Are ALL capricorn guys this mean!?

  • Last year I was pretty good friends with this Leo guy. He introduced me to this Capricorn guy who was new at our school. He seemed like a nice guy, or at least I thought he was. After hanging out with him for a few days, my leo friend told me that this capricorn guy had called me a b****. And I hadnt even done anything to him! When I got put into a class with him, he was the first one to get up & come over & talk to me. He seemed to try & make small talk, but I was still upset with him calling me that for not reason, so I just ignored him & walked away with afew of my friends. Later on that year my friend told me that my leo friend had told me that because he didnt want me & this capricorn guy to become close friends (This leo guy had been trying to go out with me for the past two years) So I decided to try & patch things up with this capricorn guy, but it's like he'd changed. He'd always make mean comments & be obnoxious. He moved away afew a few months, but came back this year. He's still as obnoxious as ever to me, but he always seems to try to sit near me in the class I have with him! It's like he's looking for ways to be mean! He butts in on my conversations when ever he can & even pinched me! I smacked him back & he pinched me again! Wat is with this guy? Are ALL capricorn guys like this? Or is it just because I'm a cancer girl & he's suppost to be my opposite???

  • Some Capricorn guys are super-stubborn and just can't take a hint. (Although of course not all are like this)! He's undoubtedly attracted to you--some boys are just too immature to express their true feelings. It probably annoys him to no end that he likes you, and also the fact that he is not confident enough to tell you.

    If you like him, tell him straight-up. I know that's a little hard for you because you're a Cancer (I am too, by the way), but what do you have to lose? If you don't like him, or if he is threatening you, tell him once and for all to back off. If he still doesn't, and/or if he hurts you, tell someone you trust what's going on. He has no right to threaten you or make you feel insecure. But you know that! Good luck, and best wishes!

  • I would say not. My sibiling is a Cappy and is just as sweet as pie. He's a very giving person.

  • Well.

    I mean,Im friends with a guy named Adrian whos a cappy.My other friends tell me he talks a whole bunch of sh!t behind my back,and says Im a complete wreck and stuff.But Im an air sign,and hes an earth sign.We don't go well together.I don't know why you guys aren't getting along,I thought earth and water signs were supposed to be good together.

    But yeah,everytime I try to confront him,he just tells me a whole bunch of stuff about how he really does want me as a friend and stuff.So,idk.._.

    I guess they have this really weird need to be gossping behind other peoples backs.But,idk.At the same time I feel like theyre not tryna hurt anyone.Its complicated.x.x

  • I don't know Cappy, I find it hard to get along with Scropio's. Aren't the water sign? I just find it hard to get along the those signs. Aqua....

  • Sorry, meant to call you Cotton.

  • Junemoon26 - it's not really a 'me liking him' situation. I just felt bad about how I get him the cold sholder when the leo guy gave me the wrong information. I was giving this capricorn guy the cold sholder for nothing, & I wanted to make up for it.

    And I'm not really shy about weather I like someone or not. My rising is a gemini & my moon is a aries, so I'm usually pretty up front about how I feel & wat I have to say, thats probably why I but heads with this cap guy so much, I have a temper LoL.

    I just cant believe I believed that leo guy, when he'd lied to me so much in the past.

    This isnt how cap guys act when they like someone is it? Because it's pretty mean! šŸ˜•

    CottonTail - I know water signs are suppost to get along with earth signs, but caps are the opposite sign of cancer, & my moon & rising is fire & air. Moon being Aries & Rising being Gemini. I guess that could be part of the reason, especially since I'm pretty out spoken about stuff & have a temper. But still, I'm not someone that would say I'm always right. If I'm wrong I'll try & fix it. Which is wat I was trying to do with this cap guy, since the leo guy had told me stuff that wasnt true about the cap guy, but the cap guy being rude doesnt help, out of anything it just makes me want to rip his head off. Every now & then he'd try & be nice, but most of the time I'd still be thinking about how rude he was in the past....making me snap at him or something. I dont think this is going to turn out very well LoL šŸ˜•

    I dont know if its all caps or just this cap in general. There was another cap guy at my school who didnt really have very many friends, so I started being nice to him & talking to him everynow & then.....he started following me around & texting/talking to me constantly. I felt like I was being smothered. I HATE when people are around me all the time & dont give me my space. It makes me angry, & I ended up ending the whole ordeal. In that short period of time though....he pretty much told me his life story & alot of gossip about other people.....didnt expect it, especially since most of my friends that I've known for YEARS still have to pry information out of me half the time. Maybe caps just like to have someone to talk to about everything.? I do have that effect of people LoL šŸ˜›

    And congradulations on being an air sign! LoL Most my close friends are gemini & my family if full of geminis, so I know how fun air signs can be X)

  • The fact that you have your Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries, both Cardinal signs who can be assertive (Cancer in a more passive way, Aries in an agressive one) shows that you would clash with a Capricorn (who is also a Cardinal). Also, what year were you (and the Capricorn)? This will affect how you get along a lot also. Also, if you can give me your exact date of birth, I can tell you what sign you are most likely to be compatible with.

