very sick.Had to have a hysterectomy and of all who knew me,only Hugo stayed by my side the entire time.That in no way excuses him from what he'd done.

    I think you are both right in that the rings represented the man who wore them however,I only was curious as to who stole them.I didn't want them back.I came to terms with the idea that this was not what I wanted.I felt like a mistress and that wasn't how it should have been.Yet that was the reality and nothing could change it.His heart belonged to another and I built a wall around myself.He got his green card and would go back and forth from Peru to here.I'd given up on the marriage and haven't been intimate with him for quite some years.Up until March of 2009,we'd been seperated about 9 months when he asked if he could rent a room from me.I didn't have my ducks in a row and the extra money would help so I acquiesed.Sometimes we inadvertently get into situations that are repeats of childhood .I now see very clearly what I allowed myself in for but that's another thread,my dears.For now,Hugo rents a room from me until December when he returns to peru again. He has had another child since.Should he return,he will not be coming back here to live.I have a feeling he will try to bring his family here.Perhaps.I'm thinking Florida.So yes,now I have work to do.

    My,but I've rambled ...I can't apologise for it if you each are still reading this and haven't fallen asleep on your you both

    Blessings and Hugs

  • Here's the pix

  • oops...too big for that last try.

  • 3 's a charm!

  • blueyedervish,

    I felt the need to stop by, and Introduce myself

    I pretty much go by Addie. Im so sorry to hear the news with your

    wedding bands and I hope that on your journey you will get where your going

    Honey, Just consider this a stop along your trip that will bring lessons

    and I feel that you will find Higher Happiness in time.

    May God Bless You.

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Addie.(Hugs)Thank you so much for that.It was a lesson,dear.I'm not materialistic but at times I attach myself to certain objects such as this.I held on to them more as a reminder but even that was wron and certainly not very positive to my esteem.

    I enjoy reading your responses in the various forums.You have a sweet spirit which I like,and I am pleased to meet you.I am Debby.Please do feel free to join me anytime.

    Blessings and hugs to you

  • what a great pic, and I can see why you like it.

    I only knew my husband for 8 months when we got married. I took that chance, and after 31 years, I do feel I got lucky lol. some people spend years engaged, and get married finally, and divorced after 3 years or so. some only k new each other for 2 months got married, and stayed married for 50 years. who knows for sure, just gotta trust your gut. like you said, you knew he was withholding (big story) and sometimes we can ignore our gut and that can be looked at as a valuable lesson. always ask questions, and never assume lol listen to your small voice can often be invaluable time wise and life saving.

    xo Sunny

  • blueyedervish

    (HUGS) nice to know you Debby. Thanx alot hun,

    I understand Those are very symbolic and represent something

    its a shame what happend many blessings to you from me &

    You have a unique energy as well, many blessings

    to you.

    Same to you feel free to bother me, Anytime. 😉

  • MsSunny,

    Nice to meet you as well.

    Im Addie,its a pleasure to meet you I must add you are very blessed

    and have the ability to trust your gut, such a gift you have.


  • Oh yes Sunny,I well know that my gut was a hollaring and I was determined to quell it. I'd given up so much to have married this man.My kids didn't like him and for good reason.Even my cats didn't like him.I have one older male black cat who used to curl up around my head and rest his chin in my hair with a piece in his mouth.For the longest time he refused to even be petted by me,so great was his disgust.He's forgiven me since but he wont be around if that other male comes in.

    Re your marriage,

    I have a younger brother who knew a girl from singapore only 2 days before he married her.Their story is an adventure in itself and they are still married after 20 years and 3 children


  • We grew up in a very strict catholic dysfunctional family.I am #6 of 11 children,and had my mother not passed,she and dad would have been married 49 yrs.He passed in 2001.I think however,that we grew up knowing marriage was no picnic and learned to just go with the flow and compromise if possible.As much as I detest the idea,divorce/annulment is my goal. Blessings and hugs


  • I love the pic. Blueeyed...sunny...addie... please drop me a note when you get a minute. I am skinnyjack3 at the g mail place. I'd love to share something with you. Captain,,,you already know and I'm so glad that I could share that with you too!

    Blessings and love.

    Aunt B.

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