Lost Items

  • I've recently lost a bracelet that was my deceased mother's. I've read that if you try all means to find it, and no luck, consult a psychic. Can anyone help?

  • Can you post a picture of yourself and/or the bracelet?

  • Could any little children have gotten to it?

  • I don't have any pictures of the bracelet, but it is a yellow gold tennis bracelet. My children arwe grown and live in another State so there is no way that they have access to it. I appreciate you trying. Thank you

  • I am seeing the bracelet is under a bed. look closer to the wall,where the head of the bed is. regardless look again if you already looked there. better yet, pull the bed out and vacuum, as it needs vacuuming anyway. lol it does feel to be very dark place and it could have easily been overlooked the first time.

  • Did you ever play with it when you were young? That might be why I see a child with it.

  • Never played with it when I was you, although I did love toplay with jewelry when I was younger.. My beds are not on frames - they are on the floor. But I am willing to look again in any spot where your intuition may take you. Thank you!

  • look behind the bed near the wall(s). think back to other times like staying over at a friends/relative, or a hotel where you may have lost it.

  • did you by chance visit your grown children when you wore the bracelet? or any other place with a bed, even a day sofa bed.

  • No, I haven't been anywhere wearing the bracelet, but I will be mindful and check anywhere near a bed or sofa bed!

  • Weird! I had a blanket I use to cover my beloved pet with. I used it a lot after she passed...guess what???!!! It just disappeared. I've been looking for months and can't find.

    Possibly your took it! Or an Angel came to get it for her...the bracelet has meaning to it

  • Not psychic by any means....but sometimes when I lose some beloved article I find it behind something like the washer or dryer. The other thing that comes to mind was that it was packed up with something else inadvertently.

  • I feel the bracelet, is with something

    maybe attached, behind, or covered next to something

    and also i feel its sitting up in the OPEN but disguised next to

    somewhat of a semi-dark color. do you have [BURGANDY]

    anywhere ?

    hope this helps, blessings & much luck.

  • I feel you may have dropped it into the pocket of something you were wearing at the time, to protect it. Do you wear an apron when cooking?

  • Hi "TheCaptain",

    I don't wear an apron when I cook. It's the weirdest thing.. it's usually in a plastic bag in a jewelry box placed in a safe. While looking through my jewelry, I noticed that it was gone. I thought that I had given it to my aunt to clean, but she's looked in her safe and can't find it. Then I thought I may have placed it in my purse to take it to my aunt's. But now it's MIA!! 🙂

  • Do you remember when you last wore it or took it out?

    If you can post a picture of yourself or the plastic bag in the jewellery box, it would be easier to pick up the vibes.

  • Here is a picture of me 🙂

  • Let's try this again 🙂

  • Sorry, the pictures are a denied size. I last tried it on to wear it to a party, but noticed that it was very tarnished so I thought I put it away or left it our to have my aunt (who is a jeweler) clean it

  • Silverraven

    Was the Blanket a Light color ? Power blue, ect

    maybe it lost its color from being washed over time..

    But a light color ? Indeed, The blanket Was very symbolic

    It holds energy still.

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