Lost Items

  • To everyone who has lost something or someone, the guides have asked me to pass on a message. They want you to think about owning it, then losing it. What deeper associations does the item have for you? If you think about it and how you felt at the time, you may discover for example that you had a need to cast off what you don't need (as symbolised by the item or person). Losing it may have been your way of saying that you wanted to be less materialistic or to change an attitude in some way.

    Or it may indicate something totally different. But spirit is encouraging you to meditate on why you find and lose things, of the significance of such events, and the feelings or situations we were going through at the time. Lost items are meant as a sign or message about some part of us that needs to be either found or lost or re-discovered.

    This is the real point of why we lose things or people.

  • Blackwoodwitch, my office is in a dark room with a bed, study stuff, a closet with boots and hats. I must have looked in this room a million times. But I will keep looking 🙂

  • BlackwoodWitch, I wonder if you see not the lost item. My jewelry box is currently under my desk in between the boots and hats, but not the lost item. In any regards, it gives me chills up and down my spine!

  • Addictdtoriches, did you find your jewellery because I am getting the impression of a woman wearing your diamong ring, feeling very pleased she has it - is that you?

  • Captain

    I havent found my ring.

    But I got the same feeling before ever bringing it into discussion

    which is why i brung it up, because i just didnt wanna believe someone

    I knew would steal from me...or not return what isnt thiers.

    Im absolutely positive shes wearing my ring, my gut is starting to

    turn as I type.

  • At least you know she's not a real friend, Addictdtoriches. If it's any consolation, she won't get much more pleasure out of the ring. Her conscience is giving her a hard time and she may even return the jewellery.

  • Yes Im happy I know now...Ive just tried loosing my emotional

    attachment to the ring sshheeshh things happen thats all i can

    say. It all rings a bell, i think the biggest reason i knew it was

    her was because she told me she stole money from her own

    bf [a LARGE] amount, & the scheme she used behind it, the way

    she described it was amazing. after all this i still have nothing

    towards her.

    Karma is apart of Universal Law.

  • Looking for a lost Addie. Not misplaced, but missing. Emergence can not seem to find her anywhere, and she never signed into the faith and love see wanted. If anyone has seen her, get a nice expensive piece of jewelry and keep her occupied until someone comes back to retrieve her.


  • Here I Am!!!!!!!!! [now wheres the jewlery ?] lol,

    Brian I still never got an activation code 😞 I dont know

    why guess it just wouldnt go through..its been pretty

    empty around without you all, thought yall would never

    come back for me lol.

  • Addictd, your friend doesn't actually see what she did as wrong or stealing. She found the ring after you lost it and just is not returning it YET. She has a very elaborate system in her head of justifying everything bad that she does. She feels she deserves so much more than she gets in the ordinary way.

  • *She has a very elaborate system in her head of justifying everything bad that she does.

    Yes, Lol. sadly I really noticed that as she sat up and told me the story about the money

    she stole, with literally NO REMORSE and I just thought WOW how do you allow

    that to sit on your conscious ? I never try to READ MY FRIENDS or fill in the blanks

    as much about them, because I used to feel that was going beyond personal boundaries

    or pre-judging you know ? but NOW I cant put anything past anyone I see.

    Im 0ver it, We live and we learn.

  • Addie,

    I think TheCaptain has your lost item pretty well covered.

    Emergence sent you an activation, and is so distraught that you never activated that she tried to do herself in by cooking herself at a beach while Bon Jovi played "Runaway". Contact her again.

  • Addie I've been thinking the same thing....did you ever get the activation code...lol. Maybe you should try using a different email address. :0)

    So you have the ring figured out....what about the bracelet? Also, have you noticed this is a recurring theme for you? LOL. I believe you were looking for a ring back on the intuition thread too! But then again...your fondness for rings leads me to believe that you have many, many, many of them.

    Sorry to hear about your acquaintance and her inability to feel remorse. I've dealt with people like that in my life too and had to learn to bless them and let them go.

  • I seem to have lost my mind. Can anyone help?

  • Aurora

    I see a soft fuzzy white sweater.

  • Thank you Blmoon. I really appreciate all of the replies I have gotten. I am awed and respect the gifts everyone has been given. Pockets? Anything else that comes up for you?

  • sandpiper865,

    "Those little demons ain't the reasons for the bruises on your soul you've been neglecting

    You'll never lose you're mind as long as you're heart always reminds you where you left it

    And don't ever let them make you feel like saying what you want is unbecoming

    If you were supposed to watch you're mouth all the time I doubt you're eyes would be above it"

    "Gravity's Gone" by Drive-By Truckers

  • BrianTristan,

    okay im going to my email now, maybe it is

    my email i dont know sshheesshh. I hope so

    since yall all went [MIA] on me, i was practically

    here alone. lol, & at the beach with who ? i like the sound of that name lol

    Auntbuck, Later im gonna send a pic of the beautiful ring

    [the one i lost and found in my coat pocket] I have alot of jewlery

    I love jewlery the most. & thanks alot hun, Im not even worried

    i was more confused than anything.. I could never steal from anyone.

    how have you been though hun ? have any new changes come about ? I feel new energy

    when speaking to you...

  • oh, oh, oh, Brian,

    I think they're even playing here Thursday.

    Thanks for my song, that really helps.

    and yes, you NAILED IT.

  • Addie,

    I was not MIA, sshheesshh. I came looking for you fool. You and Emerg should be able to figure out what is going on now, since I went and put your little hands together. Now hold on until she has you in the amusement park.

    Your Missing piece of Man Bling

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