Strange visit

  • Early in the morning I had dream that someone came into y bedroom and stood at the foot of my bed. I was uneasy and woke up and yes there was someone there. I scurried to turn on the light. when I did he disappeared. The image is that of a man with shoulder length light hair. He wore a white garb and secured with a rope belt. There was light around him from the back concealing his face. Two days later I changed my bed sheets and found two drops of blood on my pillow. I checked myself and didn't have any wound. I wonder who that was or what it means. I don't know what to think. BTW, this happened over a year ago possibly two years ago but I still remember it like it happened yesterday. Any comment will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Sounds like it might have been a angel.

  • I felt that but why was he/her there? Am I suppose to do something? Back tracking about three years earlier I woke around 4 am and saw this glimmering light before me. It was not a dream. I was awake.At first I thought it was light from the outside, or my nightlight. But then the light bits of light move and was like a rectangular frame with little lights all around it. The frame moved up slightly, three times and then down and out the window. It didn't frigthen me. I went back to sleep. The next day I thought about it and realized it wasn't logical. That night I turned off the light and observed where there might be light. The street is very dark. There were no street lights. I waited for a car to pass and checked how it might throw light into my room. Yes, there was light but it was like a flash light or a beam of light passing and going. The light I saw were sparkles and not beams of light. I don't know what that was or was I suppose to do something? Anyone?

  • It could have been your guardian angel.

  • Wow! Fascinating! Good Luck!

  • If it were my guardian angel I wish I would understand why he/she's there. Why do they visit and show up in such form and then gone without a clue.

  • Certainly sounds like someone with a message or who is watching over you quite literally. Good luck in learning more, if someone here can help, they will find your post.

  • Thanks RCdreamer, Toni and poetic for your response. The issue remains unanswered. I've been experiencing vivid dreams since I was young and don't know what to do with it. I feel messages are being said in the dreams and I don't do anything about them. Some of these dreams I recognized happening in real life and it stuns me each time having seen them occurring or parts of the vision in my dream.. Sometimes I had to figure out where I saw it. It takes time before I connect the dream. Someone told me to write my dreams. Goos advice. I've been but lost them when my computer crashed. So, I'm back to keeping them in my head. One day I may re-write when there is time.

  • Hi Tellstar, I keep a journal for dreams near my bed so when I wake up I write them down. Spirits and loved one's who have passed often come with messages in dreams. Try writing them in a notebook and then you'll always have them. 🙂

  • Writing them down is great advice. Then you can review them even if it's some time later and you may be more open to figure out the details of the message. I'm experiencing that a lot. My brother & i swap stories of I dreamt this or that. Most of the time they make no sense but weeks later the pieces begin to fall into place. Had the strangest dream last night woke up mad as .... I dreamt I was having a conversation with my best friend at a shower and she had left me out of the seating arrangement, seemed aloof and was condescending. When I confronted her she said "I didn't think I could trust you." Left me feeling really mad. Any thoughts on that one?

  • Yes, writing dreams Is still the most reliable recording system. Regarding your dream about a friend is that perhaps she's been using you and something's telling you that you should be aware.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • I'm thinking you could be right. I woke up so mad! Not a good start to my day. But in looking up trust on the dream moods site it says something about the dream meaning self acceptance, total opposite of what I was feeling. Time will tell I guess.

  • We use the same site RC

  • But of course, great minds think alike. LOL

  • Hah!

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