Direct Hit Under LE ?

  • Should I audition for Survivor, Fantasy Island, or just pull the covers over my head? I've looked into the chart of the lunar eclipse and need another's opinion. Maybe its just this emotional moon but I'm asking for opinions / reassurance with the upcoming eclipse ....

    Might be more than needed, but of my natal chart that may be affected:

    6th house ruled by Capricorn --- Mars in Capricorn. Venus (Aquarius) -- 07'34" Saturn ( Aquarius) 28'25" other planets ---- jupiter( aquarius) 15*, mercury(Aquarius) 20*, sun ( Aquarius) 1*26'21"

    12th House ruled by Cancer

    1st House -Leo, Uranus Rx in Leo 29*36'27"

    2nd House - Virgo, Pluto Rx in Virgo 9* 43'23"

    There is a lot of generalizations out, but my own guides have me wimpy and jumpy. Thanks for reading and any help.

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  • Laie i will have to tell you i have no earthly ideal bout what you wrote i wished i new more about that but i dont and all i know is i am a Leo what ever that suppose to be why was i chose for this i have no ideal except for what i believe and trust and i trust very much you will be Ok what is this about a lunar eclipse i seen some where there was going to be one this month .

    Laie some times i to have a lot sorrow over this you can not help but feel it once and a while i had one vision were the guides and angels and those that had passed were weeping and morning for what is to come but it was followed by great joy and wonder .

    Is all of this going to be easy? NO is it going to be painless?NO and we will see mankind at his worst but within the light is also your armor the light will give us the strength we need to face what comes hold that close to your heart and believe in the light .Laie your faith has carried you threw allot and it will carry you threw this .Tooter

  • Laie4, spirit is asking me to tell you that your emotions don't control you, that YOU control your emotions. Just let your God side have control and you will be fine.

  • Captain,

    Anticipation is feeding my fear. Thank you for the reminder Captain ….. this is what everyone will need in the week to come, even if it doesn't line up with their natal chart, as it does here with mine. I know I need to get a grip : ), but its like seeing a train wreck in slow mo & trying to avoid it.`You're also correct ---- I need to do the let go, let it flow, and trust in Him, the Universal plan. Cross the bridge when I get there.

    I knew this was coming at me from spirit back in …. april. ? Thats when I looked into it and began to get a little nervous ……Outer events have now taken place & played into my emotions. The 24th ( a lovely Grand Cross, said with sarcasm, ; ) ) I am required to attend a party with people who aren't the most loving. On the 26th, lunar eclipse, Hubby gets on a flight and lands in your town ( Monday), gets on another flight to the eastern part of your country, returns home on the 4th. On the 27th, baby shower followed by another party at the home of a couple who a week ago decide to divorce. Leaving out the shower, the 2 parties concern family

    cancer, libra, capricorn and aries sun individuals.

    Writing this re-affirms ---- I need to detach. But, natal chart and planetary chart comparison seems to really slam my energy, my love, my emotions, my stability and it all blowing up--ohh baby, its going to hit the fan! ( i know ….the word But should not follow the word detach : ( geez!

    I'm not an astrologer. I do rely on messages received tho …. and that why I looked to the sky. Global and personal endings & re-birth. Hope, I hope I'm wrong! I'll try and keep my heart lined up with my natal Chiron ( Pisces) as Pisces is in Chiron now. Maybe this can carry me through this mess. ???

    I couldn't write back before, sorry for the delay

    maybe today's planets made it easier. If anything else comes to you … Thanks for replying and letting me vent a bit.

  • Delbertc,

    Yes, on the other side of sorrow and pain, is joy and healing AND knowing this helps carry a shield of light and faith. Thanks for caring Tooter! Just a small crack in my armor right now.


  • sorry should read Helps US carry a shield of light & faith

  • Yes the human part of you may be outlined in an astrology chart, but the real you - the essential part - is immortal and powerful. So which side are you going to let run the show, eh?

  • ha! good point ! : > )

  • Hello Laie,my bumping friend. You have been one busy lady! Of course you need to

    recharge.With all you've been doing & coping with its a wonder you've not burned out! I still luv you though! :-)) Hope you are soon your vibrant self.

    Holla...Captain! Loving your blog on here. Lots of truths as usual. I think we all are in the midst of major changes. It has really been a 'busy' couple months.

    Yall are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hi Ragbag, how're things going for you?

  • This post is deleted!

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