  • july 12, 1993 is my DOB

    But I dont know his for sure. I know he's 2 years older than me & that his birthday is in january, but thats about it.

    Since my moon & sun signs are both cardinal signs, wat would that mean when it comes to my personality? That I'll clash with my own ideas sometimes? (Like if the cancer emotions mix with the aries anger)

    I dont know how to figure out what the cancer, aries, gemini combo would equal personality wise or compatibility wise. Do I look at the sun or the moon sign? Because those are practicely opposite signs, fire/water kind/anger. Right now I'm thinking I dont have a perfect match because of how divers my sign combo is..

  • According to your date of birth, a Saggitarius would be a great match for you. They are fun-loving and adventurous, but also easygoing and, best of all, kind and generous. They can give you the space you sometimes need.

    It's true that your large number of Cardinal signs can indicate inner conflict--but it also means you may have great diplomatic skills and success potential because you have the Cancer ability to understand other's emotions, the Aries drive to succeed, and the conversationalist skills Gemini imparts. When looking at compatibility, you can draw from a number of things, but look mainly at your Sun sign--and the actual day you were born. July 12--2+1=3, so a Saggitarius would make a great match. Also, I know you know this, but don't let someone who you like's "incompatible" sign keep you from love...If nothing else, you'll discover more about yourself. Good luck!

  • Thanks šŸ™‚

    Whar would my friends best match probably be since hers is close to mine?

    Her birthdate is july 14, 1993. Would her best match be a sag guy too?

    We have all the same signs except the moon sign

  • You're welcome! According to my reading of her birthday, her best match would probably be a Gemini. (Gemini is the complementary sign to Saggitarius--they are on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel but have common traits; they're both fun-loving and outgoing). Since your friend is quick-witted, social, and loves learning new things, she would benefit from a relationship with a Gem, who shares many of her same qualities (and since they're both chatty, they'd never run out of things to talk about)!

  • Hi Junemoon26...could you give me some insight to a potential relationship:

    me: cancer sun, scorpio moon, aqua rising 7/9/73 DOB

    him cap sun, aries moon, aries rising 12/31/65 DOB


  • Gemini? Arent geminis suppost to be a bad match for cancers?

  • It seems a though some of the original point to the start of this conversation has been lost... first glance the point over-looked here is that your Leo "friend" basically saboaged any potential friendship w/ this cappy man...because he was jealous & may have sensed you may hit it off...In most cases would actually be right...

    it's unfortunate but if I where you I would not trust all your "friends" so much & just go with your own gut instincts about people in general(crabs are intuitive) & you may have better far a Cappy being mean...they are ruled by Saturn which can be a harsh & stubburn planet but they also have a generous side...I'm sorry to say that I think this cappy is just a man scorned & unfortunately you both fell victim to your JEALOUS leo "friend" may want to syat away from him too...

    PS- I'm not bashing Leo, Cappy or any other sign..

    *as far as compatibilities goes (depending on your birth-chart ) but mostly other water signs & earth signs may be your best bet..if your cancer

  • LoL I know what you mean about going with your gut instinct. I usually do on just about everything. But I'd never expected this leo guy to say something like that about his 'friend' unless it was true. And since he knew this cap guy better than me, I believed it.

    And I know your not bashing anyone. That leo guy is a nice guy, but he can be a jerk at times.

    As for birthcharts: My sun sign is a Cancer, my moon is a Aries, & my rising is Gemini. It's a weird combo, so half the time I dont know which one my personality goes with. I'm a hot head like an Aries, I'm careing like a Cancer & I'm always on the go & asking questions like a gemini. I have friends with pretty much every sign, but my closest friends (girl wise) are gemini's & my closest guy friends are usually scorpio's, taurus & aries guys. Sometimes Sag guys, but not very much.

    All in all, Sun sign is a CANCER

  • Oh yeah, & do you have any input on how to get a scorned Cap guy UNscorned? Like I'd said from the beginning, when I relized what the Leo guy had done, I tried to patch things up. And all though the cap guy was cold at times, there were the times when he seemed to be open to patching things up, but we both seem to be hard headed. Any known ways to make a cap happy after hurting him?

  • Hi again...not sure how to Un-scorn a cappy...they can be quite stubborn & I'm a taurus! LOL

    (I was once married to one) & frankly he perplexed me at times....He was capable of being the warmest,funniest life of the party & generous/caring & friendly ...but, he was also capable of being as cold as a stone & mean as a snake when he was pissed...but I do know that he (as an earth sign) was generally straight forward in his communication style & usually responded as such...

    ...perhaps if you approach this man & tell the truthful story in a forthright-matter-of-fact style as you did on here(about what that leo friend said...& that explains some confusion)he may chill out & respect may be restored...& who knows...may be you can become better friends...

  • I doubt that would work right now. He just left for national guard training afew days ago. Since he graduated in May I have no clue when he'll be back.

    Before he graduated he asked me how to spell my name exactly, since most people dont have my name, & I thought it was kinda weird, but then I found out he was trying to find me on facebook. I'm not sure why he didnt just ask me to add him on facebook though šŸ˜•

    Maybe he thought I'd deny him since we're always butting heads....?

  • This post is deleted!

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