Pregnancy Predictions

  • I just had a psychic reading done and was told I would be pregnant in 2 months. I don't understand how as to I am on a high dose birth control and tak it consistanly. Does anyone think it's still possible? Thanks 😃

  • Hello I wanted to tell you to ask the captain she is really good. I trust what she says a lot. Well good luck.

  • Its a choise wether or not to have unprotected sex. N no i dont think high dosages of birthcontrol can oops pregnant make unless u forgot to take em or ur system is suddenly resistént to them.

    the number 2 can mean 2 days 2 weeks 2 months 2 years.

    A reader once told me, take only from the readings that u can use, n what doesnt sit right with u discard. so if this sits wrong in u then discard n say they were way off.

    good luck


  • Thank you both for your insight. The weird thing is the wish card came up 2 or 3 times in a row and she said yes I will find out I'm pregnant. Also I'm on a 50mg birth control as to I constantly have cysts meaning I relase eggs a lot. But they should not be able to get fertile. By the way Who is The Captain, I can't find her. Thanks so much =).

  • I found out about The Catain and put a new post up, hoefully The Captain gets it 😃

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  • Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. I'm sorry you can't have any more kids. Now were you consistant with taking the birth control every day at the same time like I am?

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