Lost Items

  • sandpiper865,

    I posted it to be funny more than anything, thought you were being funny. But if you were being serious, I think that works too. You should go see them. ; )

    You'll never lose you're mind

    as long as you're heart always reminds you

    where you left it

    Take Care,


  • Funny, serious, kinda all the same these days. Works either way, really. But "it's like gravity's gone and I'm just floating"? That's IT.

  • Aurora, has your aunt searched her home? I feel she has it.

  • She said that she has, but who knows? I think that she is out of town but I will continue to ask her. I'm sure that it will turn up in due time. I don't believe it's anywhere other than in my home or hers. Thank you for asking. I am anxious to find it!

  • sandpiper865,

    "Cocaine rich comes quick, that is why the small dicks have it all." LOL

    Nothing wrong with floating, gives you a new view of things, and time to float around and kind of observe. There is a lot to be learned from people watching. ; )

    Your life is not lost, just time to reevaluate.


  • Hi Aurora, There is a good possibility that your bracelet is securely wrapped in blue wool. Maybe the pocket of a wool blazer, or inside a blue sock that you turned inside right? I'm thinking blue, soft, warm, and safe. I hope you find it - or that it finds you - soon. Best wishes and check your soft blue fabrics.

  • first, I sincerely apologise if I am imposing on you, but I'd be most glad to have someone who can help me here.

    I lost my engagement ring on 21 July, Wednesday, but I discovered the loss only on the next morning when I was about to wear my watch, and by right, the ring. Usually, I would place them next to each other when I got home from work.

    It is a 0.53 carat six-claw diamond white gold ring on Wednesday, 21 July, night-time. It was given to me by my fiance, and he bought it in Singapore (where I stay) and reset it in Melbourne Australia. He proposed to me on Valentine's Day just this year and yet I lost it. Needless to say, I've been sick, losing weight and sleep. So is he now. We are both praying hard that the ring will come home.

    Problem is the more I think, the more everything blurs. I came home from gym as usual, but I couldn't remember if I still had it when I went home. Before I went into the 16-storey flat (I live on the 11th floor), I yanked a red parcel from the mailbox on the 1st floor. I'm again not sure if the ring slipped out of my finger. I had cookies and I threw some rubbish away which laid on my table, but I couldn't think if it was thrown away with some tissues.

    Attached is a pic of my ring.

    Please help me...I'm devastated now and mourning for the loss.

    Thank you very much in advance to those who can pick up a vibe or two.

    God Bless.

  • Hi there! I hope it's ok with you estp16 if I butt in since I also thought of my lost jewelry pieces in my previous place of residence. We've stayed there for 7 years since we migrated to our current country of residence, New Zealand. Weird things happening, misplacing things and being moved from one place to another, not of my own doing. I've lost quite a number of jewelries with sentimental value for me: my gold wedding ring, diamond-studded horsehoe ringfrom my deceased uncle, 22-c gold man's bracelet from my uncle also, amethyst gold ring and some silver pieces. My children are big enough to play with it and unlikely to steal it. Since we've moved out from that place, I never found those pieces when we turned the house upside down before turning it over to the property manager. It still baffles me up to now, how I could have lost them in my jewelry box? One after another? I asked my husband and denied having gotten them, how true? That place seemed haunted in a way because of the many strange events we've experienced for the past 7 years which I won't go into details anymore. I can deal with spirits so I'm not scared of them, but why tinker with my jewelries in particular? Any sense on this matter which still is a mystery for me? Any help that I can get to have this mystery solved would be greatly appreciated. That house also brought a lot of health issues and personal challenges in our family, but stayed put coz it's hard to find a rental property willing to accommodate a big family like mine at the budget acceptable to us.Why am I always contacted by spirits or the seem to gravitate towards me? I tried my best to help them cross over and I feel so stressed out and depressed. I contracted the C-dreaded disease while still leaving there. Please help!

    Peace and light always,


  • Hello there!

    I have lost the other one of these earings and was wondering if anyone can help me to find it, please.

    Thank you!!!

  • Hello!

    I have lost the other one of these earrings and would really love some assistance in finding it, please.

    Thank you!

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